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    I had the exact issue and for me it turned out to be my anti-virus (Bitdefender).  As soon as I disabled the anti-virus I was able to save normally on Premiere Pro.

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    Something weird is going on.  Markers on a multicam sequence work fine.


    Try Steps 2D, E and then F below, in that order, one after the other.


    Unofficial Premiere Pro Troubleshooting Guide

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    I sincerely doubt color is correct in internet browsers and wrong in both Davinci Resolve and Premiere Pro ... for a very simple technical reason: Resolve and Pr are attempting to actually use appropriate color space/profile "norms" to display the contents of that video file.


    The browsers don't care a crap about color tagging, spaces, or types.


    You are operating from a completely false starting assumption, pure and simple. If your display (monitor or TV) is not set up and calibrated to a norm, a standard, and then fed a signal intended to work with and through that standard, you cannot see the "correct" color ... period.


    No computer on the planet ... no monitor ... no TV ... shows "correct" color/tonality without specific setup on the part of the operator. And your iMac is set up to specifically break the norms, the standard, for pro video production. Your monitor is almost assuredly one of the P3 ones ... correct?


    That is a very different ... and far vaster ... color space than the video sRGB of Rec.709, which 98% or better of all current video media is created for within the cameras producing it. If you do not have a device to properly send video into that monitor, probably an external box by BlackMagic, AJA, or Kona ... you got a problem there.



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    Try Step 3D below and if that doesn't help, 3E.


    Unofficial Premiere Pro Troubleshooting Guide

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    Not as good grading result ...

    (All caps removed)


    Could you explain? Was it less good because of image quality or because of the small extra time to copy/paste attributes? Either way, it would be good to consider what was going on.



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    What are your Export Settings?

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    Color is correct in internet browser, QuickTime and iMovie

    I'm saying you can't know that because your signal chain is corrupted.  You may like the way it appears, but that's not the same thing.


    You have to get the image onto a calibrated display from a hardware player to ensure accurate viewing.

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    Thanks for all the input. I've tried about 1000 different things. I have a project I have to get done today so I'm just going to have to figure out something else.

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    I work with LUTs in Pr every day .. without issue. I use them less in the Basic tab's input slot, as realistically, any tech LUT for normalizing say LOG material should be processed following the application of the tonal controls in the Basic tab ... such tech LUTs are "built" carefully using the perfectly exposed, contrast, and color-balanced camera/lighting setups of precise studio work.


    Real media is never that precisely and tightly controlled, so as Van Hurkman and about everyone else (including camera manufacturer's) teach, you install a tech/conversion LUT in the viewing chain, then correct the media into that LUT with corrections prior to the LUT itself.


    In Pr, that means using the Creative tab slot, and using the Basic tab to make the necessary corrections to get a neutral tonal image through the LUT ... and ready for further work.


    This is how DaVinci Resolve works ... apply a LUT to a node, and it is applied after any corrections applied to that node.


    As slickly as multiple Lumetri instances work now, this isn't an issue. It's pretty easy to 'normalize' via the Creative tab's slot, use the Creative Tab's shadow/highlight "TINT" controls to do the color-balance/cast corrections, the rest of that instance to bring the clip into balance with others ... especially with the shotmatching step in the Color Wheels tab.


    Then use another instance of Lumetri if you need more corrections to a clip.


    Then another for "Look" purposes. Perhaps using another LUT/Look applied in that instance's Creative tab, modified with the intensity and other controls of the Creative tab.


    Not that Colorista isn't a particularly cool and effective tool ... with a nifty interface too! ...



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    Yes I am exporting to H.264


    Is there another format that would be faster and still high quality in 4k ?


    Will software encoding be faster than hardware encoding for a 10 hour long video, with my set up? 


    A desktop isn't an option for me as I live in an RV and have solar for my power system.  


    I could consider upgrading to a better CPU laptop possibly.  Do you know of one that won't break the bank?

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    problem is that lumetri or colorista don't work correctly with luts (when you want modify exposure it is more brightness than real exposure) it is why i use lutcalc or 3dlutcreator to do my corrections so as you can see adobe have to work before fight against Davinci resolve....

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    Create a new project, then import the problematic project into the new one.

    The solution quoted above DID NOT work for me.

    I imported a 12.1.2 project into a newly created 13.0.2 and it did not work.

    I also imported a 13.0.1 converted version of a 12.1.2 project into a new 13.0.2 project and it DID NOT work.


    The only solution that I can fine is to roll back to 13.0.1.


