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    hi. I‘m trying to do a timelapse using PP. i followed the instruction i.e. select 1st image, click Image Sequence n Open.

    After imported, PP only read some of picture and not the whole pictures in the folder.

    My timelapse should be around 15-20secs. But it was cut in the middle and become around 3 secs.

    Pls help!

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    I ordered a new High Resolution 4K monitor and I see that there is a setting in Photoshop that will allow me to increase the size of the User Interface to properly scale the Menu and fonts in Photoshop but I don't see an option like that in Adobe Premiere. Is there a way to increase the User Interface elements, menus and fonts. I am very surprised that Adobe does not have an option like this on all of this 2019 software produces.

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    Are the individual images sequentially numbered? No disruption in the sequence of the image name number increments?



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    I am pretty sure this is a bug but I am just coming off holidays so my brain is not running at 100% yet. I wanted to check on here before I put a bug report into adobe.


    What I have is I time remapped a clip, but I realized that it was remapped to fast to meet the beat of the song I was using so I wanted to adjust the timing of it by moving the whole keyframe line up and down. In the past if I am remembering correctly, I simply placed my playhead at my desired spot where I would want the key frame to be and by simply adjusting the percentage by moving the line up and down I could match the keyframe to the playhead and find the percentage I needed to use. Today if I try to do that, if I move to the playhead, as soon as I release the mouse it jumps to another spot.


    I am assuming that the adjustment isn't moving in the same scale as it is actually showing me so after I release the mouse the actual adjustment is where it goes to. Its frustrating because its now essentially a guessing game and it is slowing my edit down!!!!


    Is there perhaps a setting that I have turned on/off or a quick fix I can try to fix this. If you think its a bug let me know and I will put in a bug report.


    I am on version 13.0.2 running mac OS.

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    Hi Jim


    I was intending to post an update today saying the issue must be with Chrome or my Windows 10 installation.  MS Edge is running OK for all the usual sites I use.  Edge occasionally comes up with Not Responding where Chrome displays it for a few seconds in all tabs.


    I would prefer to be running a Google product but can't afford to lose any more time.


    This is a difficult problem to resolve and I hope reinstalling Windows from Scratch is not the solution.

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    Images also need to have simple names : image1.png, image2.png  or 0001.png, 0002.png etc

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    No, the project panel is the only one you can scale the font (right click on hamburger menu)

    Premiere shows perfect on my UHD screen.

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    Try Firefox.

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    OK, I will receive my new 4K monitor tomorrow and see how it looks. I am older so I sure hope the UI interface is not going to be tiny tiny and hard to read. I did see the option in Photoshop so I am surprised that its not available in all Adobe products. Its not like these monitors are something new, they have been around for at least 5 years. Thank you for your kind reply.

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  • 01/07/19--10:14: Rotate in source panel?
  • The video was shot upside down so now I want to preview it in

    the source panel, but I dont see how to rotate it there.

    Must I put it in the timeline, rotate it, save it all over again

    as a new file, import, and THEN view it in source?

    Thanks anyone

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  • 01/07/19--10:17: Re: Rotate in source panel?
  • Use a Master Clip effect:

    Apply Master Clip effects in Premiere Pro

    Use the Transform effect (Effects > Video Effects > Distort > Transform) to rotate.



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    Here are my data when exporting.  Estimated File Size 22162 MB . The exported file is less than 4 GB Screenshot (1).png

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    I am no spring chicken either: glasses do wonders.

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    I'm far from an expert, but just a guess - others with more knowledge than I can interject:


    Adobe CC uses a colour dynamic range of 0-255;

    QuickTime (and maybe FCX) uses a dynamic range of 16-235.


    Not a complete description, but just a thought for consideration.

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    You used the preview files, they are smaller and of lesser quality. Uncheck.

    If you have a dedicated gpu card you do not need MRQ checked either.


    Then again: it is an estimate.

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  • 01/07/19--10:43: Re: Rotate in source panel?
  • Thanks,

    Doesn't that put me right back in the timeline?
    I was hoping just for a quick review of the footage?
    And then the effect doesn't seem to save unless I
    export to saved footage.

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    Hi Guys!


