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  • 01/12/19--12:08: Re: lumetri looks off screen
  • This isn't just an issue of scaling ... it's stupid UI design. And ... I have talked with the engineers at NAB ... and said the same thing "live" to them.


    I use a two-monitor setup, neither scaled. The lower is my wide-screen UI monitor, the upper, second, is only transmit-out Mercury of the program monitor. NOT nearly as wide.


    With my Lumetri panel set as I like it, being as I use a Tangent Elements control panel rather than mouse, Pr "recognizes" there is a screen above it and pops that drop-down UP- as you note.


    Into ... NOTHING.


    There is no screen "up" there ... it is off to the right of my 'confidence' monitor space. And there is no freaking way to get to the items above the bottom seven on a what, thirty item list?


    So I MUST drag the Lumetri panel several inches to the left, to take up more screen space so it can mess up my transmit monitor with the many lines of that stupid drop-up box.


    This is a recent change, it makes NO SENSE whatever given that of ALL the many drop-down boxes of Pr, only what ... two? ... drop "UP"!


    Yea, I'm a bit ticked by that behavior myself. Messes up both my monitors.


    Wes Howell ... I'll be mean and drag you into this ... is there a real need for those two drop-downs to drop "up"? Could you get an answer on that?



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    This workaround is becoming very tedious. Is there a fix yet to make it go back the way it used to be?

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    Thanks for providing that info ... I always love to study the different ways people work! I'll have time to watch that a bit later today.



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  • 01/12/19--12:27: Re: Trimm videos?
  • You can use the Project Manager (File > Project Manager . . .) to create the files to backup that are just the files you used in your sequence -




    a simple way to do it would be to load the 2 hour source clip into the source monitor, mark and In and Out point for the 15 seconds of material you want to use (make sure to give your self a couple of seconds of pad on both the in and out) then export that section to disc.

    Once exported, import that file you just exported into your project and use it in the edit - you can now delete the 2 hour source clip.

    When it is time to archive your work, make sure you include the file you created.



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    It is where web is helpfull share our experiences.

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    I hope not as I find it annoying.

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    Fixed in 2019.0.2. If not working for you in that version, let us know.

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    Didn't work for me to use media browser. Tried all forms of importing.  Using both Premiere Pro 2018 and 2019.  Cleared caches, tried new projects. All forms of importing a folder of videos crashes my premiere pro. =(

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    We manually select clips all the time. Why would we turn on the option to have the playhead autoselect as we scroll if it's just going to stop because we manually selected something.


    It worked perfectly fine before.

    They should revert this change.

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    Dpi means nothing in video: all that matters is height and width in pixels which are a bit odd in your case.

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    Fixed partially: panels now stick but don't keep the same dimensions: re scaling all the time

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    As I edit, the Lumetri effect applied in an adjustment layer (to make RedLogFilm video have a more final grade), sometimes loses it's mind and makes the colors of the video extremely cosmic.... kind of like it's being applied twice.  This comes and goes with no pattern I can discern.  Seems like a major impediment to using Premiere for any grading.


    Anyone know why this is and if there's a way to stop it?

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  • 01/12/19--13:04: Re: Unable to capture MiniDV
  • Thanks John! From my research, Exsate seems to be the best, most currently maintained option.  Thanks!

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    If your files have the full name with extension in the Premiere imported files view, just rename them and delete the extensions.

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    When I create/edit a project in Premiere on my Mac laptop, and then open the same project in premiere on my PC desktop computer, the footage within the sequence shifts forward in the timeline, and the beginning of the clip in the sequence is greyed out / blank. It messes up the edit and basically means that right now I can't work on the same project using both computers, though I really need to.


    This only happens with .MXF and .Mp4 files. Footage that is .MOV and .M2ts doesn't shift in the timeline.


    Premiere is the same version on both computers.


    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    You can simply press "D" (Select Clip at Playhead) when you are done working on your effect to go back to the clip. No extra clicks needed. I'm with Jim_Simon, I like the way it is working...

    jaydeen99056735  wrote

    This causes me to have to do an extra click on the clip I want to select to continue...

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    After the recent Premiere Pro update I've been unable to open it.

    I get this error every time, and I literally tried all steps found online.


    Latest Premiere Pro update

    I have the latest Nvidia 417.35 driver

    RTX 2070

    Intel i7 8700K

    Don't know if any more specs are necessary

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    Yes, curious to know your project settings and your export settings as well as any effects you are using. To me, it looks like a problem with the fine gradients used in the artwork.

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    Sorry, I thought Meg meant dpi. The dimensions came from the size of the illustrator artboards, which are in my case a4

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    Maybe next time pick a template that matches most video dimensions.

    How are you going to export this timeline, what is the end destination.

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