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    Bought Premiere yesterday, since then having the same problem. Tried to reinstall, adobe cc cleaner, restart computer, closing the program per task manager and reopening it and roll back nvidia drivers. Nothing works.

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    Hola, recientemente he instalado Premiere Pro CC 2019 en un portátil ASUS Rog Strix GL703GE con Windows 10 y una NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti, pero al intentar iniciarlo me sale uno de los dos siguientes errores:


    1.     " ^1 could not find any capable video play modules. Please update your video display drivers and start again." - (ejecutando el programa como administrador)


    2.     " no ha podido encontrar ningún módulo de reproducción de vídeo. Actualice los controladores de visualización de vídeo e inténtelo de nuevo." - (NO ejecutando el programa como administrador)


    He estado mirando diferentes vídeos y foros con un error parecido en español: "Adobe Premiere Pro no pudo encontrar ningún módulo capaz de reproducir vídeo. Actualice los controladres de visualización de vídeo y vuelva a empezar." Pero este no es mi caso cuando no lo ejecuto como administrador, y es que no he encontrado ni un sitio donde hablen del segundo error. ¿Alguien puede ayudarme? He probado diferentes 'soluciones', pero no han resultado. I also accept any help in English, thank you.

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    I would have opened each png-file in Photoshop and saved them as psd-files and used those in Premiere Pro. I have seen to many reports on issues with png-files to rely on them fully.


    Open the file in Photoshop and just go to File > Save As. (psd-file is the default option)

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    This is a very frustrating issue.


    I have been, having this issue in the middle of a very important project, I tried all the workaround provided in this chat;

    - copying and pasting the clip  for what ever reason I don't know didn't work, in-fact my clip will not even allow it self to get pasted in the timeline even after several attempts of copying it.

    - i also tried to solo one channel and this didn't work too


    What did I do?

    so I open the effect panel and because my clip contained Video I first Frizzed der Video Track and the when on to reset the audio in the effect panel to the original to how it was and the boom    the audio started working back as normal.


    I hope this helps.

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  • 01/06/19--04:38: Re: why are my vidoes green
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    Thanks, Rob. I didn't know about the Project Manager originally. So I moved the project file, and what I thought were all supporting files, manually. When I opened the file on the new computer, I was prompted for missing files. I was able to match all except the preview files, which I understood to be optional, since they'll be recreated.


    Once I tried to find an answer to my issue, I did discover the Project Manager - but each time I try it, I get this error: "an unknown error occurred during the project manager operation." I tried saving a new copy of the project, but still no luck.


    To expand on my original post:

    Some of the existing sequence is intact and the in/out points are ok. But for the bulk of it, they are messed up. What's odd to me is that the audio files - which are separate, standalone files - seem to have retained the correct in/out points. So when I preview, it "sounds" correct - but the video is out of sync. For many of the shots, the result is that I see the opening "slate" shot from the start of each clip, instead of my carefully selected edits.


    I've also tried matching the cache files, but that hasn't helped either.


    I'm using the latest version of Premiere Pro CC on both machines, and both are Windows 10, latest version.


    One key thing I don't get - where is the in/out data stored, if not in the project file?



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    I switched to the 12.1.2 version for now, this one seems to work for me. I am pretty unhappy with adobe so far.

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    Unlink the mismatched footage.

    Delete all media cache and preview files.

    Restart Premiere and relink.

    See how that goes.

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    You need to run as administrator.

    Did you update your videodriver straight from Nvidia?

    Might also want to roll back a driver (or two).

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    Hey guys, I'm trying to export my project but the final video comes with green and purple jumping. I attached two screen shots for example. Anyone can help plz? 1.PNG2.PNG

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    Try the solution mentioned in this thread: Green and Pink Video in Premiere Pro 12.0.1 (Build 69)

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    I used to be able to export my videos to my YouTube account and keep it to Private or Unlisted setting when I export them as some of these videos were not intended for the public. Lately the videos that I've been exporting are being made public even if I have set them not to be done when I do the export. Is this a problem with the encoder or more with YouTube not recognizing any of this settings now?

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    For me, none of the solutions worked.

    My problem started after syncing clips with Pluraleyes.

    On the synced timeline, none of the clips would allow me to move them in any way.

    I had successfully used Pluraleyes many times in the past, so this was unexpected and unwelcome new behavior.


    What fixed the bug, for me, was to perform a Ripple Delete on a blank space in the timeline.

    That moved all clips after that gap, of course.  After that operation, all clips on the timeline could again be manipulated.


    It took me a long time to find this random fix.

    I am REALLY looking forward to being done with this project so I can make the definitive switch to Davinci Resolve.  Too many problems with Premiere, for the price the subscription costs.

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    Two days ago I subscribed and installed Premiere Pro CC, Premiere Rush and Media Encoder.  Since these have been installed I cannot view any Youtube videos without the video running very slow and jumpy while the audio is normal.  Looks as if something has been installed in the background to cause this problem.  The problem is only on my main PC running Win10 Pro.  My internet connection is good and no other computers, tablets or phones using the connection have this problem.


    Any suggestions to fix this?

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    It is definitely broken again. In 2019.0.1 it was fixed. No matter what the scaling in Windows was, 100% or 125% or 150%, it always worked. Now I updated to 2019.0.2 and the problem is back. Totally unacceptable and shame on Adobe for not doing sufficient quality control. How can you possibly fix a problem, then bring it back again? I have my scaling at 125%.


    Please fix it Adobe. Very frustrating.

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    Windows Display Scaling should always be set to 100%.


    You should use a 24" 1920 x 1080 monitor at a minimum for this type of work.

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    My first thought is Step 4D below.  I can't think of anything in the CC suite that would cause this.


    Unofficial Premiere Pro Troubleshooting Guide

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    It works!!!! Thank you so much.


    Last minute deadline, Premiere Pro CC 2019 failed to start and finally, this simple step saved my life.

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