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    Hello, I uninstalled this version and went back to the 2015 one, it works perfectly now. Thank you, though.

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    I suggest clearing your media cache - if other files from the same camera are working fine then this is the first thing I would do. Clear the cache and then create a new project and try to import your problem clips.

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    Hi all - I tried Ann's suggestion, but that didn't help either. Seems like this type of thing is somewhat common with other folks too.


    My problem is essentially solved, tho not in the way I had planned. My project was, admittedly, way overly complicated - lots of unused sequences and files, for reasons I won't go into, but partly due to my not knowing best practices.


    Another detail I didn't mention: I've been running my entire project off of an external USB drive. (I know.) It's worked fine, but it was of course a tad slow. My goal was to speed things up by moving everything to my new PC, and a blazing fast M.2 drive. My prior attempts at this are listed earlier.


    So after reading a few more stories from others, here was my fix:

    • Opened a brand new project
    • Imported just the 2 sequences that I really needed from the old project.
    • To get the media files moved onto the new drive, I used Project Manager to save the new project to my new fast local drive. Thankfully, this time it worked (it didn't work when I tried to use it to package the entire project.)


    So now I'm good to go - the project with all my work is running off of my new drive.

    Actually, this forced me to clean up the project, which in the end is a good thing.


    Thanks again for the input. Hope this may help someone else with a similar situation.

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    Hi There,


    I'm unable to get my Nvidia GTX 780M CUDA driver to appear in any of the Adobe CC 2019 products.


    I'm posting here after spending many many hours with Apple, Nvidia, and Adobe tech support. They all blame each other for this problem and it's beyond frustrating. I'm hoping some more competent Adobe users can provide some insight .


    I'm running a 27" Late 2013 iMac. 32GB memory. Nvidia Geforce GTX 780M.

    Mac OSX Sierra 10.12.6


    I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling different versions of both the Nvidia WEB and CUDA drivers. We can't seem to find any combination that results in CUDA showing up in Premiere Pro, AE, Media Encoder. All I have are OpenCL and Metal.


    If I run the CUDA-Z App. It shows the driver is installed, working, and running. However, All of the Adobe CC 2019 apps don't see it .


    Currently have CUDA 8.0.90 and Nvidia Web Driver 378.05.05.25f12 installed.


    Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    Hi Stan,


    Your post is correct. When I adjust the panel size it works (this is a workaround). In the release 2019.0.0 the issue became apparent.


    In release 2019.0.1 the problem was completely fixed, regardless of what scaling percentage I used.


    As soon as I updated to 2019.0.2, the issue came back again - I wonder what changed in this release since the previous release it was completely perfect. What did they change???


    Also, on a completely side note, are you aware that some of the splash screens also have corrupted text? Here's what i mean:




    The words "Premiere Pro CC" look really bad as well as Adobe Creative Cloud. In the 2018 version, this was not the case. I realize this is completely different topic, but just FYI

    Thanks so much.

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    First off, I am no expert at Premiere Pro and just stumbled upon my solution. However, I learned a few things on the way.


    1. When working in Premiere you need to make sure your display is calibrated for the correct color space. I believe it should be Rec.709 Gamma 2.4. You can adjust this if you go (Mac) System Preferences -> Display -> Color -> Display Profile -> Rec.709 Gamma 2.4.


    2. When comparing Premiere vs Original Source video, Quicktime is not reliable because there is a Gamma shift making the blacks appear lighter than they really are. I would suggest using another player such as VLC.


    3. With the Color Sync Solution, I found I needed to run the Color Sync through the terminal because when I fixed the bugs the normal way, I would reverify and find the bugs again.  This is the code to do that:  sudo /Applications/Utilities/ColorSync\\ Utility


    Of course, if you already know all of this and have tried it all then I am sorry I cannot help you.


    However, if you do find the solution, please let me know so I can update the answer.





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    I think the Adobe rep may have been misinformed. I'd take a look at this page: ro

    There was major changes in GPY support with Premiere 2019. You now need CUDA 9.2 (you have 8.0), AND 4GB of VRAM but to upgrade, you need to have High Sierra (10.13) installed. Looks like you have Sierra. Are you able to upgrade your OS and then try to upgrade CUDA?

