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    Your best bet is probably to change one set of clips to the frame rate of the other using the Modify>Interpret Footage operation.

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    I'm thinking start with Step 4 below.


    Unofficial Premiere Pro Troubleshooting Guide

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  • 01/06/19--07:17: Re: Full panel playback
  • You can find keyboard shortcuts under the Edit menu.  Search for 'Fullscreen'.

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    Try using the Media Browser for Import duties.  Use it to open the AE project file and you'll see your compositions.

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  • 01/06/19--07:23: Multi Track Mixdown
  • Hi, the last 18 years i worked with Avid Media Composer.

    Now i use Premiere CC too.

    Now i have a problem...


    I havea sequence (5 audio tracks) and would like to re-route the individual channels to export.

    For example channel 1 at 1, 2 and 5 / channel 2 at 1, 2 and 6 etc. / Is this only possible with submixes?

    At the end i need 8 Channels.

    What is the easiest way in Premiere CC?


    Thanks for yout help


    (Avid Media Composer Example)

    audio workflow.jpg

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    I have a 32" 3840x2160 4K monitor

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    The list hasn't been updated in years.

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  • 01/06/19--07:25: Re: Video dimensions
  • I recommend Step 1 below.


    Unofficial Premiere Pro Troubleshooting Guide

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    Well, you got the second part.  Now do the first, no problem.

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    The problem was my CPU.  I had recently upgraded my i7-6850k to a i7-6950x I bought on eBay (it is still under Intel warranty), and when I put my i7-6850k back in, all of my problems went away.  Now the rendered footage is flawless every time, and rendering never causes Premiere or my entire system to crash. 


    Thanks to everyone who helped!

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    I have a LG 27" 3840x2160 and scaling is set to 150 which is recommended for this display.

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    Yeah, but still doesn't working on RX 550. What do you think it can be?

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    Thanks for the linked document Jim.  A lot of useful information.


    My production PC was custom built a year ago to a good spec and is only used from Lightroom, Photoshop and Premier.

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    This is a public forum with "some" Adobe staff participation, use the links below to make a problem report or feature request

    -for Video & Audio & Animator programs


    -or Feedback forum

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    Oh gosh, thank you so much - I was over here like "What gives, I am pretty sure I had imported HEVC into Premiere before, and it exports HEVC!" Turns out that the source was in MKV - didn't even think about it. It is a pretty bad tease that Adobe shows you all file types when you go to import, then gives you some random error when you actually import something in an unsupported container. I am honestly not sure why the container matters - it supports MKV, it supports HEVC, it just doesn't support HEVC in MKV.  Demuxing the MKV into an MP4 stream allowed me to import it into Premiere without rerendering the video

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    "Collect files and copy to new location" only copies the files used in your sequence to a new location and creates an associated project.

    Consolidating, does the same thing BUT instead of copying the files, it transcodes them to a format of your choice. This is helpful if you are working in a project with mixed file types (avi, mov, etc.)

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    Can you try to open preferences with a fresh project?
    Also while you are at it, Please share full specs of your new system.

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    I suspect overheating. Let's rule it out if we can. I think there is a free App called "Fanny" (lol).
    Try to monitor your CPU's Temperature while running premiere.


    I had all types of crashes in the past on both PC and Mac. Sudden shut off used to be overheating, and system freeze or BSOD used to be a Ram problem (most of the time)


    Let's try to rule out the first suspect.

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    It seems that you are applying FCP methods to Premiere, and it also seems that I am a bit lost in translation.
    I want to fully understand what is happening with you, what do you mean by Online proxies and Offline proxies.
    Besides understanding the problem, I would also want to understand your purpose. What is it that you trying to do so that I can suggest a more efficient workflow.


    Is it possible to post a screen recording of your process? Also please share the specs of your system, and most importantly your storage configuration.

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    I posted my answers and questions a few days ago, but did not receive any

    answer yet?

    Best wishes


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