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    Are you using the Media Browser  ... right-clicking on the main Project  panel ... what are you specifically doing to ingest files?



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    I've worked with rather small masks without trouble by using the Program monitor percentage controls and enlarging or going full screen with that panel.


    So ... a screengrab of how you're setting up to do this would be very useful. With high magnification you can enlarge a pretty small area to fill the Program monitor.



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    The highest I can go is 400% -- can you go higher?


    Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 5.19.58 PM.png

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    Is there a particular driver version I should look at?  I thought updating drivers would be the correct solution to the problem, not cause.  I don't recall what version I was using before... but I recently updated them to try and correct the problem.

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    In addition to changing the zoom level on the monitor to 400%, you can also scale up and positioned the video using the Scale and Position controls. The matte will be scaled and position accordingly. When you are done, normal up (reset) the scale and position settings for the clip.



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    Is there any chance that your system also has the integrated on-CPU Intel HD or UHD Graphics enabled? If so, there's (part of) your problem. In this instance, the Intel graphics supercedes the discrete GPU in priority in all recent Windows versions of Premiere Pro CC.

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    Why does this error keep happening? Please help


    Screenshot 2019-01-10 11.26.08.png

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    Ahhh, cool, thanks!!

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    Hello - I need to convert a 30P master video to 25P (PAL). Could someone please give me intructions on how to achiever the cleanest 'broadcast quality' conversion within Premiere CC? thanks in advance Alex

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    Hello Jim, if you're still in touch with this particular question/problem.

    Well, I finally resolved this issue a couple months ago. I'd completely forgotten about this post and when I realize that I had asked about it this. I figured I would post a follow-up.
    It's not a bug with Adobe. Or some kind of glitch within my computer. As it turns out, it's a simple mouse setting that solves the issue.


    As it turns out, a gaming mouse reads the surface it is crossing up to 1000 times per second. The default setting is 500 times per second. They call it the report rate. When I dropped the report rate to 250. That's all that was required for Premier Pro to read my mouse movements correctly.gaming mouse polling rate to 250.png


    Standard non-gaming mice, have a report rate of 125 or less traditionally. I was actually switching to another mouse while editing in Premier Pro for quite some time before finally resolving this issue.


    So hopefully, other people who have been tripped up by the same problem. May benefit from my year-long ordeal of aggravation. Because I like my large gaming mouse much better than a standard mouse.{:>)

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  • 01/09/19--17:41: Import error
  • I'm not able to import some video. I get this error. Any ideas how to solve this issue? See attachment. The clip does in fact have Audio and Video.



    Import Error.PNG

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    It's been going on for so long?! I don't like that answer even more now, that I got in the beginning of the thread "check your network"


    I'm surprised they haven't addressed it, and that it's taken so long for me to experience it. But I haven't been able to figure it out, a get around other than like you've mentioned. In the video I posted before I was trimming my post 1 sec in instagram, no matter how long the clip and it worked. But I was having the same issue of posting in IG TV and can't trim natively in the app!  What you wrote helped!! I trimmed it in the phone app, one second and it seemed to have reencoded it... and it worked. Thanks!!


    Bummer that's the fix. I hope others find the help.

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    Where would I go to disable it?

    As I understand it... right now, I have something called the NVIDIA Control Panel, and under "Manage 3D Settings", it has me state which programs use the NVIDIA graphics card and which programs use the Intel one and for Adobe software its set to use the NVIDIA card.



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    Neil, this has happened both through just double clicking within a bin or right clicking to select import.

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    This problem is so bizarre that I struggle to put into words how it even manifests. I open my project and premiere initially renders whatever frame was there when I closed the project, if I try to move the playhead to another place on the timeline, it will lag anywhere from six to twenty seconds before rendering the frame. It plays everything back no problem, but takes absolutely forever to start playback. The other issue that is even weirder is that when I hit play, it often takes forever to actually start playback. I find that if I hit the spacebar four times it seems to snap the program out of whatever bug it's in, but that fix isn't very consistent or reassuring. In general, everything is slower and usually simple tasks like sliding a clip over and extending it will often times cause the rainbow wheel of death to appear if that aforementioned task is done too quickly, BUT the program never crashes when this happens, it just spins the wheel for five minutes (sometimes more) then will show the changes I tried to make in the blink of an eye and be ready to go again. The strangest thing is that if I open another project, I don't have this problem, it's just on two of my active projects.


    I've updated everything and am running Mojave OS on an iMac Pro 3Ghz intel Xeon W, 64GB DDR4 RAM, and Radeon Pro Vega 64 16368 graphics card. Editing off of a Pegasus R4 with USB-C.

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    I NEED HELP ASAP! My last few video clips I got from my email and downloaded them. The videos are like 2 or 3 minutes and when I import it it works but it only shows the first few seconds. PLEASE EXPLAIN!

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  • 01/09/19--20:09: Re: Can't Import H265
  • I am having this fustrating problem also


    The strange thing is. The files import without an issue on my older laptop

    My older laptop is

    • Intel Core i7-4710HQ
    • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 940M (8GB GDDR5)
    • DISPLAY: 17.3”, Full HD (1920 x 1080), IPS
    • STORAGE: 1000GB HDD
    • RAM: 16GB



    My new laptop is a Surface Book 2:

    Specs: i7-8650U

    16GB Ram

    NVDIA GTX 1050

    Intel  Graphics 620


    I cannot import these files on my new surface book 2 which has the 8th generation cpu


    Once though I had this problem on my old laptop and I fixed it by renaming the cached media folders from this article:


    Troubleshooting linking and importing errors with MTS and MP4 files after updating to Premiere Pro CC


    I dont know what it could be on my surface book 2

    Both running Windows 10 x 64


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    i posted the preview luts about halfway up the thread. you could try a rec. 709 2.4 icc as that should match premiere program monitor a little better, but as I've said, the color is only as good as the application previewing the information. the web is sRGB 2.2, so unless your web browser supports playback at rec. 709 2.4, it won't matter what your color profile is set to. madvr is a windows video player program. you'd have to use a mac equivalent or external lut box. that's why I said the heck with, and said just use a temporary lut in premiere and disable it prior to exporting for web based stuff.

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    Hey Im planning on building  my new workstation  soon for  Editing/VFX,  let me know what you think. I have   2 routes  either the Intel i9 9900K route  or  the AMD  Threadripper 1920X or 1950X.


    Here are the links for the builds :

    Intel :

    AMD :


    The intel build is  slightly cheaper but the AMD build have more cores and  better for  multithreading and multitasking.


    My Question is if we will see in the future of the adobe suite integration of the new RT/Tensor  core  and the Deep learning capabilities. Or should I switch to an 1080ti (maybe 2 depending on work )


    My previous (3-4 year old) setup was a dual 960 with i7 4720 @2.6Ghz (No OC) and 16GB ram


    Let me know what you think and if RT/Tensor core will be implemented into video editing/VFX

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    More information needed for someone to help... please click below and provide the requested information


    -Premiere Pro Video Editing Information FAQ

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