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  • 01/10/19--07:28: Re: Weird trouble PP CC 2019
  • OK.


    Have you run a virus scan lately?

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  • 01/10/19--07:30: Re: Zooming
  • Use the link below as a guide to post up some details.


    How To Ask For Help

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    What specific dot version of PR are you using? There have been updates for captioning in many recent releases, and it is hard to know what is affected. For this test, I am using the latest, PR 2019.0.2.


    I can add fonts from typekit/cloud and use them in captions. Some were available immediately in Graphics text, but required closing and reopening PR to see them in the list in captions. In my quick test, I could change fonts and see them in the program monitor. I could export burned in and see them in the export.


    Some allowed options such as italics and some didn't. There is a problem with faux styles in captions, for example, marking sections with italics and then changing the font wipes out the italicizing. These fonts may be changing the fonts where there is an italics version, etc. One would take only the "book" version of the font, not the "regular."


    I have not played with this much: a bigger problem in my mind is the poor quality of burned in captions text.

    Anti-Aliasing on Open Captions – Adobe video & audio apps

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    Good to see that you are investigating this. I have the same problem, using 13.0.2 but it seems clear that there are simply no programmatic key frames being offered to enable any form of effect with the exception of opacity:


    Windows 10 Pro v 1803 Build 17134.523

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    Hi there;


    I'm having an issue with Luts in Premiere.


    I'm importing footage to work with, and Premiere seems to be adding a LUT to everything, which I can't seem to disable by using 'Disable Masterclip Effects' or by going into Lumetri and switching from 'None' to a LUT and then back to 'None'.


    The footage is .mp4 shot on a Sony A7 Mkiii with colour profile (1-2-1).


    Also, I've just imported an .mp4 (downloaded from youtube) and the same thing has happened.


    I'm on an iMac pro 2017.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Please let us know how/where the 25p footage will be used. Do you need to deliver to a broadcaster? Put on DVD? Website? Really makes a difference in what we might recommend, so please share what info you can about intended workflow - there is no "one size fits all" answer.





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    What happens if you try to drag and drop footage?

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    I have the same problem. I am a noob to video so thought it was me. Spent hours on the internet trying to find out what I am doing wrong.


    Sony A7iii

    File format XAVC S HD

    50fpm 50m


    When I import footage into a new Premiere 2019 project playback is really choppy. The first 1.5 seconds of pressing play don't even work, then choppy after that. Totally unusable!


    Tried converting the footage to Apple Pro Res and still the same.


    Will try 2018 version.

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  • 01/10/19--08:30: Re: Weird trouble PP CC 2019
  • Yess i looked for problems with my PC first cleaned it up a little more. (i'm 100% sure it's all good)
    But now the problem i had with PNG/JPEG my sister has too (Lenovo Laptop with Windows clean install 1 week old).
    And also asked a friend to try some footage on his PC same problem.
    I would say the files are corrupted but then re-name them helped once and for Ps multiple times, and the video does play correct in every other program then Adobe so that kinda gets me confused.

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    Wow, just used 2018 version. It is a revelation!


    All working as it should.

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    did you try the first normal stuff to go for like trashing the preferences and cleaning your media cache?

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  • 01/10/19--09:03: Re: Zooming
  • are you applying the keyframes to an adjustment layer or to the actual clip ?

    for adjustment layers you have to keyframe using the 'Transform' Effect properties and not those of Motion.

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    Pr is not putting a LUT on that .... which is something that only happens with some of the RED and other high end media.


    Is that rig of yours using a P3 monitor? And what you think it's doing to the media would be useful.



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    The keyframe controls appear when you click the stopwatch on an effect ... it is then " on", turns blue like the opacity stopwatch in your screengrab. And keyframe controls appear.



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    Has your OS updated during that time?


    Pr is only one of several things that could have changed ... and it's actually the most 'stable' of them for this sort of thing. A setting could have been accidentally reset in your monitor when turning it on/off ... the OS updates ... monitor firmware change setting auto-controls back on ... all sorts of things. Even changing your room lighting significantly.


    Um ... are you running a puck/software calibration of some kind to set your monitor to ... something?



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    Oops! Novice, apologies. Of course the keyframe controls are there, now you have kindly pointed out how to come by them! Also, I can adjust the effects across the timeline, so no apparent errors at all.




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    I've made a MOGRT in AE with the text properties (font size adj., faux styles) but when I import it into Premiere, changing those properties has no effect on my text.


    What's gone wrong?


    I could add the scale property from transform, but this should work since it's an option, right?

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    There are SO many things in this app that are like that ... at times, it feels like navigating a minefield as a noob ... sure was for me! There were some heavily watched tutorials out there 4-5 year back where the presenter left out "silly little" steps now and then. You could tell when someone asked certain questions here ... just from the question ... that they'd watched one of THOSE tutorials.


    Yea, you sit and go ... sheesh ... and then go back to work.



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    And you did move those properties into the the EGP little panel in Ae, right?



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