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    No luck so far, looks like everything is updated.

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    Tried importing the premiere project into after effects, got this message.NewIsssue.JPG

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  • 01/06/19--00:29: Full panel playback
  • Hello everyone!


    I'm working on a single monitor at the moment and was wondering if there's a way to expand the program monitor in a way that it would cover the entire space of the program panel? meaning without timecode, playback resolution options, zoom options etc...


    thank you

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    Hi there,

    I got two sets of smooth footage, both filmed with different framerates 23,976 and 25.

    Trying to combine these films as one, but cannot find perfect end result. Final render has always some annoying twiches, either rendered with 25 or 23,976..

    Is there a way to combine these two different framerates (23,976 and 25) as one perfect 25fps or 23,976 render?

    I tried also 24 fps, but 25fps footage wont like it..





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    I recently lost both my computer and main external harddrive where I used to edit my projects. I could recover the project with my backup disc, but when opening the project on a new computer I get the message "The Media Cache directory " was not found or is not writeable. Hit OK to use the default cache location, or Cancel to exit Adobe Premiere Pro."


    I did a manual search on my computer and backup external disc, but there are no cache files anywhere to be seen. Otherwise I could delete them and have Premiere create new ones - since I expect I set up the Media Cache directory to be stored on my old computer which got stolen. When in Premiere I try to go to Preferences to setup a new cache location but then I get the message "Sorry, a serious error has occured that requires Adobe Premiere Pro CC to shut down. We will attempt to save your current project."


    Everything in the project looks the same - I could relocate all of my files and every timeline is there. BUT I can't play any files or sequences. All the clips are there, I can scroll through them, but I can't play anything. I can do exports that play just fine, though.


    I can't import anything either. The box that says "Importing" shows up with a loading bar, but nothing happens even if I wait for hours.


    WHAT is the problem and how can I fix it? I can't make any new preferences because the program crashes everytime I open Preferences. I don't know if it's the same version as on my old computer because that computer is lost. Please help!!! Thank you!

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    you should have the same version updates of both premiere pro and after effects


    as Neil also mentioned you should manually update your video card driver,

    do not run a normal windows update, go to the vendor's site and update from there.

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    Go to Preferences - Media Cache and Delete or Clean unused

    go to Sequence - Delete Render Files

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  • 01/06/19--01:00: Re: Full panel playback
  • Select the monitor you want to expand and hit the 'Tilde' key

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    what's the error message you're getting?

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    Hi there,


    Been studying here and it seems that botth 23 and 25 works pretty well with 50 FPS.

    Not sure still, if this is perfect solution and, if you guys have some other ways to handle this, would be cool to hear something.





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    I tried the first aid in color synch utility and it successfully fixed the bugs. However the issue with the premiere crushing the clacks and blowing the whites still there.


    My system is

    iMac Pro

    Mojava 10.14

    3 GHz Intel Xeon W

    64 GB 2666 MHZ DDR4

    Radeon Pro Vega 64 16368 MB


    Has anyone else solved this in a different way?

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  • 01/06/19--01:15: Re: Full panel playback
  • There are two options for this. Either way you start by moving the pointer inside the panel you want to expand (you don't need to click or select anything). Then:

    To maximize the panel, press the ` key, the accent (or tilde ~ ) key, which is above the Tab key on a US English keyboard.

    To maximize the panel in full screen mode (no controls at all), also press the Control key.

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    ^1 could not find any capable video play modules. Please update video display drivers and start again

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    Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, as I said in my post, every time I try to open Preferences the program crashes.

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    Mixing so-called ntsc with pal framerate has always been a big pita.

    Might want to convert the 23,97 to 25 with Ae.

    Next time try and stick to pal framerate.

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    Try and roll back a driver (or two).

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    If auto save is not opening after a certain point then to me it means your main project is also corrupt.

    Go from the one you can open.


    If the project is very important might want to try this guy.

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    Sorry, what do you mean? "Collect files and copy to new location" is something different, it's not consolidating.

    Anyway, after this "bug" happening two times now, I just wanted to replicate with a test project and it doesn't happen anymore. Hm, well then.

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  • 01/06/19--03:33: Camera Raw in Premiere Pro
  • Why do not you include Camera Raw in Premiere Pro?

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