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    Hi TamaraS,

    After I installed the 13.0.2 update on my mac Premiere Pro CC became unusable and eventually unresponsive. 


    If you updated your project file from the previous version, it might have issues. Create a new project, then import the problematic project into the new one. Same issue?


    Another troubleshooting step to try is to repair Adobe folder permissions. It won't harm, only help. Premiere Pro CC, CC 2014, or 2014.1 freezing on startup or crashing while working (Mac OS X 10.9, and later)


    Let us know if either of these things help. The tech is correct in stating that your system would work a lot better with 4K if you had more RAM and overall computer power, however, you should have acceptable performance with lower resolutions or even better, proxies. The recommended system requirements have been published for 4K here. Adobe Premiere Pro CC System Requirements



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    So I filmed a small clip from my iPhone every day for a year in 2018 and I’m editing it down to one second a day for a cool compilation/recap video. Everything was fine for the first 200 clips or so, however, randomly the footage started becoming very jumpy. By this I mean a clip will randomly restart to the beginning midway and will jump back and forth between different points in the clip in a very glitchy way. I cannot make edits Because the starting point ends up changing for each clip.   It’s Super frustrating and I’m not sure what to do. It’s so frustrating because I’ve already put in so many hours of work into this and would hate to have to restart. Plz help.

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    I started a new Premiere Pro multicam sequence, but had trouble adding clip markers to the multicam clips themselves so I moved to placing the clip markers on an adjustment layer. Turning out to be a big mistake. I have markers appearing on clips that I haven't even gotten to yet, and a few minutes ago all of my markers moved to later clips. I've attached an image showing the markers showing up on later clips (The green markers later in the sequence I did not add). What am I supposed to be placing my markers on to ensure that they don't move? That was my whole point in going with clip markers over standard markers.

    Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 5.27.42 PM.png

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    Dell installed the latest drivers.  The vertical lines did not disappear.  I installed versions 11 and 12 with the same results.  I have an older Dell computer(Windows 8.1).  I installed Premiere.  No vertical lines appeared.  Hopefully, one of the Microsoft updates will fix the problem.  The vertical lines only appear when I scrub backwards.  I am assuming that it is not my mouse.

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    YES thank you.

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    Hello fellow Adobe community!


    I'm really new to masking and have been watching tutorials but have run into a problem I can't seem to fix, could yall help me out? I'm editing a trailer to a film screening. The title lies at the base of a windshield as 2 characters are driving. The wipers are moving and I'm trying to mask the wipers to wipe over the title. I successfully did it with the left wiper and it looks really good. I tried to make a second mask and mask the right wiper but it doesn't seem to work. I trace the wiper with the pen tool and select invert under mask expansion, same thing I did on the left wiper that worked, but anything I do seems to just turn off the effect of the left wiper mask. I feel like I'm not understanding some fundumental understanding of masking. Is it possible to make 2 masks, one of each wiper, on the same text? Hope I explained this well

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    Have you tried exporting with you acceleration off?


    Eg rendering set to “Mercury Playback Engine - Software Only”


    I believe I am running into the same issue and as far as I have been able to tell so far it’s the effect of using OpenCL/metal to render you accelerated effects (of which lumetri is one) and perhaps specifically when rendering certain codecs. (It only happened to me in the timeline when I did a GPU accelerated render using protes 422HQ as the preview codec)


    it may also have to do with not having an AMD gpu in the mac. I have only been able to test on mI ne and my housemates computer so far. Nvidia 750M (mid2014) and intel iris pro 5200 respectively.

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    Create a new project, then import the problematic project into the new one.

    The solution quoted above worked for me.

    I imported a 12.1.2 project into a newly created 13.0.2 and it worked fine.

    I also imported a 13.0.1 converted version of a 12.1.2 project into a new 13.0.2 project and it worked too.

    The memory pressure stayed green.  PP memory usage peaked at 11GB and stayed around 9GB most of the time.

    The project saved and PP closed without hanging.   There was no continuous  reading and writing to RAM that I experienced before.



    Another troubleshooting step to try is to repair Adobe folder permissions.

    Adobe Remote Support did the folder permissions step and that did not resolve the problem.

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    Thank you!

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    Where is the consumer protection on this issue?  At what point does it become a legal issue?  Apple and Adobe blaming each other, or playing dumb.  $7,000 computer for me.  Nothing more than the option to repair it, with no solution for the root cause, and no protection after warranty expires.  It has happened more than once to some here.  Everyone here has a 2018 MacBook Pro with the new speakers... sure seems like Apple is to blame.

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    As per design 2 inverted mask don't work together.

    Post a screenshot what you are trying to achieve there might be another way.

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    I dont see any other way to then redoing the non 6K assets.

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    I am  seeing the same behaviour, when a transition is selected the playhead does not catch on to the clip when moving the playhead around.

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    I've seen people record at extremely high frame rates, and even though Youtube has a cap of 60, it's significantly more smoother than a standard 60fps video. Why is this? I believe it may have something to do with motion blur or RSMB or something, and if so, how do I do it myself for butter smooth videos which are yet at 60fps? I've had a lot of questions and I've never started a discussion on a forum before, so please cut me some slack if I'm missing any forum formalities. I only started using Premiere Pro around 1 week ago, so if it's an incredibly simple answer, don't judge! Here is an example of what I am talking about:


    Thank you very mucchhh

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    This is not a problem of monitor calibration. Color is correct in internet browser, QuickTime and iMovie, color is wrong and contrast in DaVinci and Premiere (with the display of the monitor profile). Problem persists when connecting other calibrated monitors.

    Maybe this problem in display of color space or range? (because Adobe Photoshop color is much better)

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    I am hoping someone can help. I recently shot some video on my new iPhone and have copied the files onto my computer. When I imported the video into PP the message came up saying that the codec for hevc would be installed and it would then be usable. However this hasn't been the case, the file that gets imported has no video and only sound.


    Is anyone else experiencing this? A solution would be greatly appreciated!



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    When I render a video, the intel integrated HD grapics card PEGS at 99 percent on the performance monitor.  While my Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB only runs at about 20 percent. 


    How can I make Adobe only use the GTX?


    Yes I already have Cuda enabled, and it does see my GPU.


    I render 10 how long 4K videos for my YouTube channel, and I'm in desperate need of reduced rendering times.


    My rendering laptop is an Asus Apache Pro with an I7 - 6700 HQ and the GTX 1060 6GB and 12 Gigs of Ram with SSD, and 1tb storage drive.  I save all files on the SSD, and then export the video to the storage drive. 

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  • 01/12/19--05:58: Re: lumetri looks off screen
  • Hello Vidya,

    Thank you for your help. This solves the issue but it's not a fix as 100% scale is unworkable on 4k resolution on a 30 inch screen.I need my scale at 150% to work. Is there any other solution?


    Thanks in advance!


    best regards,



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    well for me is helpful

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    Are you, by any chance, exporting to H.264? If so, your Intel graphics usage is high because it is now using the H.264 hardware encoder that's been implemented in Premiere Pro CC, beginning with version 12.x. And your 20-ish percent usage of the discrete GPU is about what's expected, even if you have the Intel graphics disabled, because your CPU isn't quite as powerful as the desktop CPUs with higher core counts and higher clock speeds that we generally recommend in an editing PC.


    So the only way to see about the SAME level of usage on the GTX 1060 but minimal usage on the Intel graphics would be to set the encoder in the H.264 export settings to "Software encoding" (the default is "Hardware encoding").

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