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    Okay thanks that seemed to work. When I imported the project will it have the proxy files i connected with the original project? I clicked on the clips and they proxy option is greyed out? Either way the project isnt crashing now thank you

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    Hi everyone, I have been at this for quite a while with 45+ renders with no luck at getting it to render right.


    I am trying to create a video piece that involves 3 image layers panning/zooming out to create a 3D image effect (I will post the video result down below). It looks great and preforms as need be when it comes to the Premiere Pro preview but when it's exported into Media Encoder the image color gets blown out and super pixlated.


    I have exported quite a few videos this way before with no problem but this is my first time doing a project that pans and zooms like this so I am not quite sure if it's a Premiere Pro export problem or if it's a Media Encoder settings issue. Due to me doing so many renders I don't have all of the small details, I have just been messing around and following other Youtube video settings that people share. Hoping to get some help as to what may help get this looking properly. Some settings render better than others while some create a corrupted file that won't allow me to view it at all after waiting 30 min for it to render.


    ORIGINAL IMAGE (flattened)

    scene 1 complete.png


    VIDEO(S) RENDERED (not all just a few)


    This one is just a pan of the image with no layers but it still has the coloring problem and is really not the route I want to go with.



    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    I was using the 2018 version.  Created several new projects in 2019 version.  A mix of 4k and 1080 clips.  Using and external SSD.  There seems to be many comments about the slowness of this update - there is clearly something to it - and no real path forward to make adjustments to improve performance.

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    I have the exact same spec MacBook as the OP. I was editing a simple video and went to clean up the audio in the audio tab and like everyone else the playback was at max and completely blew out the speakers. I could even smell an electrical burning smell. I took it to apple the next day and they sent it out to be repaired under warranty (awesome on their part.)


    I got the laptop back a few days ago, and everything was fixed. Still weary this could happen again, I kept the volume on my laptop low and didn't mess with the audio tab. The only modification I made was a 3db volume adjustment. About 20 minutes ago it happened again and although I stopped it immediately, the right speaker is now blown out.


    This is ridiculous, I don't know who's fault this is, but it needs to be fixed. I edit on this laptop for school, work, and personal use. Between the three there is no room for downtime. Someone is dropping the ball here.

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    Hello guys,


    I'm trying out CC 2019 after using CC 2017 for a long time and I've noticed that the feature "Selection Follows Playhead" doesn't work like it used to.

    Before when I scroll through the timeline, the playhead always selects the following clips as intended.




    Now in CC 2019, if I click or edit a transition and continue to scroll, the playhead will no longer select the clips that follow.




    This causes me to have to do an extra click on the clip I want to select to continue, which takes up more time (especially with hundreds of clips).

    How can I change it back to the way it worked before?


    Please let me know! I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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  • 01/11/19--13:27: Re: problem with mkv format
  • There is now limited, undocumented support for mkv. As of PR 2018.1.1.


    See this thread. Post 61 and after is where this change is discussed.


    For me, audio format was one variable that would result in no import.


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    When I scrub forward vertical lines do not appear on the Timeline  When I scrub backwards the vertical lines appear.  Adobe and Dell Technical Support tried to fix the problem.  They were not successful.  I previously tried the suggestions on the Adobe Forum.

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    Why is it that 2018 has CUDA GPU Acceleration and 2019 does not?  Could this be the problems with 2019 running so poorly.  If that is true, does Adobe provide any kind of instructions (that normal people can understand) so that the software will run better?


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    Hi all,


    Just looking for any workflow tips or tricks for scaling up a particularly unwieldy edit that I'm inheriting to prepare it for colour grading and editing.


    Here's the scenario: The edit is done in an HD sequence using HD proxy files. The original footage is 6K Raw Redcode. That part is easy: change the sequence settings and replace the proxy files for the originals.


    Here's the problem: There are literally hundreds of other assets on the timeline that are not Raw footage, or footage at all, of pretty much every file type imaginable: PSDs, images and image sequences, embedded AE projects, other footage that's only available in HD, etc, all with different blending modes. On these are tons of keyframes for scale, position, opacity, etc. plus animated masks and various effects. Obviously scaling up the sequence doesn't scale up these assets or their effects proportionately.


