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  • 01/13/19--13:58: Re: Lumetri Color Issue
  • A separate issue, but I've encountered Premiere hang/lock up on me twice now. :-\

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    All good points.  So far I'm not having them transcode, but I'm not ruling it out, either.  I'm having them export in the same format as the sequence (I think) which is similar to Avid's "Same as Source" exporting option(s).  So far I'm teaching just intro courses, so we barely scratch the surface of export options for different end user channels. 


    We're all PC so I don't need to worry about Mac compatibility, unless I have a student with a Mac that wants to edit with that.  Ran into the ExFat issue a few times last semester, so now I know to scope that issue out early.


    Good info on the font library, thanks!  It has been an adjustment for me coming from Avid, which usually treats text as another asset, once it is created.

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    Ok I looked in Sequence > sequence settings and I found this:


    sequence settings.JPG


    But now my timeline displays in frames.  It didn't before opening sequence settings but it does now that I have opened sequence settings. 


    I tried it in a previous project too and the same thing happened. 


    However, if I select 60.00 frames/second it does set things up exactly how I wanted it to be. 

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    I like this idea. It's much like Microsoft Word telling you how much editing time you've spent on a document, or my favorite online screen writing tool which divides up your "thinking" and "writing" time ...



    ...depending upon the location of your cursor. I do think insight into the total editing time of a project would be really helpful when it's billing time!

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    You should really start a new thread for this, but please include plenty of detail of how you're exporting (including presets or custom settings) what you're using to play back the file that's not working, any errors you're seeing when the file doesn't play back, and screenshots of settings or your media player's info panel.


    You should have no trouble doing something like choosing one of the YouTube presets then playing the exported file back in QuickTime X or VLC Player.

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    Me is not really designed to convert VFR to CFR. Handbrake does it quite well, and is the main and really only tool recommended for that task "around here".



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    Warren's comment said first to change the time base to 60. Starting there, the other fields change and the user would need to make sure the end results were what was wanted.


    So you are learning  .... there are so many steps to editing with a complex pro NLE. I do recommend a subscription to someplace like learning for at least a month or two of studying the tutorial programs of a couple different editors to learn basic operational skills in Pr.


    This will save you an immense amount of time fiddling.



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    You don't show any LUT or Look having been applied.


    What did you apply, and where? Creative or Basic tab? An included one or one you made or acquired? If not an included one, where do you have it stored on disc?




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    Hi Neil,


    There was one applied but I tried to go back to None to see if the error would stop but still it crashes shortly after that.


    I'm using the creative tab as opposed to the basic tab. It's one of the PolarPro packs that you can buy and I have it stored in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019\Lumetri\LUTs\Creative





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    HDR is a much broader color space especially for tonality. The number of data levels for brightness of the media is crucial.


    Your SDR ... is that 10-bit or 12-bit media? If 8-bit, you have 256 levels between black point and white point. HDR needs more levels than the 8 bits of so much SDR media. So expanding 8 bits ... 256 levels... onto a sequence needing say 580 levels minimum means you will likely have significant banding issues for 8 bit clips.


    In most usage, according to say the information provided by Light Illusions (company that provides most of the calibration gear and software for colorists)  ... the actual intent of HDR is NOT so much a brighter image overall, but the ability to retain detail in brights well above SDR media.


    Much HDR media professionally produced is not that much "brighter" in the middle values. There are more details in shadows and whites.



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    thanks for the great explanation.


    video are in 8 bits h264, some are on 8 bits DNxHD, some are in 10 bits DNxHD. and even fewer are in Rec2020 x265.


    this is a Barker channel and we want to showcase video in HDR to promote our HDR channel.

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    I don't know about that company's LUTs, and some can be problematic.


    And those should NOT be put there, period.


    I'm on my phone so I can't post the chart. Go to the Help system for Pr, and search for LUT location. They have a chart showing the folder tree system you go through. At the end of that you add two folders, Technical and Creative. Park your LUTs for Basic tab in Technical and Creative tab in Creative.


    Relaunch Pr, and those will now appear in both appropriate dropdown lists in alphanumeric order and can be scrolled in the Creative tab preview window.


    And AfterEffects and Media Encoder will both know exactly where they are also.


    Add "1" or "A" before them in the name and yours will be first.



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  • 01/13/19--15:47: Import issues
  • Hello there,


    i have a strange issue wirh some imports. Sometimes after importing a random clip the window of the timeline stops working, e.g. I can't move the timemaker respectively I can move it but it stands still on its place. Furthermore i can't do anything in the timeline, no cutting, no clipmoving, nothing.

    Everything works fine after deleting the imported clip from the currently open project.


    It occurs random on some clips. I tested out starting a new project, the clip worked but another clip caused the problem.


    Does anyone know this problem?

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  • 01/13/19--15:54: Make heads and eyes bigger
  • In Premiere Pro CC 2017, how can I make someone's head and eyes bigger?  For example, a person in a video looking at the camera, not much movement, just a little bit.  I tried to use the magnify effect and create a mask but it didn't do anything.

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    Hi Neil,


    Thanks for the information. i trashed the preferences as you recommended, I had already cleared the cache, I rebooted and tried opening in another project. None of these helped. I had a thought before but hadn't acted on it. By you saying a file was corrupted I decided to go back to open an auto save that was prior to the issues and that file was fine. Due to the issue happening so quick I knew what I had added last before the issue started. It was two still images. I had tried to delete them and that didn't help. But going back before I added them did. When I tried to add them again, the issues started again. Not sure why these two images are creating these issues. They are from Google Photos, have used pics from this source since Mac and a lot of them before the Mac and never had an issue. I have another issue in this video from Google Photos and it is fine.




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  • 01/13/19--16:25: Re: Import issues
  • More information needed for someone to help... please click below and provide the requested information


    -Premiere Pro Video Editing Information FAQ

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    The 8 bit DNxHD might not be too ... bad, but I would worry about 8 bit H.264.


    I can't see any way not to have banding with that media, stretching highly compressed H.264 256 levels across 500 nits or better against 10 bit media  ... so best wishes.



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    Wonder what the file structure is for those. But glad you got it sorted.



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  • 01/13/19--16:45: Re: Import issues
  • How are you importing them?



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    Although the following info might be accurate, but it happened to me a couple of times. If your system is bottle necking at the storage, the CPU tends to work harder.


    I would never suggest to put anything on the C drive besides the OS and the software. Not footage, not media, not projects, not cache, Nothing.


    Make sure that all your working files are elsewhere, even if on a 3.0 USB external drive. Ditch the NAS for now and for the purposes of this test. Try to work with about 10 media files placed on an external and connected through 3.0 or 3.1 USB. Also the project files and the cache folder should be on that external. And let me know if the performance is better that way.


    Additionally, If several systems are connected on the NAS, I suggest to always create proxies on local systems and work of proxies while keeping the originals on the NAS. Of course, as mentioned many times, the Proxies, along with project files and Cache folders should NOT be on the C drive.

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