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  • 01/13/19--17:13: Re: Import issues
  • I would say the Clip is corrupted, or the cache that are being created are corrupted.


    Are the same clips causing the problem every time? or does the problematic clips import correctly after restart?
    Try to manually delete the Cache folder.

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    I agree with Neil. Proxies are your best bet. You have to develop yourself a solid workflow, Even consider filming in Proxy mode, of course depending on what gear you are using to shoot

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    R Neil offers a great suggestion about  Your local library may provide access to it, including the lesson files.

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    If you're referring to the Time Display when you say "my timeline displays in frames", that's controlled at the project level, not the sequence level under File > Project Settings > General > Video > Display Format: Timecode or Frames.


    PR Project Settings - General - Video - Display Format.png

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    Hello Douglas,

    Very interesting discussion going on here

    In my humble opinion, the first thing that students need to learn about editing, is developing a solid workflow.
    Copying the contents and learning how to archive and backup is really essential.


    1- I would definitely copy everything from the Cards to the External, and that would be the only time they will ever need the cards in post. Double and triple check that everything has been copied correctly.


    2- Organize on the Drive before opening Premiere: Folder structure and filenames. Learn how to have a solid renaming structure for both files and project files. Usually I rely on sequences for different versions, and different versions of the project files are for backup and whenever a milestone is achieved.


    3- If for any reason (USB 3.0 connection included) they face stability and/or performance issues, Enter Proxies!



    When they learn how to properly organize themselves and how to fail-proof their editing experience, then comes the learning of actual editing

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    Hello, I have an interview where I want a lower third that goes across the entire bottom to the frame with names for three people. Problem is that the shape I have set as the background only sticks to the left of the frame. If I extend it out it cuts off after it gets to the center of the frame and won't extend over to the other side.


    Anyone know how to do this?



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    Use the effect Spherize.

    Jfry332155  wrote

    I tried to use the magnify effect and create a mask but it didn't do anything.

    Not sure what this means. Are you trying to restrict the enlargement to be constrained by a shape (the shape of the head, for example)?

    If so, duplicate the clip on the timeline so that there is a copy of the clip directly and in sync above the first clip. Apply the Spherize effect to the clip on the top track, then use the Opacity Mask for the clip to restrict the area of the effect as you wish.



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    Hi Ann, thank you! I can't do it for the whole project, its disable, but I can do it if I open a nest.

    I don't know what I did wrong, but I'm looking forward to know! Capture 2.PNG


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    Hi, thanks for replying.


    Yeah, just trying to make the head and eye bigger, I want the person to look distorted and out of proportion with the rest of their body.

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    So I downloaded some free lower third templates from miere/. When I went to install one of the templates (1_RS_Swiss) into Premiere (CC 2018, Version12.0.0), my program crashed.

    Now, I can't even click on the Essential Graphics tab without the program crashing on me, so I can't delete the faulty file (1_RS_Swiss) in the Essential Graphics. Even clicking the Effects tabs makes me crash. I deleted the template that I installed inside the Programs Files directory, but PP still reads it as being installed because its still in the Essential Graphics tab.


    When I tried to right click to attempt to delete 1_RS_Swiss, this error pops up: I tried to right click on the other folders in there and I was about to see the options to remove, move, or delete, but not for the 1_RS_Swiss.

    Please let me know what I can do.

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    Really not sure. Looking at a pic that worked and the ones that didn't and not seeing any difference. Glad things are working, even if I have to give up on those two elements for this video.

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    I have an 2011 iMac with an AMD Radeon HD 6970M graphics card. I'm getting the error that Adobe Premiere Pro CC "could not find any capable video play modules. Please update your video display drivers and start again."

    The "solution" I saw somewhere else about renaming the Adobe folders in Application Support, Documents, and Preferences does not work for me. Reboot didn't help.

    I'd really appreciate some help. I need to get the app installed right away.



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    I have run multiple versions of Premiere Pro on my system and I just started getting this error

    Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 11.24.23 PM.png


    My system slowly breaks down and I have to hard restart every time I see it. I have tried multiple fixes from this forum and none of them have worked for me. I'm wondering if I need to just wipe my system and start over.

    It will show up at random times after I have been editing for a while but it will show up quickly after I send a batch export or proxy job to AME.

    I would send a crash report but I don't know if I can grab one after a hard restart.


    Any help is much appreciated.

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    Thank you for the quick reply, John. Sadly those suggested solutions aren't working for me.

    I'm logged in to an admin account

    i've restarted the app and the computer

    I've reinstalled the app

    I've even unplugged my second monitor

    i don't have AVG antivirus installed

    ... Nothing I've tried works

    I'm on High Sierra 10.13.6 with all the latest security, etc. updates installed



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    If you have a CC membership (not single app) I would suggest opening those in Photoshop and saving as jpeg.



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    Please just drag/drop screengrabs onto your reply box for this forum rather than requiring people to click on a link outside this forum. Much quicker and easier and people will actually look at it.


    Go to your folders on disc for Pr cache and cache database files and with Pr closed, delete everything.


    Hold shift/alt when restarting Pr to trash preferences and see if you are able to work.



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    I've had similar headaches with the TC effect, but switching to "Mercury Playback Engine Software Only" fixes it for me.  It fixes a lot of other issues as well, particularly with transparency and track mattes, and probably others.  I wish everything worked with OpenCL, but that just isn't the case yet.

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    I clicked on "Start Trial" in Adobe's application manager and it seemed to run an installation of some sort... now Premiere fully launches without complaint.

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    So, in other words, it's the same like with photos, related to color profile?

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