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    Hi MyerPj,


    Thanks for the quick response.


    1. Interesting. I downloaded the PDF today from the link provided in the first message in this thread. My says, "Last updated 4/13/2018" so you clearly have a newer version.


    2. I'm not disputing what the program does. I'm just pointing out an error in the manual. Can you confirm that, despite the differences in page number, do my quotes from it match your manual?


    3. Where does the manual say, "If you leave the Fixed effects at the default values with no keyframes, then they wont be used."


    4. If you do change the Fixed effect values, then what happens a Standard effect intersect with the same aspects of the clip?


    5. Where can I get the latest version of the manual?


    I've been writing software for about 45 years and it is my passionate belief that an application can be no better than the documentation that describes how to use it. But I could be wrong.





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    Hey Rob,


    Here's the link to the newer manual:

    Premiere Pro CC manual (PDF)


    I've had that on my PC for some months now, but I was trying to get the current version on my phone and tablets but I couldn't find it again, looking at the 'normal' places I thought it would be.


    Also, you can get there like this:

    Premiere Pro CC (the main forum page for PP)


    Click the link Premier Pro User Guide:

    About half way down the HTML help guide is a link to the latest version PDF.


    Let us know that answer to some of your points above!

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    Premiere Pro CC 2018 ntdll.dll error


    I have a problem with running the program.

    this error content appears

    Has anyone already had similar problems?

    my operating system is Windows 7




    Problem event name: APPCRASH

       Application name: Adobe Premiere Pro.exe

       Application version:

       Application time stamp: 5b34ba17

       The name of the module with the error: ntdll.dll

       Module version with error: 6.1.7601.24335

       Module timestamp with error: 5c268115

       Exception code: c0000005

       Exception offset: 0000000000027a6d

       Operating system version: 6.1.7601.

       Regional settings identifier: 1045

       Additional information 1: b542

       Additional information 2: b542453d9fbc18beb6c8b18272016eaf

       Additional information 3: a6c4

       Additional information 4: a6c4a2a2b1cc1d42b51978cd05bb281f



      Nazwa zdarzenia problemu: APPCRASH

      Nazwa aplikacji: Adobe Premiere Pro.exe

      Wersja aplikacji:

      Sygnatura czasowa aplikacji: 5b34ba17

      Nazwa modułu z błędem: ntdll.dll

      Wersja modułu z błędem: 6.1.7601.24335

      Sygnatura czasowa modułu z błędem: 5c268115

      Kod wyjątku: c0000005

      Przesunięcie wyjątku: 0000000000027a6d

      Wersja systemu operacyjnego: 6.1.7601.

      Identyfikator ustawień regionalnych: 1045

      Dodatkowe informacje 1: b542

      Dodatkowe informacje 2: b542453d9fbc18beb6c8b18272016eaf

      Dodatkowe informacje 3: a6c4

      Dodatkowe informacje 4: a6c4a2a2b1cc1d42b51978cd05bb281f

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    I have downloaded a sound file from youtube's audio library onto my computer, it plays fine through window's inbuilt music player and all other sound works perfectly fine. But when I bring it into premiere, none the the audio plays and i have tried multiple different audio files. I have done the whole audio hardware thing but it won't play through my speakers or streamer (basically headphones), the audio meter is registering sound, all volume is turned up, nothing is muted, I've checked the audio track mixer and all of that is registering and turned up. I'm pretty new to premiere and ive read through countless forums to try and solve this and i would really appreciate someone' help, thanks.

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    I spent the day meticulously trying all options of opening 12.1.2 and 13.0.1 projects in 13.0.2 and found the results to be unpredictable. 

    13.0.2 sometimes opened 12.1.2 and 13.0.1 problems with no problem and sometimes it hangs.  Sometimes importing the problem project into a new 13.0.2 worked sometime not.  The only thing that consistently works is 13.0.1.

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    Hi MyerPj,


    Thanks for the link to the newer manual. It does have the same wording as the older one so I think there is a mistake in both manual. I'll submit a bug report and maybe it'll get fixed in the next version ... maybe.


    By the way, the new manual does have a section describing the Wave Warp effect, which is what sent me on this quest in the first place. So thanks again.





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    I have just opened a new project to work on something different and the video file's audio won't play, but again. the meters are registering sound

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    Search bar at the top of to find and re-install the C runtime, or for ALL Windows help

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    Myer, thanks for posting the latest links.


    I completely missed that there was a revised pdf.


    I've used the archive page, which is STILL linking to the 4/13/18 version.


    Only the guide page links to the newest one.



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    I recently downloaded the 2018 premiere cc for my win 7. (It said that this wasnt the newest veraion because i needed win 10 for the newer version)


    I experienced the same problem when wanting to export in encoder.

    Another video was exported just fine so i dont really understand where is the difference between them, programwise..?


