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    Thanks Riklard - I was answering to Richard above in the thread.


    I've tried the 'simple transcoding' workflow you mentioned here, but the 25P output comes out jittery on pans and fast action.


    Not sure if there are extra settings that can fix that? thanks Alex

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    Hi, try this. Be sure that you don't have any extra media on your timeline taht you don't want to include.

    Erase the selection with Alt + X if you are on Mac. Try to export now.

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    I tried that, and it still crashes everytime i press the playback button, i cant even export my files out.

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    Generaly, depending on the codec you are using, you can use VBR 2 passes and choose a target bitrate a lot more higer thant the average bitrate. Usefull for fast action. Other than that, There is the compression keyframes that can impact by reducing the distance between them. Let us know if anything get better.

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    Premiere Community,


    I just shot a project with my Sony a6500 and upon importing the footage, I have noticed some intense yellow horizontal banding that has occurred. The bands move up the screen as the footage plays.


    After doing some initial research on YouTube, it seems this problem is caused when you shoot in a room with certain lights (i.e. Tungsten) and the shutter speed is too high and isn't matching up with the lights.


    Is there any possible way to fix this in Premiere, perhaps using color correction? I found this video by DSLR Video Shooter, where we fixes the issue in Final Cut Pro: DSLR Episode #6: How to Remove Horizontal Band Lines from DSLR Footage on Vimeo . Looking for to apply a similar method perhaps, but in Premiere obviously.


    Can anyone help? See image below.



    Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 10.45.07 PM.png

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    30p to 25p? that's pretty brutal. if you want smoothness, you can try premiere's optical flow framerate conversion or find a terranex or alchemist od.


    frame change help is at bottom of page.

    Optical Flow Time Remapping - Tips & Tricks for Best Results | Adobe Blog

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    Thanks Chris - pardon the lack of knowledge, is there a software solution to the transcoding (4K)? Many thanks Alex

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    I recently ran into this same issue and I have the fix below ...




    Premiere Pro Audio Issue FIX SOLVED - YouTube

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  • 01/10/19--21:22: Re: Wormhole effect...
  • Any Idea's? As you can tell the second picture looks cool..but it has no color and is faded. The last two pictures has the wormhole effect that I am looking for, but give me your honest opinion on how it looks? I was trying to create a gateway effect that I would run into, but it looks to much like its artificial? At least the shadowy one looks more actual (even though that isn't the effect I was going for) I didn't want to just use static.

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    both premiere and alchemist od are software based. teranex is hardware based. all of them can do 4k framerate conversion.

    as for transcoding, you'd have to be more specific what your needs are. adobe media encoder can encode to lots of formats and premiere now supports ingesting and exporting prores.


    if you're doing a pure framerate conversion and not changing the speed of the video, then you don't need to worry about the sound as it can just be passed through unchanged which is what it sounds like you want, as you seem to put playback smoothness as your highest priority. As for motion artifacts, alchemist od and teranex do errors mapping so are higher quality in post, but, then again, premiere's framerate converter built in, is free.

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  • 01/10/19--21:40: Re: WMVCORE.DLL is missing
  • works on me. premiere cc 2015. windows 10 x64

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    No. The program has very specific uses it makes of the computer resources. You cannot change that.


    For playback purposes one uses dropping the playback in the program monitor to lower resolution,  using Cineform proxies, and rendering previews.



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    Chris - thank you very much for the reply. I wish to transcode master files of 30 minute 4K NTSC television programs to PAL in broadcast quality. The QC of the client is very strict and I wish to deliver the best quality from our workstation without having to resource third outside parties that are very costly. Basically looking for a high quality software solution that will do the trick.


    We have tried Twixtor, but it generates a cross-dissolve frame in between hard cuts that is unacceptable.


    Please let me know your thoughts - greatly appreciated. Best Alex

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    I mistakenly created two libraries with the same name. How do I edit or delete a library?




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    This still does not answer the original question, which was... why did Adobe remove the ability to keep multiple installations of a given application installed?  We know older versions of applications can be installed; that wasn't the question.  The question was asking why we can no longer keep multiple versions of applications installed concurrently.

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    I have trashed preferences with no success. I am now busily recolouring my labels... (honestly, cerulean???)

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    First image is clip info, second image is sequence info.

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    Im using MacOS High Sierra Vs. 10.13.6


    My project crashed after an error saying Error parsing properties popped up. I tried reopening my project and the copy i saved and it crashes every time i open it.  I restarted creative cloud, my computer, uninstalled and reinstalled premiere and it crashes every time i open it still. I open an auto save from 5 minutes before it crashed but it has none of my work that I had done today.


    I looked in the forums and followed steps but nothing is working and I don't want to have to redo the 5 hours of work i did.


    Pls help


    Moderator: Moved from Adobe Creative Cloud to Premiere Pro CC

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    Hi Shortend,


    Click on the panel settings button and choose Delete "Library name".

    Please let us know the status after trying.




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