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    Do you mean the audio is maxed out at 1000%?

    Because I can speed up the clips to 10.000% in premiere and still hear the audio in preview. Thou its more like a high pitched noise I would still like to use it in the rendered version of the video.

    I can try to speed up a clip to, lets say, 800% then export it, import it again and then speed it up. Perhaps the audio will remain then? But it seems like a lot of work for something that should be integrated in Premiere

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    Open Adobe Stock on the internet and click on libraries.....


    Edit: as of now the only way to make new library is in Ps?

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    PS: I just noticed the hanging only happens in editing, not in assembly, effects, etc. It stops as soon as I remove the timeline when in editing, and then in assembly I put it back in and there everything works fine. It's getting even more confusing this way :s

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    Yes known issue, seen this on my system also.

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    How can I get this effect? Is that done with the blend mode? I tried to search on Youtube but I couldn't really find the answer.




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    Hi Ashley

    There is another open question with this same issue with steps that you could try here:


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    As Ann said do half the speed change, nest and the do the rest. This issue also happens if you slow a clip down a lot.

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    If you have it, this would be best done in After Effects using a camera move.

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    Hi all


    I've just installed a trial of Premiere Pro as iMovie doesn't seem able to do what I want to achieve. I have looked at some tutorials and read some guides but haven't been able to find quite what I'm looking for, so hopefully somebody here can help.


    The situation is that I have two images, one in outline and one in colour, and I want to transition between the two using an overlay. My overlay clip is a running ink video with black ink on a white background. I want the overall effect to be that the clip starts with the outline version of the image, and then the colour version of the image runs across the outline like the pouring ink.


    I have been able to add the outline image to the timeline and add the running ink transition clip over the top of it. I have made it an overlay, but it lightens the image beneath it where the white background is and darkens it where the black ink is, rather than making the ink clip transparent where the white background is. So my first problem is that I can't work out how to adjust the overlay effect so that the white background will be completely transparent.


    My second problem is that I can't work out how to make the black ink of the overlayed transition clip show the colour version of the image. If this is not possible then I guess I could export the clip with the black ink pouring over it and then reimport that as an overlay on top of the colour image and make the black part transparent, but I would rather not have to do that unless it's necessary.


    If anyone could point me in the right direction with this I would really appreciate it. Many thanks in advance!

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    I have updated nVidia drivers, I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling them, still nothing

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    I am trying to open a Premiere Elements 2018 project in PremPro CS6. It fails withe the message that the project is probably damaged and cannot be opened.


    Opening an autosaved-file gives the same message.


    I have cleared my media cache, but no luck.


    The project still opens allright in Premiere Elements


    In my earlier attempts (before clearing the cache) I also got a complaint about  a object-tracking filter it couldnt find.


    Any help?

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    Hi, i have a question about removing the notifications of some programs from a recorded video , while keeping the background in tact.

    You can see what I'm talking about in the below picture , i want to remove that notification , so everything behind it seems like the original , like that notification was never there and the "50" can be seen whole.

    Is there a way to do this any help would be appreciated.



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    Just a little progress update. I changed the blend mode of the pouring ink clip to colour dodge, and this caused the coloured version of the underlying image to appear within the ink, on a white background. The image "pours" onto the white background as it should. However, I am unable to make the white background transparent in order to show the outlined version at the bottom of the "stack" of clips. I tried adding a colour key effect to both the pouring ink clip and the topmost of the two images to see if this would reveal the image below, but it did not. The background just stayed white.

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    Ok, thanks for your answers. I was hoping there was another way

    But I will do it it like you suggest  

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    Hi has999777,


    removing that probably won't be possible. You could try blurring out the notification for the duration it shows
    (which should be only a few seconds).


    You can turn these notifications off completely by following these steps:

    • Hit ALT+Z to open the 'Geforce Share' overlay
    • Click the 'Gear' icon to open the 'Settings' menu
    • Under 'Notifications', tick off any notifications that you want to deactivate

    That should get rid of it in future recordings.


    Kind Regards,

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  • 01/13/19--05:24: Re: Can't export project
  • Hi martinv,

    We're sorry for your issue. I understand that every time you try to export your project, Premiere Pro crashes.


    Which version of Premiere Pro are you using?

    What are your system specifications [OS(with version)RAM, GPU, Processor etc]?

    Do you get any crash report or log that you can share with us?

    Did you try resetting the preferences as mentioned by Mtd?


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    Which program is this?

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    Please post screenshots or video of the issue. This ink overlay what it it exactly: is it black/white, does it have transparency or what...

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    Sure! Here is the "outline" image, which the clip should start off with:



    Here is the "coloured" image, which the clip should end up as:




    Here's a frame from the ink overlay. It's an opaque white background, and the ink (which animates in from the top of the frame and spreads to fill the whole frame) is black. There is no alpha as far as I can tell.


    Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 13.39.13.png

    Here's what I've got so far. As you can see, the "coloured" image bleeds in as per the ink overlay, but the white background does not show the "outline" image behind it, despite adding a colour key effect with white as the key colour.

    Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 13.41.56.png

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    Yes, precisely. The final clip should start with the baby completely visible but with only the outline of the tattoo showing (i.e. the first picture I posted above). Then the colour of the tattoo should spread across in the pattern of the ink overlay.

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