    Solutions I've tried:


    - Swap out original assets for versions that are 3.2x the original size (same scale factor as proxy>raw). Only issue is that it seems sometimes the masks (particularly feathers) and other details don't render out consistently. Also, I have even higher res version of some of the images (5x or more) that I would prefer to use to maintain full quality.


    - Embed sections of the entire sequence as after effects compositions and use scripts > scale composition, then pre-comp each layer, put in the full res assets, and then use Collapse Transformations to let the full res assets render through. This system works pretty well but obviously is very time consuming and there still seems to be some translation errors with blending modes and mask feathers. I've tried rendering these out as flattened raw image sequences, or layer-by-layer as image sequences with transparency burned in. Neither is particularly efficient.


    Other ideas/thoughts:


    - Is there something equivalent to the Scale Composition script but for Premiere?

    - Is there a way to nest parts of a sequence and use Set to Frame Size or similar to scale it up all at once and preserve the resolution of the original assets? Or similarly to preserve a range of different blending modes?

    - Are there any third party plugins or other tools to help with this kind of complicated up-res?


    End goal is to get an entire 6k timeline into Davinci Resolve for colour grading, ideally with individual clips and layer information intact. However, even to get a single rendered down 6k timeline without losing the integrity of all the transformation controls and blending modes would be a great start, and we could either grade with Lumetri or cut up the rendered output and use keyframes to grade in Resolve.


    Thanks for any help or ideas!

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    So Ive commented a while back where this has happened twice to me already. Now, I always use external speaking and I always turn them OFF before I change any kind of audio, which sucks.  I have paid good money for both the macbook and the entire suite, there should be no reason why this is still a problem. That's my rant. I talked to adobe and all they could think of was that it is  my audio hardware setting that messed it up. They had me change my default input to no input and assured me that the problem was solved I don't know if it has fixed the problem or not cause I always use external speaking when editing videos now.  If anyones speakers have blown and their default input was on "no input" please share on the form I would love to know if this really did fix the problem.  Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 4.35.00 PM.png

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    Hey Michael!

    Could you post a picture of the vertical lines you're talking about? I need more info to help figure out what's going on.


    What computer are you on? Mac or PC? What OS?

    What version of Premiere are you on?

    What other techniques have you tried to get rid of the vertical lines?


    Thanks! Happy to help, just need more info.


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    Apple 'broke' the video color system going to the P3 monitors and with changes it seems especially in Mojave to the OS. And then wired FCPx to work with their OS to get around the internal/external changes.


    So that may work better for you. Sort of. Kind of. As long as your stuff is viewed in the Apple-verse, by folks on the newer P3 monitors and Mojave ... generally.


    Fun. Or ... not so much. But sadly true.


    We've had quite a number of Mac users on here who come back ... "but all my clients/viewers (across YouTube & etc) will be on Macs." Which seems a rather naive concept. Based more on "cool people use Macs" than actually looking at the total computer base out there. Macs are a fairly small percentage. If your work is ONLY going to be seen by a few people in a graphics industry ... maybe as much as 40% might be on Mac. If you're lucky.


    It's not an easy thing, doing video post-processing color.



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    Double check your system to Adobe's requirements for V13 (2019) Adobe Premiere Pro CC System Requirements


    Could be that your GPU is no longer supported in the latest version or something like that.

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    All the videos you linked to say "This video is unavailable"

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    Hi there;

    I am attempting a round-trip workflow by exporting an XML file from Adobe Premiere Pro and importing it into Resolve. Everything goes pretty smoothly, except for 3 of the clips (out of 50 or 60) I get the error " Skipping item because of invalid in frame." I'm not sure what this means or how to fix it. Any ideas appreciated!


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    My Surface Book 2 is one year old with a GeForce 1060, that ran 2018 perfectly.  According to this list, it is not supported.  Does not quite make sense to me.

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    Please do not double post.

    Thread locked.

    Please continue here: What are the vertical lines that appear when I am scrubbing

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    @Ann I have to request a feature that was already in a previous version?

    That's pretty asinine.


    Edit: I'm loving how fast 2019 and I don't want to roll back because of this.

    They should create toggles for everything that they change so people can comfortably work with what they were used to.

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    I ended up updating the video drivers through Device Mangers all display adapters including the Display Link entries to resolve my issue.

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