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    Please create a feature request here: Premiere Pro: Hot (3762 ideas) – Adobe video & audio apps



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    I worked with bryant56310067 last year on this and we made progress.  I've pinged him again to get another newer update.

    @jaredu9964380, I'll shoot you a PM.



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  • 01/07/19--11:48: Re: Media Pending Forever
  • Premiere Pro is a bit of a complex program to learn ... it has a deep and wide set of tools, but is designed for primarily "manual" use, which means ... you need to know a bit before you can get anywhere. A month or two of a good subscription tutorial site like while spending some hours going through their basic Pr editing tutorials can actually save you much time ... and money ... later on.


    There are multiple ways to ingest files into Pr ... and dragging/dropping isn't the most reliable. Using the Media browser panel of Pr to navigate to the media and then selecting them/import tends to be the most reliable way to get media into the app. After you have that media in your project panel, you can create "bins" which are virtual folders you would use to hold different types of media and give you some organization.


    Drag/drop a media file into a blank timeline though is a good way to get a sequence that will match the media. Pr will make the sequence settings conform to the media first dropped into a blank timeline area.



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    Pr uses a very thought-through methodology in its search capabilities. However ... this is one of those things where you need to realize that thought-through engineering methodology may not be particularly obvious to all the rest of us. Ah ... well.


    Are you renaming the clips within Pr, or before importing/ingesting them?



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    Thanks, I have tried to use Gaussian blur, and while it is adequate, it's not exceptional. Mainly, with Vegas' Defocus effect, the bokeh has a bright color and the edges of the bokeh are NOT feathered. With the gaussian blur effect in premiere, bright points of interest do become noticeable, but they are feathered out into the darker surrounding footage.


    As seen in the linked video, the bokehs do have a transparent appearance, but not a feathered one.


    Edit: spelling

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  • 01/07/19--12:14: Re: Recording Audio Problems
  • All the below assumes you have a mic that Pr is recognizing. So having your Preferences/Audio Hardware dialog set up properly is the first thing to do. So ... work with the settings there until they work. For me, typically it's been Default Input to the mic input for my computer, and output to Speakers. Though I've started using an app that allows me to run the mic into Audition, have processing set up using the Dynamics and Parametric Equalizer to normalize, compress, cut noise, and limit top end levels and then get that processed sound into Pr. Which is spiffy.


    Also ... working with the mic in Audition, you can see the vu meters anytime sound goes into the mic. Which makes it easier to check your levels before recording as there is no way in Pr to do that. But it's not necessary ... I'd always just recorded and adjusted the mixer level a bit while talking to get proper 'base' settings then normalized the track after recording.



    Here's a graphic or two ... first, using the Track mixer.


    Note the 1, 2, and 3 in red: Click the R button of the track you wish to record to so that it's red ... then click the red button at the bottom of the track mixer so that it has the little blue line around it ... then click the "play" arrow at the bottom of the Track Mixer. At that point, there should be "Recording ... " in red at the bottom of the program monitor and you keep talking.


    AFTER you stop recording, the sound media will appear on the track you selected.


    Or ... easier ... click the microphone in the track header of the track you wish to record onto and recording should start instantly, again ... appearing after you've stopped the CTI with the spacebar.

    Note ... no audio appears yet ... but after stopping the CTI with spacebar, it doth appear ...

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    I just ran into a similar  issue.  Creating proxies from Premiere and when I monitored Media Encoders progress it would only display black video as it was encoding and the file sizes were abnormally small... the only way I could resolve it was to change the renderer setting in Media encoder from its default (on a Mac Metal) to Software Only.   Seems like a bug.

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    If you are on windows the display setting might recommend 150%.

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    I've been editing (by free -_-) the youtube videos of my friend for 3 months or more, and finally she could buy a computer. She wanted a laptop, so I recomended her a few ones and she finally chase this one: gb-ssd-gtx-1050ti-156?utm_camp…


    Well, I thought I was free, she would never depend on me for editing her videos anymore (when I was editing the last video I recorded a tutorial for her meanwhile).


    When she started to edit her 1st video, she had a problem on the preview. The preview looked like is this: bug premiere - YouTube (and the exported video is that also, I told her to upload a little sequence so I can ask here with a real example, please, ignore the turned around thing, that's not the problem).


    I was not at my home (and I also was traveling) to decently investigate about it, and I told her to keep editing as she could and I would help later. I told her to export the video, and then I discovered it just wasn't a problem about the preview, the problem also was affecting to the exported video.


    When I reached home, I made a Team Viewer session with her, but I couldn't solve the problem.


    Yes, I've tried to change the settings of the project to: Only Software of Mercury Playback Engine and also the option of full preview.


    She records from a phone and I've always created this sequence: HDV 720p30 and  exported her videos on H.264.


    I've never had any problem when I edited her videos in the past. I've been editing her videos on my PC (GTX 960 4GB) and also on my laptop, which is also a MSI with 1050Ti Graphic Card.


