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    You may want to re-set your preferences. With the application closed hold down shift/ctrl/alt and start the app.

    Hope that this helps.

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    I have this EXACT PROBLEM! I have sound folders with hundreds of sound effects. I usually look up "whoosh" and I can find a file with that text in it... but now it will show me other files or no files at all.


    Even when I copy and paste the file name itself in the search bar, no files will appear.


    The Find Function still works in locating the file (it just obviously isn't as convenient.)

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    I need to change a color on one of my clips. Can someone recommend a good plug in to achieve this?

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    I usually have a sound effects folder with hundreds of files that I need to use. However, the search bar is not working properly.


    Example: If in "whoosh" it will not display any results OR it will give me random results (none of which, have a whoosh in the name).

    before search query:


    after search query:



    More information:

    This only affects this folder of sound effects. My actual recorded audio files can be found and so can my footage. My music folder is half broken -- some songs can be found and some will give me random results. See images below for visual examples: ("CE" gives me random results)



    This problem is repeatable is not fixed with a restart, creating a new project, duplicating the files on a different drive, or renaming the files.


    Send help! Thanks.

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    One more note, the Find function still works (Ctrl + F)



    It's just obviously more tedious and time-consuming.

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    Canisol can you please post the direct url because my computer doesnt let me click on links, thanks so much

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    An adjustment layer works like a bus track


    Place an adjustment layer on top of the layers you want to adjust.


    Now you can do a couple of things...


    Add a fade to black to the adjustment layer and all the layers below it will fade to black.


    OR  go to Effects Controls of the Adjustment layer, and change the Blend mode to either Subtract or Difference.  If Opacity is at 100% then all the layers will be black.  keyframe opacity from 0 - 100% to get fade to black.


    Try playing around with the adjustment layer blend mode like exclusion - you then get a negative. (With Opacity at 100%

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    Thank for the clarity Jason

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    Not at all clear what you're doing. Some more specific information is needed.



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  • 01/05/19--21:42: Re: why are my vidoes green
  • Video card driver issue. You need to update your video card driver manually from the manufacturer site.



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  • 01/05/19--21:44: Bigger is not always better
  • Two birds; one stone with this tirade. 

    Dearest Adobe,

    First off, what a genius suite of magic you’ve engineered. I’ve been using Adobe products since the days of Aldus. Thank you for helping launch a lucrative career. I’m still a bit sore from the time you gobbled up my Freehand app permanent harm done there. However…


    it really ignites my ire to have to chase down my presets and plugins every bloody time Adobe dispatches an update. I love updates! I hate change. I’m a creature of habit. So, seemingly I need to spell out my part of the relationship contract with Adobe. Here is my responsibility:

    Pay $50 per month, log in That’s it!
    Adobe, your responsibility is to make that happen without sending customers to their therapists to be committed to the padded room.

    If it could happen anywhere close to that idealistic reality...I’d call it a happy existence.

    While you're at it, see if you can design a system that doesn’t require 14,345 operations to run in the background. Your brilliant software doesn’t need to match your economic power in the industry. I get it! Adobe is really big. But please, stop releasing these behemoth apps that hijack every scrap of juice in the continuum.

    Now, to the digital special forces hit squads who, doubtless, have their fingers on the keyboards to “help” me with the 73 steps I should have known before I decided to grace my humble desktop with the Glory of the Creative Cloud.

    It‘s nothing serious. Just a general statement to all the techno-sycophants (read left-brain technicians who refer to themselves as ‘filmmakers” and “designers”) who cannot seem to control the systemic urge to shame and embarrass those who come to the community for help.


    If you’re neuro-cogworks aren’t programmed for empathy and diplomacy...stop helping; keep doing whatever it is you do under the hood.


    That is all (for now).

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    I got the message when opening asking if I wanted to delete my plugin caches. I said no to that. Not sure what that would do. I don;t want to reinstall my plugins.

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    Quite a number of things. You're getting corrupted data files there somehow. Clean out all your cache/media cache database files and probably dump your preferences on restarting.


    There's a FAQ on the Overview page listing for FAQs on trashing preferences.



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    With the recent update, when I update editable text from an AE composition linked in Premier Pro, the font changes back to Times New Roman every time.


    Before the update, I was able to update editable text, and keep the font. I was hoping that a subsequent patch would solve this issue, but after a few months it still continues. The workaround is painful, as instead of creating copies of the imported composition inside of Premiere, I need to create additional AE for each lower third I want to incorporate.


    I'm about to kick off a project that will probably have about 75-100 lower thirds, so I'd really prefer not to have to use this workaround.


    Has anybody else ran into this issue, and if so, what did you do to solve it?


    Thanks in advance!

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    Let me state that this behavior started before the last update, and I've been hoping that one of the recent patches would fix it.


    I'll try to state the issue very simply. When importing an AE composition into Premier Pro via dynamic linking, I have to select the comp twice for it to actually import. I have a lot of AE compositions with editable text that I use for sports videos, so pre-rendering is not an option, and it is a real pain to have to import multiple times.


    I found a dirty workaround which saves a little bit of time, which is to hit cancel the first time, and then select the composition when prompted the second time. Seems really silly to have to do that with professional software, however. Reading the forums, I found a couple of other people are having the same issue.


    Really hoping someone has actually solved the issue or Adobe monitors this, and fixes the issue. It's been going on for months, since back in CC 2018.



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    ADOBE PREMIUM PROをインストールし使用しようとしたのですが、作成している動画をやソースの動画の音声が聞こえません







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    Have done that and still not working, same error message.

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    exported in cineform.  still have stitch lines. no idea how to fix this very frustrating

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    No luck so far, looks like everything is updated.

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