    Is my version have this bug?



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    Here were the last settings used I did the best I could taking screenshots and piecing them together so hopefully it all makes sense. I am not much of an experienced person in these programs I just use them for simple rendering so I don't really know what I am much doing other than it's not working the way I want it to work. All I have ever rendered previously were recorded videos.settings put together.png

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    This is happening to me too. Especially after updating Premiere Pro. Very frustrating esp being that I have a project due very soon.

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    This is mostly due to the program being updated. After doing some searching in the forums. The only recommendation Adobe has had so far is completing projects created in a specific PP version in that same version.  Don't bother to convert older version projects and continue in an updated version of PP, it shifts all the clips off by 3 seconds later for some dumb reason. You'll have to reinstall the version you started the project in and complete it in that.  Huge PITA.


    TLDR: Lesson learned, before updating PP to a new version, complete all projects you started in the old version first.  Start with a clean slate in the updated version.

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    In Media Encoder preferences, have you tried un-checking "import sequences natively" ?



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    Seeking media management and workflow advice.  I'm now teaching (at a new job/campus) media production with Adobe after years of Avid.  I've gone from a dedicated, self contained server system-that I more or less managed-to a campus wide Adobe license situation, where students edit on HP all in one systems which are ALSO used by other students in open computer lab rooms.  So no dedicated server system.  My current approach is to have the students purchase an external USB 3.0 drive, at least 7200rpm, and I have them import their media using the ingest/copy method.  We shoot mostly prosumer AVCHD. 


    My goal is to have them be able to have everything they need to edit on their external drive.  They could be editing on any one of several dozen standalone workstations, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this.  After a trial and error semester last fall, my idea is to have them make just one master project and then have a dedicated bin for particular edits.


    So far I have not had them transcode to an intermediary editing codec upon import, but I am open to that option.  FWIW so far, the HPs seem to handle editing AVCHD well enough.  We're not doing terribly complex edits.


    So if I have them get a decent enough external drive, have them ingest/copy, and set the project (and all other options) to that same drive, is that a solid approach?  The issue is that I don't want them to save anything to the local workstation drive, as they are "open to the public" and get cleaned out by our IT department on a regular basis.  This workflow also at least creates a copy of their footage on the edit drive (possibly not ideal, I know) and it keeps their SD card(s) and raw footage "safe" unless they lose the card (such stories!).


    I also collect their drives and grade/review projects at home using my own copy of PP.


    What am I missing?  I tried this workflow last semester, but I often wound up with media offline issues.  I think I can trace most of those back to user issues (SD card staying in the system, student uses media browser to edit w/o actually importing, etc.) but I wonder if I have a hole in the workflow. 


    Coming from a dedicated Avid/Editshare system, I'm trying to wrap my head around how I can best work in my new environment.


    Any guidance is greatly appreciated.  I've almost cured the 23 years of Avid muscle memory

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    Not a common problem, and almost always due to the local setup of the computer. The "Adobe does not care" comment is rather odd on this issue.


    First, often times one doesn't have the Timeline panel selected when hitting Ctrl(Cmd)/M or going to the menu for File/Export.


    Second, screen scaling can cause issues. 125% especially but 150% at time is also a problem.


    So working through potential issues is key.



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    This bug began in the 2017 version, so yes, exists in 2018 (and 2019 so far through 2019.0.2).


    Keep in mind:


    The bug at issue affects only burn in captions in AME. So workaround 1 is export from PR; do not queue to AME.

    Workaround 2 is to set the preferences in AME to "import sequences natively."


    Inconsistent results may indicate that you forgot to set the captions tab in the export dialogue.

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    Have not experienced this. Out of curiosity are you using a Master Clip control on these clips?


    You can also grade one clip, select/copy attributes then select all other similar clips and right-cick/apply attributes.


    Oh ... another question  ... is this during playback or also in exports?



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    I change the Master Red Settings of these clips, but the lumetri effect is applied on an adjustment layer over the top of my sequence.


    I don't think it happens in the render, only preview.... but I'll confirm tonight.

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    I haven't had luck searching for this elsewhere, but I would like a graphic present in a video I'm making to not only track a certain point on the screen (something I know how to do), but also act as if it is on a lower layer, and certain objects in the video to cover it when the cross the graphic. Essentially, when something in the video would cross or intersect the graphic, I want it to cover it as if the video were the upper layer of a Photoshop mask. However I want it to do this when the object that crosses the graphic is slightly changing shape since its coming toward the camera, and I don't want the graphic to be covered by everything because then you can't see it.


    Is there a way to make this happen? My initial solution would be to somehow make a video layer of just the portion of the video that will cover the graphic, and use that run that concurrently with the video, on a layer above the graphic. But I want to know if that is even a possibility, or there's a method I'm missing since I'm inexperienced with Premiere.


    Thanks for any help

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