    Another troubleshooting step to try is to repair Adobe folder permissions.

    Adobe Remote Support did the folder permissions step and that did not resolve the problem.

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    So as recommended I updated my OS and added 16GB of RAM for a total of 32GB.

    After which PP 13.0.2 sill would not function properly opening a 13.0.1 converted HD project, a 12.1.2  HD project, or a 12.1.2 HD projected imported into a new 13.0.2 project.  As before it used all available RAM.  CPU was at 100 %.  It was completely unusable. It would still hang when closing the project.      Had to force quit.


    I am back to using 13.0.1.


    What is wrong with 13.0.2?

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  • 01/12/19--11:11: Trimm videos?
  • Hi, simple and straight noob question. If I use just 15 seconds from a 2h video, is there a way that I can save just that used portion of the video when backing up or something?



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    no i downloaded just a video from internet, then tried to move it from download folder to project folder

    but windows says its allready opened in premiere (even if it was never moved to premiere)

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  • 01/12/19--11:24: Re: 13.0.2 Slow Playback
  • tamaras35015672  wrote


    Adobe tech support told me today I need 32GB of RAM minimum and Mojave to run PP CC 2019 or I can roll back to 2018.



      Model Name: iMac

      Model Identifier: iMac17,1

      Processor Name: Intel Core i7

      Processor Speed: 4 GHz

      Number of Processors: 1

      Total Number of Cores: 4

      L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB

      L3 Cache: 8 MB

      Memory: 16 GB


    OS High Sierra 10.13.6

    So as recommended I upgraded my OS and added 16GB of RAM for a total of 32GB.  This action had no positive effect on PP 13.0.2.

    PP used 31GB of RAM and hung up.  CPU was at 100% just opening an HD project not playing, rendering or anything.   

    I also tried the suggestion of coping the project into a new 13.0.2 project but this did not work either.

    The only solution I have found is to roll back to 13.0.1.

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    If you're talking about the "Exposure" slider in the Basic tab ... that's a weird set of actions. Testing with a split image of a standard 20 part ramp and a box of sections at different levels I've made, on "increase" it's like combining a bit of Gamma correction-up (centered about 70% or so) with a Gain operation, in curves it's a very humped increase along with moving the White point up some ... and decreasing ... it's more like a standard Whites or Gain tool going down. Think taking the white point of a Curves panel, pulling down, all other data moving in a straight line black-to-white.


    Basic tab's "Black" control is more like wagging a dog's tail ... based (pivot point) at about 20 on the left-hand 0-100 scale. Another very odd tool.


    Color wheels give very standard Lift/Gamma/Gain response for Luma (tonality) sliders.


    I've communicated both at NAB and MAX and via "electronic means" with Program head through engineers on the weirdness of the Basic "Exposure" and "Black" controls. If enough people do, we may get better tools there.


    Other than that, the newer Lumetri with that nifty additional set of Curves ... and I've never been a big user of Curves ... is rather useful. Puzzling out a quick production workflow takes some testing and thinking, but then, learning to be quick in Resolve takes some testing and thinking also. So ... is it a big enough project to afford budget/time for the conform to Resolve? Or ... do you get by with Lumetri?



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  • 01/12/19--11:52: Re: Trimm videos?
  • Look in the help file to read about IN and OUT selection points on the timeline, and how you set to export the video between IN and OUT

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    Here is how i organise my pipeline under Premiere Pro: i have my basic lut (kojicolor2383) that i underexpose by third with lutcalc. my base lut is at 2000iso: first underexpose at 1400, second 1000 and third 800 iso, like that i have all exposure i need. i use colorista IV to not meet aleatory bug crash like i said with lumetri next for more complicate coloriste need i use lutcalc or 3dlutcreator to generate a special lut from my basic one (kojicolor2383) and apply it with colorista IV. For the moment it is my pipeline and it is secure. i don't want resolve pipeline it is not my taste. here a tutorial with lutcalc: Working with V Log footage in 3D LUT Creator and Adobe Premiere - YouTube

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  • 01/12/19--12:03: Re: Trimm videos?
  • Thanks for the reply, but maybe I was not 100% clear about my question.


    So, por exemple: I have a 2h video called birthday.mp4. I imported this vid to my project and used just 15 seconds. The moment where the child blows the candles, maybe.


    And just continue editing with other medias and so forth.

    My question is: When I backup the project is there a way that it only backs up the 15 seconds used and not the whole birthday.mp4.

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