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    I did have an external drive hooked up.  I disconnected it and same issue.  No hard drives are asleep.  I opened Pr Pro with the option key, it came up with a pop-up asking if I was sure I wanted to reset my preferences.  I clicked Ok and same issue.

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    There is a tool for this in Premiere 2019. It is part of the Lumetri Color effect under "Curves." Under there you will see some straight lines with lables such as "Hue vs. Sat(uration)" "Hue vs. Hue" and "Hue vs. Luma."


    If you haven't used these, all you do is use the eye dropper above the line's window and select the color you want to change from the program monitor. It will place three dots on the line. The center dot represents your color. You may have to use the scroll bar under the line to center the three dots.


    Then simply hold the "Shift" key and move the center dot up and down. The first curve will add or subtract saturation based on the color you picked. The second will shift hue and the third will add or subtract luma. Best just to mess with them and try it. You can add dots to smooth transitions as well.


    You should be able to pinpoint whatever color you need and make it into anything you want.


    There are great tutorials out there, just search Selective Color in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 Lumetri color or something like that and you should find one.


    Hope this gets you closer to an answer.

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    Indie767  wrote


    Thanks for the links but these tutorials are done on a Mac machine and and do not translate on my Windows 10 machine. For some reason, I cannot get this tool to work on Windows. I can, however, make color changes in Aftereffects.

    Lumetri works exactly the same on Windows.

    The only difference is the tutorial is from 2017 as meanwhile Lumetri UI change somewhat.

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    luisa8106446  schreef


    is it possible to upload to wetransfer DIRECTLY from Premiere?

    I think they need to build in this feature or they need to collaborate with filemail. But something that you can send your video directly to a client would be amazing!

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    Dear @Mohsenagha - my name is Alison and I have a similar issue with my project as these fine people on this thread - is there any chance you would be willing to help me out? I would happily pay for your time. 


    I originally posted my issue here: Re: Corrupt Auto-Saves (after a certain point)


    Please let me know and I will send over my project files as soon as possible. Thank you so much.

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    Thanks so much Ann for showing me this other thread!! This guy seems like magic.

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    Hey mate.  I found a bug that was doing the same thing to me - I edit off external hard drives, and when I started using drives formatted as exfat instead of macOS journalled, prores files wouldn't play in the timeline any more.  Premiere 2018 would work fine, just not 2019.

    Also, Metal causes me massive problems in all versions, while OpenCL and Software Only work fine.

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    I have some MXF video clips shot on my Sony PMW-F5 (Raw from the AXS-R5 recorder) that are "disappearing" from Premiere. They still work in Sony Catalyst and Sony RAW Viewer but when loaded into Premiere the image is just black. The audio still plays, but the image is missing. It's only happened to seven clips so far (out of hundreds) but they're ones that are currently used in the edit sequence (as opposed to being on the proverbial cutting room floor).


    I've tried replacing the file with the originals from the backup drive and exporting new ones using Sony Catalyst, but, the only thing that's worked so far is to transcode the footage. Unfortunately Catalyst & RAW Viewer only transcode to inferior formats/codecs. And, of course, I've tried removing any filters or other "alterations" that may have been an issue. Even tried reloading into new projects in Premiere but still have the same issue.


    I've never had this problem before in all my years using MXF files from this camera system with Premiere so am at a loss for why this is happening. The only thing I can think of is this is the first project I've done with this volume of footage (26 TB of footage total) and all the files that have "disappeared" are from one drive. The drive is not having any issues, and like I said above, I've tried reloading the footage from separate backup drives to no avail.


    Thanks so much for your help with this and if there's any more info I can provide that would be helpful let me know. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Premiere CC 2018 v12.1

    OSX 10.11.6

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 4096 MB



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  • 01/06/19--14:51: Re: Recording Audio Problems
  • Unfortunately the screen capture didn't come through. Try drag/drop onto your reply box from the browser in your computer.



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    What version number of Premiere Pro?

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    Thanks Neil for those suggestions! I will try both of those things and report back if I have any luck.

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    If it could be done, you would need to work with the audio in Audition.  I don't think you will have satisfactory results, however.

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    Lumetri can do a ton of major color work ... especially with the new curves as mentioned by Resh.


    Here's a set of shots ... first, off-camera ... then neutralized (always the first step) ... then with another instance of Lumetri, just using the curves panels, an orange & teal "action movie" or "blockbuster" sort of Look.

    Lumetri Begin.PNG


    Lumetri Neutral.PNGLumetri Orange and Teal.PNG


    I changed a whole bunch of hues with the O&T Look ... and this is fairly mild.


    As noted, the HSL keyer in the HSL panel in Lumetri can also do a very good job ... you need to futz with creating the key, start with just the color selected via eyedropper from the image, with both Sat and Luma un-checked. Adjust the center of the range of hue selected, width of range, and fall-off with the appropriate triangles in the UI. (Using say the "Color/Gray" option to show the key while setting it is necessary of course. Uncheck after you have a good key.)


    Add in Saturation and/or Luma controls if you need to refine things further.


    Add a bit of denoise and blur to get a cleaner playback with less chatter or noise in the image.


    Then use the color wheel below the keyer to push your color where you want it to go.


    There's also a "Color Replace Effect" in Pr's Effects panel ... type "replace" in the search box, drag/drop onto the clip, you get this in the ECP:


    "Target color" eyedropper is used to select the color of the image you want to change, and you can use either the eyedropper to select a color from the image or the box to select any color available to change that target color into.



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    Mine is the very latest through the subscription.

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    VidNoob  wrote


    Mine is the very latest through the subscription.

    And what number is that?

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    The "Basic" tab ONLY accesses the list of Technical LUTs. Which is about 8 right now, though there are many more technical type LUTs available in the Effect list shown below.


    In the Effects panel, under Lumetri Presets ...

    To see the LUTs/Looks shown in the Creative folder, you use the Creative tab of Lumetri ... you can both click the arrows in the preview window to go through the list, or use the drop-down list.


    The "Legacy" list is ... some older ones that have been replaced or simply dropped because they can cause issues. Avoid them.



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  • 01/06/19--15:36: Re: 2018 File Save Bug!!!!
  • Did you find a solution? This is the second time this has happened to me on the same video and im literally  crying.

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    Hi Neil,


    You sound clued up, maybe you can help explain this.


    When I import a clip to adobe it look a lot different to the original clip without adding any effects. For lack of other words it looks to have more contrast and saturation inside Adobe CC.


    I’m using Quicktime to open the original clip to compare.


    Interesting.. when I use VLC to open the original clip it looks very similar to what I see in Adobe CC.


    Heres the probelm.


    When I grade my footage inside Adobe CC and export it only makes the problem worse. The exported video looks less saturated and lower contrast to what is was in Adobe.


    When I open the export with VLC it looks like what I see in Adobe CC.


    When I upload to Vimeo or watch on TV via USB it looks like the exported video that was opened with QuickTime.


    Any idea what’s going on here ?





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    Try resetting the Workspaces:

    Reset a workspace

    Reset the current workspace to return to its original, saved layout of panels.

    1. Do one of the following:
      • Click the Workspace menu icon and select Reset to Saved Layout.
      • Choose Window > Workspace > Reset to Saved Layout.

    from here:

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