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    I use Premier Pro and Rush. At first, obviously there was no problem. But now the sound and video aren't synchronized. The sound comes out right, but the video repeats for a few seconds. I thought it was a video problem. The same thing happens when I try different video. The same thing happens for both application and desktop versions. I posted on YouTube.

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    Thanks, Vidya.  I did the changes you suggested and I didn't see a change.  BUT.... I deleted the current Lumetri Color effect from both clips and applied Lumetri Color again with different settings.  It seems I no longer get the solarization effect anymore. Everything seems to be working OK now.   Maybe it was something in one of the settings.  Thanks.

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  • 01/09/19--05:45: Atualização CC 2019 BUG
  • Atualizei o CC 2019 Premiere e After e dancei. O Dynamic Lynk não funciona. Estou com problemas no áudio na timeline. Dar preview  é impossível.  Minha máquina é dedicada para Motion Graphics e virou uma carroça após a atualização CC 2019.


    Intel I7 4790K 4.00

    RAM: 32gm 1866

    Win 10 Pró

    HD Sistema: SSD 456gb

    HDs arquivos: SSD 256gb

    MB: AZUS Maximus Hero VII

    Vídeo: GTX 970


    Enfim. A atualização acabou com minhas edições.

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    Yes, I know the difference, that's why I said it's something different ;o)

    And no, actually, consolidating does not the same thing.

    "Collect files" collects all (original) files and just puts them into a new folder. Which is quite useless anyway (only for people who are messy probably hehe)

    Consolidating just takes the actual edits, so cuts the original file in small pieces, so you only have the actual footage that you used in the edit. By itself it doesn't necessarily even mean transcoding (you can if you want).

    Aaaanyway, thanks and peace out.

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  • 01/09/19--05:50: Re: AUDIO PROBLEM
  • Does your sound card have some sort of auto levelling selected on its output?

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    Hey Emilyy9561681,


    I got the same problem today. Weird that it's still not fixed in Adobe since it's the built in screen recorder for Mac. I found that the Stream / Convert function (Shift + Cmd + S) in the VLC player did the trick. I converted my files to "Video H.264 + MP3" No errors when importing to Premiere (Pro CC 2019).

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  • 01/09/19--05:55: Re: Weird trouble PP CC 2019
  • I'm on Windows 10 latest version.
    Latest GPU drivers.
    Also latest CC version also tried 2 older versions no succes.
    Removed everything from adobe cleaned everything and re-installed everything.

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    Hi Vidya,


    Thank you for helping. A friend previously suggested I should change that setting.


    But I don't have the option to change the rendering-setting. It's locked on "Mercury Playback Engine Software Only". (Se attached image).




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    Thank you!  I was using the export frame button on the source monitor instead of the program monitor.  Problem solved.

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    That is helpful, I'm just not entirely sure how it happened. I opened up a project one day and it was all out of whack.


    I did figure out a somewhat fix this morning. I went into my autosave files and found the last one that wasn't corrupt and resaved this version. they're not all 100% where I left off but much better than starting over.

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    Hi Kevinh,

    Real time playback has been an issue for me since 2017 version of Premiere.

    To cut a long story short, I have had numerous remotes with Adobe and eventually they admitted there was a bug as the Adobe rep was having same issue........... Yellow Line (timeline) is dropping frames on even the most basic of cross dissolves. And that is just MP4 H264 footage!

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    Trashing preferences might do the trick.

    If not make a new project and import this one.

    See how that goes.

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    I can't replicate your issue on my Mac running Mojave.

    It works as expected.


    Can you open the file in QuickTime Player?




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  • 01/09/19--07:36: Re: AUDIO PROBLEM
  • where i go for see this?

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    I recommend using hardware recorders for screen capture.  They record to industry standard formats and...just work.


    Products like the Ninja or Shogun series from Atomos and the HyperDeck series from Blackmagic Design, etc., are perfect for this type of thing.

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  • 01/09/19--08:21: Re: Weird trouble PP CC 2019
  • My first thought is take a look at Step 4D below.


    Unofficial Premiere Pro Troubleshooting Guide

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  • 01/09/19--08:21: Video problem
  • My problem is about video export. After export, my video is flickering. In Premiere nothing is shaking but when I open it in Media Player, frames are shaking, flickering. My export settings:

    Format: H.264

    Preset: Youtube HD 1080 29.97



    I submit my video with that problem in attachment.



    PS. My English is bad, sorry for mistakes

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    I'm a fan of the PNG format.  It's compatible with pretty much any program and uses lossless encoding.

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  • 01/09/19--08:25: Re: MTS files out of sync
  • Thanks Adobe for still not having this problem fixed. Something like this breaks your neck when you work under deadline pressure for clients. Who pays me for the hours of trouble shooting?


    It's poor that you don't even react to all these posts here. This problem is existing for one year now and you still did not fix it. That's just ignorant regarding your paying customers.


    I'll quit my Adobe account and go back to Avid for the next projects. I love Premiere, but what's a software worth if you cannot rely on it?!




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