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    Starting premiere pro wit Alt-Shift. the list is cleared

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    Hi Guys

    I'm using CC2019.


    I need to add many comment markers on some of my regular projects. At the moment the marker default is green, but can that be changed to another colour that stands out better? I have gone through preferences, but that doesn't seem to cover markers.


    Can anyone advise please?




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    i updated an old Premiere Pro CC15 project to CC19. In that Project are a lot of importet After Effects (also CC15) Comps.

    PP shows that comps as Media pending. When i rightclick them, edit original, After Effects opens and asks me to save a new CC19 project version. But even after saving the new project and  renaming the new file like the CC15 Version, Premiere still shows me "Media pending".


    I already tried hiding the original AE file and reconnecting media on Premiere Pro Startup. Still media pending. What kind of works is draging the comp from the new AE Project into Premiere and alt+draging it on the old Comp in premiere.. The thing is, i used the AE Comp as a subtitle layer.. i duplicated it a bunch of times in Premiere and editet the text in the "Master"-section of Premiere.. so, when i do the "alt+drag on old comp"-replace-thing i always get the original blind text from the AE project but not the subtitles from before..


    soooo... i just want Premiere to use/reconnect the new AE projekt so i dont have to rewrite 300 subtitle layers...^^'

    i hope i could articulate my problem properly and would be very thankful for any help.


    thx in advance and cheers!

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    It worked for me when my custom workspaces suddenly gave me this blank screen thing (the standard presets were fine). This saved me a lot of time and frustration.


    Still using CC2018 in Jan 2019... I don't want to find out what new bugs pop up in the new version weeks from an already hard to meet deadline. I agree with seanb61682675, Premiere has gotten a lot buggier.

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    Booted the PC this morning and everything working as normal!  Two days of disrupted work and I don't know what was causing the problems.


    Thanks to all who contributed to this thread.

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    I have a sequence with two cameras (and some more sound) synced in plural eyes and imported into premiere pro cc 2019. When right clicking multi-camera monitor in the program monitor I get two monitors, but only doubling one camera. I did not find a way to see both cameras simultaneously. (My program is in German. So I hope the terminology is clear in English.)

    Thanks for help!


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  • 01/08/19--03:02: Déplacer mes sous-titres
  • Bonjour,


    Je débute avec Premiere et je bloque sur un point. J'aimerais mettre mes sous-titres tout en bas de la vidéo seulement je ne peux pas aller plus bas qu'un certain point (voir photo) je passe par la fenêtre des sous-titres ci-dessous.

    Il y a surement quelque chose qui m'a échapper !



    Merci d'avance de votre aide !



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    Premiere Pro: Hot (1864 ideas) – Adobe video & audio apps


    I filed a request for this ages ago.....

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    Hi all,


    My first question on an adobe forum and I'm also a premiere Pro novice so please be gentle!


    I have downloaded a stock mov. video file from shutterstock and it is described as having transparency (one item moving on a transparent background) and I want to lay it over another image/clip in premiere pro. When I have moved the mov file into premiere pro it doesn't show up as transparent when played through the timeline. Is there something I need to do to the mov. file to make its transparency show?


    Any help would be gratefully received!




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    Please post link to this file.

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    I would try and transcode the files in Ae before dropping them into Pr.

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    Captions are restricted to a certain area of the frame.

    If you want them at the bottom of the screen you will have to use titles.

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    OK ! Thanks

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    You will have to update Ae also.


    I would export all comps from Ae to an intermediate file and use that in Pr.

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    Alas Premiere does not have such feature.

    But you can make them in Ae and use them as a mogrt.

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    Try resetting workspace or

    trash preferences FAQ: How to reset (trash) preferences.

    Or make new project and import the old one.

    See how that goes

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    i already updated AE..thats why AE asks me to convert/resave the File to CC19 when i open it via dynamic link in PP.

    and actually its only 1 comp which i duplicated 300 times in PP for my subs.

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    so i have this project coming on and when i finished editing, my premiere only export for 1 second and give me a tiny file which only contain a frame or less, what do i do now? normally i would export on a h264 and etc?

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    Thank you, I was afraid that was not possible. I will have to spent some time recreating in AE the static and animated shapes I like and most use from camtasia and make mogrt's.





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    The issue of using calibrated monitoring is very old. This problem has nothing to do with monitors.


    It has to do with Pr exporting a file that looks different from how it looks in the Pr Program window (where the color tweaking is being done). This can be seen when you place the Program window next to the Export Settings/ Output window on the same monitor. They look different... they shouldn't.


    The question is:

    1. What is causing this difference between the Program window and export file?

    2. Or how can we adjust the Program window's "look" so that it matches the actual output's "look" so that tweaking makes sense?


    I'm having the same problem.

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