    I've upgraded also all her laptop's drivers, including the Nvidia ones. I don't know how to solve this problem, but I want her to edit by herself and not to depend on me anymore.


    Has this happened before to anyone? How did you solve it? Do you have any clues of how could I resolve this?


    Thank you a lot in advance!

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  • 01/07/19--12:20: Re: Can't Rename Bins
  • 2019 and this is still happening...

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    i HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM! even when importing any type of video or photo in an empty project the timeline appears in red, I do the same in 2018 and it works perfect! please fix it!

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    As Ann notes, I think you will find that Windows will recommend 150% for the main scaling setting. This is labeled "Change the size of text, apps, and other items."


    There is another setting, linked on that first page by "Advanced scaling settings." Windows recommends that you not set a custom scaling there. If you set that one to 125%, if causes problems.

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  • 01/07/19--12:37: Re: Premiere Pro Upgrade
  • Are you logged in on the desktop app?

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    Thank you very much for your response! I couldn't really fix it myself, but after I pressed buttons for thirty minutes, the boxes came back!


    Very odd indeed, but thank you for your help.

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  • 01/07/19--12:44: Versions not compatible.
  • I'm trying to finish a project on my laptop that I started on my desktop. I've copied the project folder and all the files. When I open the Project I get an error versions not compatible. The problem is I don't have an available update on my laptop when I open the CC app. I'm running version 13.0.1 on my desktop and 12.1.2 on my laptop. Why can't I update both machines to the same versions? My desktop is running windows 10 and I have windows 7 on my laptop.

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  • 01/07/19--12:50: Re: Versions not compatible.
  • Windows 10 is required for 13.0 - Adobe Premiere Pro CC System Requirements





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    Very small adjustments of the window up or down can make the boxes appear or disappear....

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    Thanks mate! Was struggling for hours until I found your solution (the only one that worked, tried almost anything).


    Fun is, I disabled the Intel Graphics card from BIOS, as a very first measure... then 2 hours later and with all the common resolutions done to try to solve this problem I stumbled across your post!


    That was the missing link and thanks to DDU I could remove the Intel Drivers and now Premiere starts (on Windows) again.

    Isn't anything Adobe can do to avoid this?

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    First, understand the numbers for the video 'chroma' and 'luma' information as set by the camera are ... numbers. There's no actual image there to begin with. Most video cameras assume Rec.709 levels and color space, which is video sRGB/Rec.709/gamma 2.4. So to show that media as the camera expects requires a system using the video sRGB color space, calibrated to Rec.709 with a gamma of 2.4.


    This is not what is being shown 'natively' by the newer Macs.


    QuickTime is notoriously color-blind: it has no way to pay attention to media color space tags/flags or anything. It just displays the number "X" wherever the OS and monitor say "X" is at the moment. Ergo, nothing will display "correctly" with any confidence in that app ... totally ignore it. As you've noted, VLC does pay attention ... use that as needed. Encourage any clients to adapt to using VLC or PotPlayer to check media also ... that's a favor to them, actually.


    Apple changed their video system preferences/wiring in the OS when they went to the wide-gamut P3 displays ... essentially "breaking" the standard video system for video. Which is why older Macs are ok, newer ones ... a pain. They have hardwired FCPx to display things properly on their system, but that's an in-house Apple thing. They tend to be stingy with their toys. Although I do give them credit for finally making ProRes encoding available to Pr in PCs.


    Another user (Osaka Geoff) posted today about an option in the Mac OS preferences ... here's his post here, and it may help you


    First off, I am no expert at Premiere Pro and just stumbled upon my solution. However, I learned a few things on the way.


    1. When working in Premiere you need to make sure your display is calibrated for the correct color space. I believe it should be Rec.709 Gamma 2.4. You can adjust this if you go (Mac) System Preferences -> Display -> Color -> Display Profile -> Rec.709 Gamma 2.4.


    2. When comparing Premiere vs Original Source video, Quicktime is not reliable because there is a Gamma shift making the blacks appear lighter than they really are. I would suggest using another player such as VLC.


    3. With the Color Sync Solution, I found I needed to run the Color Sync through the terminal because when I fixed the bugs the normal way, I would reverify and find the bugs again.  This is the code to do that:  sudo /Applications/Utilities/ColorSync\\ Utility

    Note especially the first step, going into the OS settings to set the monitor color space assumed by the OS.


    And the reality of video media is simple: no one ever ... ever ... ever! ... has control of what your material looks like on another screen on your own computer let alone other devices of all sort in viewing situations from noon in the sun through darkened rooms. Colorists ... with more money spent on high-end monitors, external LUT boxes to control the monitors, and the spendy calibration gear to create the controlling LUTs for each monitor in each space ... can't do it. You can't either.


    Learn how to set up a solid viewing situation to be sure you get your material as close as possible to pro b-cast standards ... and let it go after it leaves your machine. And get back to work.



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  • 01/07/19--12:59: Re: Versions not compatible.
  • If I downgrade to 12. something to have compatible versions will I be able to open my 13.0.1 project?

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