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  • 01/09/19--20:35: Re: Import error
  • MOV is a wrapper, what is inside YOUR wrapper - Exactly what is INSIDE the video you are editing?

    Report back with the codec details of your file, use the programs below... A screen shot works well to SHOW people what you are doing - For Windows Internet Explorer press the PRINT SCREEN button on your keyboard, and then do CTRL-V to paste the screen print from the clipboard into a forum message

    Free programs to get file information for PC/Mac

    - when you analyze your file in MediaInfo and post a screen shot in the forum, do so in TREE view

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    Just trying to understand your situation  ... what type of drives and connections,  what ie the media and gmhow uploaded to the computer?



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    Best place to post this is the associated Hardware forum  ... link to it on the right of the Overview page of this forum.


    And ... look at the Puget Systems and Safeharbor Computing pages, two of the best custom building shops for video post editing/grading/fx work, even to installing the apps for you. They have a ton of information on their sites, including which parts are worth the money together.


    Note ... they use very few CPUs and mobos, as even some apparently high powered spendy CPUs don't actually work well for video post, especially compared to others of less cost.


    And most mobos do not have their lanes and resources set well for the number of resource-demanding cards and externals we tend to need. So conflicts in data movement slow down even some spendy "gamer" mobos when used with video post work.



    And last ... don't choose something because it's great at gaming video  ... our resources demands are very different.



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    I'm not really sure the drive setup is relevant being it's the Explorer window opening that crashes the app, but regardless I have an m2 where I put footage, an ssd for cache, ssd for OS, 2 other internal HDD 7200 drives.where I may have footage 

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    yeah the only  reason I  chose the "gaming" RTX in the build was because of the price point it had compared to similar  models  which  were 20-30% more expensive. But I'll check out some  alternative GPUs on Puget. As for RT/Tensor cores  and  adobe suite do you  think  it has a future or is it just a  dud ?

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    OMG Thank you! I just got a new laptop for this, and I was getting frustrated that the files looked corrupted. Thank you!

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    Hello Everyone


    Thank you very much for the help. Not had much time to reply as ive now gone back to teaching however, solved the problem last night by reverting to 2017 premiere and encoder. works like a dream including custom settings for quicktime also.


    Thanks again

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    That window is trying to access the drives as it opens. There have been others where drive issues especially permissions were the cause of such crashes. Also,  there have been crashes of that window when trying to connect with flash cards or thumb drives.


    Just trying the step by step of Basic Troubleshooting 101.


    So ... asking about drive connections. I recall a Mac user quite some time ago that had permission issues specifically related to allowing or disallowing apps somehow pop up. Pr trying to access one major subfolder tree on one of his drives would crash his app. Not an expert on folder permissions on the Mac and don't understand why but after finding and resetting that setting all was fine.


    The media on those drives  ... ?



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    Too soon to say to me.



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    I have been using Premiere for over 15 years. Past two years editing with 4k 400Mbs All-i from GH5 and Gh5s.

    12.1 Premiere has been solid.  Updated to 13 when released.  Program was unusable, so.slow and clips would freeze not play, lag in timeline.

    I rolled back.


    Setup two new machines and existing machine, updated to 13.2, same problem. Importing takes longer, clips in timeline stutter on all preview versions 1/4 1/2 1/8.  CPU pegged 100%, GPU at 8%.  Roll back to v12 totally fine.


    So what has changed in programming and code to destroy performance that was once better?


    Machine: Precision 7730

    i7 quadcore base 3Ghz

    32GB Ram

    2x Samsung 970 NVMe x1TBNvidia Quadro P5000

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    Well I can't tell you in which folder location the Explorer window would have opened up into the last time it crashed. Just now though I used the import command to navigate to various drives and import random things from each drive and it was fine. So I don't think it's anything to do with drive or folder permissions. One thing I was considering especially on my last system build was low RAM being available at the time since I only had 16gb, but this has 32 and it still did it. I don't know what to tell you, truly seems random.

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    Latest version through the subscription, Win 10 i9 9900k 32GB RAM. This is infuriating. Literally about a 25% chance to crash on choosing import. Sick of paying money just to be slapped in the face with losing work through your unstable —. Jesus christ already.


    Moderator Warning: Please do not use profanity. It is against community guidelines.

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    Hi josed68101403,


    Sorry for the Dynamic Link issue. Dynamic Link requires both the apps updated to a compatible dot version.

    What are the exact dot versions of both the apps? FAQ: How to find the exact version of Premiere Pro you're using?

    Have you updated the GPU driver to the latest version?

    Please post a screenshot of preferences > Audio Hardware.




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  • 01/10/19--01:07: Photoshop images don't fit?
  • I have double checked that all the details match up.


    My timeline is Widescreen - 720h 480v (1.2121) NTSC Widescreen 16:9 (1.2121)


    My photoshop images are 720x480 with the PIxel Aspect Ratio NTSC Widescreen (1.21)


    My images have the same resolution AND ratio as the video. Same numbers, yet when I put the images in the timeline, there are pillar boxes. For some reason, the only way I can get images to fit the video are if they are the oddly specific and arbitrary resolution of 873x582.


    I don't know why this is being weird, or how I can fix it, given how there appears to be nothing to fix.

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    Hi all,


    This is hopefully an easy fix but it's been frustrating me for days now!


    I seem to have pushed a combination of keys which has made my top nav bar disappear. As you can see in the pic I've lost my maximize, minimise and close buttons from the very top. This is making is very frustrating to work as my Premiere window is now locked to fit in one screen and i can't extend it when i want more windows open...Capture.PNG


    Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm working on a Windows PC. I've tried uninstalling and removing all settings but it hasn't worked.


    Thanks all,



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    Ahh okay, I couldn't find any mention of this anywhere else online? What is Open CL? The main reason I think it is to do with the camera is because I can put footage from a friends camera into my premiere, and stabilise it fine without any problems

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    Try just opening the picture in MS Paint and exporting as png.

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    Is Premiere definitely interpreting the PAR correctly? Check the 'Video Info' column in the project panel.
    Also, is there any master clip effects or 'Motion' parameters on the clips?

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    I have yet to find an affordable software method to standards convert. In the past I have used a post house with a hardware Snell Alchemist, this was good but expensive, I have since bought a BMD Teranex, not as good but gets the job done if you work to its limitations.If you would like to Dropbox a short clip I would be happy to convert it and let you see the quality.

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    I checked the info, and everything looks normal. The timeline is empty right now. I'm not keeping anything imported until I determine what resolution to use.

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