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    OK, is your footage very shaky?

    Can you upload a short clip?

    What are your computer specs and OS.

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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 01/10/19--02:13: Re: Import error
  • Dascam? Might be a code issue.

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    Hi, I have a video (.mov file) created in a different app and I need to crop the dimensions from landscape to square. Is this something I can do in Premiere Rush (or Pro).


    Many thanks


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    I dont know with Rush but in Pro just make a square sequence and drop the footage into.

    this way you can reframe horizontally.

    Export with match source.

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    I have a problem with a number of art images in Premiere which glitches both when I play it on Premiere and when I export the film. What they all have in common is that they are very detailed drawings with lines. I get the glitches no matter how I export it, even prores HQ.


    Here is two examples:

    Glitch 1 - Creative COW

    Glitch 2 - Creative COW


    I'm working on an Imac Pro with the latest version of Premiere.


    Can anyone else please?




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    Many thanks Ann, will try this. Never used Premiere before!

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    I have been using Premiere for the last several years for video editing for our company.  I just updated to 2019 and I could not be more disappointed.  The entire program is soooo slow, especially compared to the most recent version.  I am running a brand new Microsoft surface book 2, with all kinds of power.  The program hesitates just to move between screens when moving to render  The timeline barely moves - and I am running at 1/2 to 1/4 resolution.  I thought this update was going to be about performance!  Apparently not!  If you need some sort of updating to different version of drivers to run this program Adobe should be specific about that.  I am not a computer guru, so updating drivers and whatnot can be problematic if you don't know exactly what you are doing. Why does Adobe not care a little bit more about their customers?


    Anyway, I am frustrated as our most recent project is taking longer than it should.  I have been doing some testing with Davinci Resolve and this program sure looks promising. 

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    Most probably your storage is filling up.
    Please share with us what hard drives are you using besides the EVO to edit? Where are storing everything?


    Just to be on the safe side, did you change you Shooting habits? (Camera, resolution, frame rate, codec, etc.) that might have triggered the issue.


    Also to be on the safe side, open up your PCs and clean the dust around the CPU, the CPU fan and the box vents.

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    Is there a better option in the new version of Premiere?

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    Has nothing to do with the files, The app crashes on trying to create the explorer window before you even get to selecting anything to import. THis was happening also on my old system, this i9 is a new system built within the last 2 weeks. And please, claiming Premiere is stable is a joke. Ever since they went the sub model, we've essentially been getting beta releases shipped out to us and the user base are now the beta testers. Gone are the days of actually nailing down a pretty rock solid release for package of brand new versions. Taking a look through forums where actual professional industry editors like to talk shop will enlighten you to how "stable" Premiere is.

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    Okay, thanks Jim, I'll look up Transcodes as most of the aspect ratios are oddball.

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  • 01/10/19--03:42: Re: AUDIO PROBLEM
  • done but the problem persists

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  • 01/10/19--03:46: Clips glitching after render
  • Hi,


    Every time I render my sequence, the clips start glitching on playback. They jump all over the place and there are also constant flashes of red and green frames. It's only happened recently. The other day they were all fine after render. I don't know if this has got anything to do with it, but the clips are all quite long as they themselves are full finished sequences that I've exported and imported into this new project for the sake of compiling them all.


    I am using Premiere Pro CS5.5.


    Thank you to any help.

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    Since updating Windows and Premiere I have had really slow performance, not only playing back the timeline but switching between sequences and tabs in the interface is painfully slow. I have tried running Premiere 2018 and still have the same issues. Just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues?


    I have tried opening Projects from a NAS and a locally mounted drive, this makes no difference.


    Premiere 13.0

    Windows 10 (1803)

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950x 16-Core 3.4GHz

    64GB RAM

    GTX 1080 (Driver 411.63)

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    I was also having a problem with my 64GB system ram filling up within 30 seconds of opening a project in PP CC. I had to make a new project and meticulously import clips one by one until I found the culprit, and it was actually two phone pictures taken in portrait mode on my Pixel 2 XL.


    Tested a few times and I'm 100% sure it's something with these two files - if I import either one (just jpg around 5MB each) the memory immediately starts filling up and the program becomes really laggy and unresponsive. Normal phone pictures are fine, it's just the portrait mode shots (with faked bokeh - so maybe because of the depth data embedded in the file).


    Fixing it was pretty easy, just open the project, quickly find those two files and clear them from the project bin, then SAVE, then close/kill premiere, then re-open.

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    Have autosave enabled, also backing up to Creative Cloud.

    Spent an hour cutting apart and inserting titles into home movie transfer.

    Save after every title is inserted.

    Premiere crashes.

    close program, open file.

    the file is exactly as it was when I started the project. Not one of the changes has been saved.

    Go to CC backup.

    Same thing. Blank project except for the media was imported, but nothing on the timeline.

    Even manually saving this file is not working.

    I am using a RAID with 6 tb available. So it is not at all a space issue.

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    Just checked the file. All of the titles are there, but what's weird is that the program merged everything and linked it to an audio file.

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