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    You could also use an shape on a color matte and keyframe the nodes.

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    I have taken a shot in Premiere Pro, made it into an After Effects composition and added an element (with motion blur ticked). However when I go back to Premiere Pro and render, the motion blur is not applied to the element. I need the motion blur to let the new element "sit" within the plate realistically.


    How do I enable the motion blur back to Premiere? Thankyou.

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    Check the source range (bottom left tab) in the export settings.

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    Hello there,

    I wonder if anyone could help me or came accross  similar issue.


    When I'am trying to export my media in adobe premiere I get this strange colours (see the screen below). I use H.264 format and youtube 720p preset.


    Many thanks.



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  • 01/08/19--04:04: Weird trouble PP CC 2019
  • So since a couple of weeks i'm experiencing troubles with the suite CC.
    Almost all programs(Ps, media encoder, Pr, Ae) start to become unstable and have weird symptoms.
    Sometimes i can't open JPEG/PNG in photoshop because it tells me its not a JPEG/PNG... while Lr can.
    But then Pr is worse ! video's don't plays audio right sometimes the audi is even made up, also masks from text show black or darkend on the video.
    Adjustment layers switch on or off while they just overlay not changing, also sometimes clips start when the curser didn't reach the clips.
    And some other weird things.... for me the suite is useless ATM i can't work on anything or trust it a bit.
    Really bummed by this can someone please help me out !


    DDR4 16GB 2400MHz
    GTX1060 6gb
    3TB HDD

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    Thanks, Ann! Seems something blindingly simple...

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    I solve this probem with this action:

    -move the last clip some frames forward(3 is enough),

    -stretch the previous clip until it touches the moved clip.

    -select the last clip and move it back to the original and desired point.

    -select the intersection between clips and press "ctrl d" to apply default audio transition

    or just drag effect from effects pannel to the intersection.


    I hope I've helped.



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    This problem is happening to me as well.


    Unfortunately francisl45521524'sworkaround didn't work for me (thanks for the suggestion).


    Maybe this will help pinpoint the problem. The following screenshot is of two windows from Pr Pro (Program window and Export source window) both on the same monitor. This is even before exporting (so it can't be a QT, VLC, or Browser player issue, inside one instance of Pr Pro. The two images should look the same... they don't. Why?


    Image 08.01.19 at 13.22.jpg

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  • 01/08/19--04:38: AUDIO PROBLEM
  • Why premier pro cc 2017 low the sound of the second track audio when the first track play? how can i remove this?

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    It's too bad people want to help by being condescending. This problem doesn't have anything to do with proper monitoring. npoz1 described a real problem.


    I'm kind'a cross posting here, but this thread has a more accurate title than the one I originally posted to.


    Here is a screenshot of the Program window adjacent the Export Setting's Output window, both on the same monitor, and in the same instance of Pr Pro. This is also before exporting, so QT is not effecting the output yet. Changing the output codec has no effect on the Export Setting's Output window's appearance. Changing the sequence Video Previews settings in Sequence Settings makes no changes to the appearance of either the Program window or the Export Setting's Output window either. Changes to the Video Rendering and Playback Renderer settings in Project Settings also has no effect. What else could be causing this?


    Image 08.01.19 at 13.22.jpg

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    Thank you for putting some spotlight to that request, MyerPj and also to Kevin-Monahan for his tip.
    Both the request have been upVoted here and I recommend everyone else to stranded here to do the same.


    Wes Howell I hope you get of that hardware trail and admit this is nothing but a Premiere Pro software glitch somewhere. Look at the video and make some noise about this in the Adobe corridors. I'm working with these applications on a daily basis and long GOP codecs has been around for years. If almost any other NLE out there can do this, even freeware, so can you. That's why you put "Pro" behind Adobe Premiere. We're counting on you guys and we are paying you a fair amount of money to stay on top.

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    Now this Adobe CC version is in Swedish but what you can see in the picture it says that Premiere Pro is uptaded but I can't open it. I've unstalled and installed for a few times both the Premiere Pro and Adobe CC and it still doesn't work. I've tried to install on my other laptop and it works great. Is there something wrong with this laptop?




    Thanks for helping me!

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    Maybe someone can explain what is happening here.


    After exporting the timeline describe in the previous thread and screenshot, I made a screenshot of the H264 720p file opened in VLC player. The appearance in the VLC Player is the same as the Program window (more accurate than the appearance of Pr Pro's own export window). Why is this?


    Image 08.01.19 at 14.05.jpg

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  • 01/08/19--05:19: ayuda con titulos animados
  • intento hacer un video con títulos cuyas palabras se desvanecen hasta desaparecer y no doy con la tecla..necesito ayuda

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    Apply a Cross Dissolve or keyframe the Opacity.


    I can post some screenshots later if you have trouble doing this on your own.





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    After a few more test it seems that there is simply a "problem" with Pr Pro's Export Setting's Output window (it shows a preview with gamma shifts similar to those found in the playback coming out of the QT player). Playing the same clip in the QT player next to the VLC player (on the same monitor) resulted in an appearance in the QT player similar to Pr Pro's Export Setting's Output window (lightly desaturated and slightly greenish).


    I guess it would be wise not to use Pr Pro's Export Setting's Output window to check output color and contrast before exporting... On the upside, I feel like the exported file has the color information I adjusted in Lumetri (even if I know that it will look different everywhere else it will be seen other than on my monitor).

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    What font and size are you using?


    Part of the problem may be the quality of burned in caption text, which is not good.

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    What operating system? Same for both laptops? PR CC works on both?


    Try opening it from your regular menu rather than CC desktop.

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    Has there been any resolution to all this. I have tried all the steps above. No matter what, I get blank workspace

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    Need help figuring out how to fix this problem! I can't get any videos to play in any of the Premiere Pro windows, even though a couple of days ago it was fine!


    In the screen recording you'll see that the only thing that turns up in the Source window is audio, though no audio actually plays. Then when I try to play the videos, the audio image still appears. I try playing in all the windows and get nothing. It's really stressing me out!


    I've tried the rendering thing that most forums suggest, but nothing changes. I started and restarted a dozen times... The only thing that has changed in the past few days is that I updated to MacOS Mojave (version 10.14), so if there's anything else I can do please let me know!

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