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    My Teranex system is only HD I'm afraid.


    Snell do a software version of the Alchemist but it is about £10000 and the hardware needed to run would cost about the same.


    Alchemist File Base Model single license

    0 0 slow respons so I recreated the whole shebang from scratch. Works perfectly, but time consuming...


    All good here

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  • 01/11/19--02:06: Re: lumetri looks off screen
  • Hi mikkie bw77906322,


    Sorry for the display issue. 

    What is the percentage selected in Scale and Layout  > Change the size of text, apps, and other items in System Settings > Display

    Change it to 100% and see if it is set to a different number.


    Please let us know the status. 




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    Hi, try this :

    -backup your prproj file or duplicate it

    -unzip your prproj file

    -open the extracted file with Notepad++

    -search for <RelativePath> and <FilePath>

    -change directly there to the adequate path

    -make a "search and replace" (all)


    -recompress to gzip format

    -open in PP


    Hope that works

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    Hello, since the last update of Premiere Pro, I have an error message that appears: "Can not find the video player module".
    I updated my graphics card, checked administrator rights, tried to go back to the previous version, uninstalled and reinstalled ... nothing works!What must I do now ?

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    Sometimes when I have trouble opening a project I try to import the project into a new empty project.

    9/10 times this solves my issues

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    Hi Kevin,


    sorry, I have been busy with other projects and did not get back to this.


    I think I understood and gave it a go


    It worked fine, thank you. I just need to make sure in the future that the talent does not move around too much when talking.

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    R Neil Haugen

    unfortunately I am not using any calibration software.


    I think it happened after the macOS Mojave Update... But on my Macbook Pro is the same problem and on this one is still the old OS version.


    I have already tried all of your recommendations but nothing satisfied me.. It's not the same as usual and it's really hart to get that look I want.


    Do you think on Final Cut this won't happen?

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    Recently bought a new Mac, installed Creative Cloud, added my keyboard preferences in Premiere Pro, added a custom bin in effects to save all my favourites. Everytime I start Premiere, I now need to go back and select my keyboard, and my custom bin isn't there; it opens on the standard Premiere Pro keyboard. How can I make Premiere open directly onto my personal keyboard preferences? The only thing that does seem to register is the workspace template.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi everyone


    Since the latest update, we've had problems playing back clips that have a slow zoom added using keyframes in the scale attribute.


    Once we've added a start and end keyframe and adjusted the scale, it doesn't playback correctly when previewing on the timeline. Instead of slowly zooming across the clip as we have set, the scale jumps right at the start of the clip.


    Everything exports fine so we know it's working. Any ideas? It's a bit of a pain.





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    Hello !


    i pay 11 euros 99 per month for photoshop + lightroom subscribtion, i would like to add premiere pro to it, do i have to take a subscribtion for all applications ?


    i'm kinda confused because i think i've seen two price for all the appplications, one was 50 euros something and the other is 35,99€ per month, which one is the real one ?


    can i cancel anytime if i take the monthly one ?


    because i got tricked last time with the 10 pictures free from adobestock, i took them and didn't cancel at time and got engaged to pay it every month for a year. kinda sad about it !


    thank you for your reply !

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    Screenshot (30).png


    much help would be appreciated !


    recently i had to reset my workspace to saved layout because i double clicked on a panel which got rid of the rest and i didn't know how to get them back. when i reset the workspace, this blue line appeared on the source line. when I drag the video into the timeline it only allows the section of the blue line to be put on the timeline !! how do i fix this and get rid of the blue ine !!

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    You can make your sequence in 25p and insert your 30p ( 29,976 I presume ?) and make your editing.

    Or simply make your sequence 30p, make your editing and in the export settings, just choose 25p.

    As simple as that. Let us know.

    Yes, you can do it but it will look bad. Static shots will look kind of ok, shots with motion with or without camera pans will look really bad. If the footage is intended for broadcast, just forget about going from 30p/29.97 to 25p by just exporting as 25p. If you are experienced and know what to look for you will spot the differences directly. There is a reason to why there are hardware converters and the pricetag the have.


    To the TS:

    Find a Postproduction house with hardware converters and let them do the job for you.

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    Hi Rachel,


    Try clearing in/out points


    Right click on that blue line and select Clean in and out.



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    for some reason it went back to normal when i reopened it ! thanks for the help anyways ! i feel so stupid haha

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    If you are talking about your custom keyboard shortcuts, they are saved in a .kys file. You may have to place this .kys file in the correct folder. With new versions of Premiere Pro, a new folder is created (i.e. 12.0 and 13.0).

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    Snehak, did you solve that problem somehow? I just got provided a seperate avc and dtshd track for a logo animation and the first pages on Google are pretty much just forum threads which ended with some smart person recommending to use Google. 

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    Version 12.1.2.

    So many issues with the captions - editing them wouldn't work, then I re-uploaded them into my timeline and I could finally make edits that would save (with the exception of alignment - centering it never seems to work especially when I've made the caption two lines - it always left aligns which looks pretty crappy... I also don't see any options for adjusting line spacing).


    I think at this point making captions line by line in Photoshop is more ideal...

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    Hmyeah, but that's not the only problem. Basically all of my preferences are formatted each time I quit premiere pro. Project settings, preferences, custom bins etc...

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    There are problems...


    When making captions/subtitles "by hand" to be burned in, rather than with using the captioning tool, you can use the Essential Graphics as titles. If the goal is burning in, the quality is better.

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