    I've been all through this entire thread trying to find a solution to convert files already shot and uploaded to Google and didn't find anything that helped. The files played fine on Google Drive, but once downloaded and imported to Premiere they only played around 57 seconds, then the visual skipped back to the beginning of the file while the audio continued. I tried converting the files in Media Encoder but it didn't help.


    The only workaround I found was opening the files within Google drive through a third-party online converter (mov to mov - CloudConvert ). These files unfortunatly still do not play in Premiere, but they work fine in iMovie. Ironic really that I pay for the full Adobe Creative Suite, but have to use free software to work with the new apple files...



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    Ah, Now I get what is happening with you. So i'll go ahead I share my workflow with you. This workflow is the fruit of years in editing, so I hope you'll benefit from it.


    My workflow is the opposite of yours, I keep my proxies on an external so I can edit offline on the move. And while your concept is correct, it's implementation is somewhat flawed.


    1- Start by organizing your assets on your local drive efficiently: Solid folder structure + File renaming. I work with Sony A7 iii. So you can figure that there will be a lot of duplicates since my camera resets filenames every-time I change my Card, and for some reason I cannot change the prefix. So i'm stuck with hundreds of C001 files which will confuse Premiere and it's Proxy workflow.
    So depending on the nature of your project, the number of cameras that are filming, number of days, etc. You need to create a very duplicate proof folder structure and file renaming. (more on that if you need to)


    2- I would skip proxying by ingesting. Instead I import the folder where my footage is and thus premiere will create bins similar to the folders on your system. Wait a couple of minutes for everything to conform, save. Select all, right click and create proxies.



    3- Create your own Proxy preset. Mine is a very low bit rate SD resolution with the watermark "Proxy" on the bottom left. It is a bit complicated to create an ingest preset, as you have to do it in Media Encoder by creating a preset and then creating an Ingest preset based on it. If you don't know how to, I will gladly help.


    4- Destination: I have an external drive dedicated to proxies. I create one folder named the same way as my project's name folder, BUT it does not contain any extra folders or folder structure. All Proxies live directly In it. Why do I skip the folder structure? Because it will be a tedious task to replicate the detailed folder structure for proxies and the renaming of the files will take care of avoiding duplicates. Also I have never needed to browse the proxies folder. It is just a place where the proxies and I treat as Cache folder.


    5- Mobility: This is probably the most important part. When I'm on the move, I only take my Proxy external with me. Well what about music? Audio? extra assets that I might need for my project and the project file itself?
    a) I Heavily Rely on an app called "Sync Folders Pro". This app makes sure that everything on my main Drive is constantly copied to my External Drive EXCEPT High resolution video files. In Other words my Proxy external contains 2 folders: one called proxies, and the other called mirror. Inside proxies there is folders named after projects and the corresponding proxies lives inside. The other folder is Called mirror which contains an exact copy of my main drive without the big video files. That includes project files, music, audio files, documentation, etc.
    b) I also Heavily rely on Adobe CC Folder, where my projects are backed up every 5 minutes to the cloud and synced with my laptop. This way I always have the latest project on both my iMac and my Macbook



    When opening the project with the proxies only while the full res are offline, Premiere will ask you to locate those. Press Cancel, do not Press Offline All. This way when you open again and your HDD is turned on, it will not ask you to locate.


    6- About renaming: If you spend time organizing your files and your folder structure on your system before importing to premiere, you will find yourself not needing to rename anything in premiere and re-organize your bins. Depending on your project, you might need to input "comments" for each file and/or various metadata.


    I hope that's helpful for you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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    @bryant56310067 @Wes Howell


    Having the same problem. Once I exit the "Color" workspace, random clips appear faded even though the Lumetri color effect is still applied to those clips. Upon returning to the Color workspace to view my scopes, the black levels of these clips have been raised drastically resulting in the faded look - all without me doing anything to them. As a full time professional editor at an agency working on everything from commercials to long form docs for businesses and corporations of all sizes, this Premiere/Lumetri bug is a huge hinderance in my usually efficient post-production workflow inside Premiere. I have to export an XML to an older version of Premiere to keep working with Lumetri or go to Resolve. Have you been able to figure this out yet?




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