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    Also, I am working with Premiere Pro CC 13.0.2. Here's my operating system specs:


    macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

    iMac Pro (2017)

    3.2 GHz Intel Xeon W Processor

    64 GB 2666 MHz DDR4 RAM

    Radeon Pro Vega 64 16GB Graphics

    Premiere Pro CC 13.0.2

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  • 01/07/19--11:05: Re: Rotate in source panel?
  •  wrote


    Doesn't that put me right back in the timeline?

    Did you read

    Apply Master Clip effects in Premiere Pro

    Master Clip effects are applied to the source clip in the source monitor, and they stay with/always are applied to the source clip so that as you use the clip for viewing and for use in the timeline, the change you want is always displayed.





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  • 01/07/19--11:07: Re: 2018 File Save Bug!!!!
  • This is not that common but my word, could be nasty. Part of troubleshooting is simply gathering information on the systems and processes/media involved ... often, in that information are clues.


    So ... which version of Pr, what type of computer/device are you using it on, and ... is this happening in all projects or only this one? If you create a new project, does it happen? That sort of thing is so useful.



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    Hello all,

    Is there a way to use the fx and transitions from after effects in a Premiere timeline? I saw a video of a guy who created a way, but wanted to be paid for the download of files. I am still on Premiere Pro 2017. Thanks.

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  • 01/07/19--11:10: Premiere Pro max bit depth
  • I am running into an issue with Premiere Pro's maximum bit depth. From researching, I just discovered that Premieres maximum export depth is 10bit.


    If that is correct it means I can't use Premiere for a portion of a project that I am working on. I have these depth map files that were recorded as 24bit PNG sequences. Exporting from Premiere, even with the maximize bit depth option in the export dialogue, results in the footage being truncated to 10bit sequences. This creates horrible stair-stepping in the image from being quantized to a smaller bit depth.


    Is 10 bits really a maximum render setting? If it is then I'll have to redo this part of the project in After Effects or a competing video editing product.

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    Thanks Robbie--

    I ought to try that again. I ran one experiment early on with extension changes but was getting color bars and drop outs. Maybe I did something wrong.


    The solution isn't really viable for me though because of how i shoot...lots of run and gun short clips so manually going thru that process would be a serious time sink and defeats the whole purpose of h.265 and rapid workflow.


    I bought a new Samsung 4K HDR TV over the holidays hoping I could play back 4K XF705 footage on it via luck there either! So i still haven't really seen what this camera can produce. I'm eager.

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  • 01/07/19--11:11: Re: Rotate in source panel?
  • ok I dragged the effect directly onto the file in project panel and it sticks !

    Excellent thank you

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    I would like to apply a bokeh blur to footage in premiere. I am aware that after effects has this option (called lens blur, I think), but I need it to be key-framable in premiere. (I don't want to go back and forth between the two programs every time I want to change the keyframes.)


    I recently switched from Vegas Pro, which has a "defocus" effect that creates this effect excellently. I used it on the background at 1:00 on this video for excellent effect.


    I tried to use the camera blur effect, and while it's okay it does not have the intense bokeh that was present with the Vegas defocus effect.



    Is there a built in effect I can use, or some free premiere pluggin?

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  • 01/07/19--11:10: Re: Wormhole effect...
  • Maybe make sure you have no adjustment layer above your wormhole, and check the color blending mode.

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  • 01/07/19--11:16: Re: Rotate in source panel?
  • You can apply the effect to all clips in the project panel in one go. No need to do them one by one.

    Apply the masterclip effect to one clip, set parameter, copy the effect and paste on the clips in the Project Panel.

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    Thanks for posting and providing info.  Sorry for the delay.   I've been out of the office over the holidays.


    Various formats offer differing performance characteristics. 

    If we zero in on a specific example, such as 4k drone footage, there are additional factors that impact performance such as CPU and GPU capabilities.  This can vary by machine, chipset and OS (Platform).   This particular footage type presents more of a challenge for a wide range of software.


    In order to resolve these issues, specific details are needed and I'm happy to help here.


    If the issue is specifically that drone footage drops frames during playback, these results will vary depending on hardware.


    It's a harder format to decode and we have been working on releasing improvements and new features such as hardware accelerated decoding.


    We will continue to engineer continued performance increases for decode heavy formats.



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    What is the size of your UHD monitor? Are you using windows scaling?



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    Will wait for your experience. I am about to buy 4k monitor myself.



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    Please don't mark an adobe response of "yeah, that's broken, and we're trying to figure out what's wrong" as a Correct answer. It's an answer. It's temporary, and it's helpful. But it's not the "correct" answer. It's the current workaround.


    Why? Well, when people come searching here, how many months later? Well, this is marked as the answer. So for me, this looks like it's 6 months ago and Adobe still doesn't have an answer. If we don't mark it as the correct answer, then this message is still on Adobe's radar for needing support.


    I mean, it's not as bad as the 2019 release screwing up a Ton of people's computers if they have more than one graphics card. But this is still a problem. Also, if you just remember, just hit ok once, Then go an select your composition. It's faster than the other workarounds.


    I remember a while ago there was an issue that caused AE to crash if you selected something. Adobe's response was, "workaround, - don't do that." That was marked as the answer, but has since been fixed. The actual answer was never put into the forum. So people searching for the answer just think they can't select that thing. But if we wait to respond as Correct answer, then eventually, once the thing is fixed, we can mark that as correct.

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    Ann Bens, I already wear glasses


    The Monitor is a BenQ PD3200U 32" 4K Designer Monitor, 3840x2160 4K UHD, IPS, sRGB, CAD/CAM, KVM, DualView, 4ms , 60Hz refresh rate.


    When I receive it, I will set the windows scaling to 125 and start there and see how it looks.


    Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I will report back after I receive the Monitor tomorrow.

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    Hey Joseph!

    Welcome to Premiere! I think this effect will be best achieved by using the "Gaussian Blur" on your Effects panel under

    "Video Effects" > Blur & Sharpen


    You can keyframe the effect easily in the "Effects Control" panel.


    Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help!


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    And clip 2 as represented in the timeline will now have a few frames from clip 1 at the start of it that


    "a few frames" or just 1 frame. Let us know.




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  • 01/07/19--11:40: Premiere Pro Upgrade
  • I have been using Premiere Pro CC 2017. I want to upgrade to the new 2019 CC version, but when I open up the CC desktop app, it only gives me the options of a free trial and a purchase. When I click the link to buy, it takes me to the page to choose a CC plan, which I already have. Any way around this? I am running on macOS Mojave.

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  • 01/07/19--11:41: Re: Error compiling movie
  • What happens if you remove that effect, danielp?



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    A very helpful answer, thanks for posting. And yes, Pr internally runs at Rec.709/gamma 2.4.



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