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    My web service should have video editing. However, there are many problems with video editing. So I want to use Adobe's video editing function on the web. Is there a video editing plug-in or api or sdk available on the web?

    If not provided by Adobe, I would appreciate it if you could recommend a typical web video editing api or sdk plug-in for my web service.

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    Same thing happened to me yesterday. Really scared. I was working on Premiere Pro editing with my mac pro 2018(pro vega20) (3Pro!!!!!) and I worked with really small volume cause it was in the middle of dawn. Whatever,when I hit space,A VERY LOUD freaky sound was made from the top- right side of macbook(so I made a guess that it was from the charger or touch bar but it might be not).It sound like 50 times bigger of tape rewinding, or electiricity. I was really frightened.


    Now,after a day of accident my speaker seems okay yet,but worried if something damaged in my laptop. I hasn't been a month buying it and I wanted to keep my macbook safe and clean.. Oh my god!

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    Thanks for the quick response, Jason! Looks like I should have stayed on CC 2018, haha!


    I've avoided upgrading to High Sierra due to performance issues that others have reported -- but I think I'll give it a try. Just made a full time machine backup. So if the upgrade doesn't work or runs poorly I can roll back.


    Thanks and will keep you posted!

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    When starting a new project, the first thing I do is to copy the original file name into the "description" tab for reference. Then I re-name all the clips. So I really can't say for certain whether Premiere is finding the string in the description tab (currently set to be shown in the metadata display) or the original file name (currently set to be hidden in the metadata display).


    But either way, if you type a query string into the search pane, Premiere just refuses to display results found in the clip name.


    I did a hard reset of preferences by pressing ALT on startup, but no luck.


    Any ideas...? Could it have something to do with the ingest settings...?


    I'm really stumped.

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    I posted this in one of the user voice bug reports regarding this:


    Premiere CC 2019 problem with Text graphics cannot edit text – Adobe video & audio apps


    "There are at least 4 user voice reports of this issue. Occurred with 2019.0.9, fixed with 2019.0.1 but appears back with 2019.0.2. My tests indicate occurs when using Windows advanced scaling at 125%. Workarounds are to remove scaling, adjust the size of the panel (program monitor in particular), or to change to 150% scaling (perhaps)."

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    Thanks, you mean 2019.0.0 not 2019.0.9

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    No, just the one project open.


    I mean "incorrect" in that the results displayed are never what I want!


    If I am looking for all #84 shots (so-named in the clip names), instead Premiere shows 25B because the original file name as an "84" in it. It's the same no matter what I'm looking for. I search for the shot number in a desired clip name, but instead I get matching results found in the original file names.


    In the past, whenever I have typed a query string into the search pane, Premiere has always displayed results found in the clip names. I haven't changed any settings, at least to my knowledge. But all of a sudden Premiere has started turning up matching metadata results seemingly for everything except the clip name.


    Any ideas...?

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    I am using Premiere Pro CC VERSION 13.02 build 38 and have been encountering the same baffling audio problem.


    The workaround fix by soloing any audio track and then un-soloing seemed like something pretty screwy.  But it works!


    I also saw on the thread that before you do an export you need to do the solo-unsolo screwy trick again. So I will do that.


    I’m happy this fix was posted because I was about to be admitted to the looney bin


    I hope Adobe provides a more permanent fix going forward.  BTW and FYI — This is January 6, 2019.



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    Yeah, this wasn't any help. It stays on Analyzing in Background or it fails or PPro crashes. This occurs in 2019 v13.0.2 (Build 38). In multiple attempts it has never been successful.

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    Estoy tratando de sacar las "sub herramientas" dentro de las distintas herramientas como: Pluma o editar Rizo y al hacer clic con el botón derecho del mouse no puedo seleccionar las otras herramientas dentro de cada botón, en otras partes de la aplicación si funciona el clic derecho. Estoy trabajando con Premiere 13.0.2 y Mac OS X 10.14.1

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    it has worked many times before.

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    thank you! this helped with the playback. it still is glitching and running much slower than normal.

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    Kind of wondering when this is going to be done.
    Any ETA from Adobe on it?




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