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    I just realized I posted and have the same issue. It's ridiculous that it's been a problem for so long. Someone else just suggested making it a 1080 multicam sequence, which defeats the purpose of shooting in 4k in the first place. For a program that claims it's really great with media of mixed resolution and framerate, this is a pretty pathetic continual fail.

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    I'm using GoPro-clips for a project. However, when I speed sections of the clips up to 300% they turn gray-ish (slightly darker with less contrast). Time interpolation is set to "frame sampling". The problem shows up both while editing and after export.


    I'm running Premiere Pro CC 2019 (v 13.0.2) on Win 10 on a Lenovo T520 Laptop. (Previously I ran v 12.0.2. with the same result.
    A colleque testet the GoPro-clip with Premiere Pro on a Mac and did not encounter the same problem. I searched the forums but couldn't find anything similar.
    I hope someone can help with a solution.


    Thank you for any help.


    Ernst Poulsen

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    Is this Premiere CC or CS6?

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    Thanks Jim, your reply is not what the issue is all about. Perhaps you could call me at 760-898-5110 if you really want to do due diligence on customer service and support. I sold Adobe products for decades and most disappointed with the lack of high quality technical support. I could not even make a complaint to San Jose indicative of how sheltered Adobe wants their Tech Support to be. My computer which is brand new and featuring 32 gigs of RAM a GTX 2080 graphics card and top of the line Intel CPU are not the issue. There are many issues like mine where GPU does not perform acceleration if you really want to show you care about customer support contact me and let's see about solving this problem because it's not just me that's having this hundreds and hundreds of other people are as well stop passing the buck Adobe

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    Adobe does not have a solution to this problem yet it is prevalent on the internet as a technical support issue I called Adobe San Jose and they wouldn't even bother taking my complaint customer service sucks


    I was on the phone for 1 and 1/2 hours today trying to resolve the issue with Premiere Pro 2018 Creative Cloud and my NVIDIA GTX 2080. Technical support in India could not find a solution why I am not able to do Hardware encoding using my new GTX 2080 top-of-the-line graphics card they kept passing the buck and finally after an hour and a half I got frustrated and reminded him that I half hour ago I'd ask for him to escalate the call. Bottom line is Adobe tech support overseas does not have a solution to Premiere Pro Creative Cloud 2018 software encoding being the default my GTX 2080 is a hardware encoding option with Cuda bottom line is Adobe really sucks big time for technical support and when I called Adobe head office in San Jose at 408-536-6000 they said they have nobody there that could filled my complaint for lack of technical support Adobe you suck big time I sold and installed your product for years what a disappointment you are disgusting that your technical service is so low that I can't even get an answer to questions which by the way are showing on Google go ahead and Google search Premiere Pro CC 2018 Cuda hardware and software only acceleration there's tons of complaints come on Adobe get off your *** give some support to your paying customers.


    [title edited by mod for clarity]

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    Please post screenshot of export settings with left tab to ouput and visible image.

    Also screenshot of clip properties and sequence settings.

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    On my old laptop (Samsung) and my desktop (Dell) I had no problem what so ever the videos moved over from the folders and were fine.


    Now I have a new HP Pavilion which I have updated the memory to 32 thinking that was the problem, but when I bring the videos they look all grainy and with green and blue lines and are not clearly rendered.


    Still photos - no problem, they look fine.


    What do I need to do to make this work correctly?  Must be a setting that is specific to this machine.


    Thank you!


    Adobe Preimer Pro issue.JPG

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    Jim is correct. Hardware Encoding uses Intel's Quick Sync. Not sure what problems you are having. 

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    " the Hue-Sat radial curve tool "donut".  We changed the design"


    NOOOOO!!! I loved that interface. It so clear and logical. Far and away my favorite unique feature of Lumetri color. I was actually able to reproduce an Arri-like skin tone by playing with that donut. And now it's gone. The new way is much much less easy to interpret. BRING IT BACK.


    Right after I'd finally come to peace with the loss of Speedgrade. Why do my favorite things always get taken away?!?

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    I made 2 tests as you suggested : creating a new project with the exact same project settings than my current project (sequence 2704x1520 pixels 29,97fps based on GoPro Hero 5 Black footage 2704x1520 pixels 59,94fps) :

    • 1 project using only 1 file from the current project I am working on
    • 1 Project using only 1 file from the previous project I worked on (encoded with H.264 1080p @29,97fps format without any issues)

    For both projects I have the same issue : Premiere Pro CC2019 is crashing as soon as I select H.264 encoding format in export settings window.


    I openned my previous project (sequence 1920x1080 29,97fps based on clips of various resolutions and fps, including some 2704x1520 pixels 59,94fps) : no problem to change the export settings and select H.264 encoding format. I could launch the export and it started encoding correctly.

    But if for that previous project I select export format H.264 (no crash until that point), and then I change the preconfiguration in the export settings to select "Vimeo 2160p 4K Ultra HD", Premiere Pro is crashing.


    I also created another project based on GoPro footage 1920x1080 @59,94fps, with project settings 1920x1080 @59,94fps. If I select export in H.264 format with default preconfiguration (matching the source), no issues, but if I try to select another preconfiguration like "Vimeo 2160p 4K Ultra HD" or "Youtube 2160p 4K Ultra HD", then Premiere Pro is crashing as soon as the preconfiguration is selected (spinning wheel for a few seconds with window title saying "Premiere Pro (not responding)", and then Premiere Pro window is disappearing).


    After restarting Premiere Pro after this type of crash (without rebooting PC), I sometimes also get problems when trying to export via the keybord shortcut or the Menu File>Export>Media : Premiere Pro won't even open the export settings window, nothing happens, although Premiere is not crashing nor freezing nor "not responding", but other selection in the menus works just fine.

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    Jim does not work for Adobe... only someone with STAFF next to their name is an employee

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    Aha, thanks, that all makes sense! I tried a couple of your suggestions; I've decided that since I want the same transformations to every image, setting up one and saving the effect as a preset worked the best for my exact case. Thanks for the replies, I feel like I understand adjustment layers a bit better, and now I've had a chance to play with nesting clips and creating presets, which I really should have learned before. Much appreciated!

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    I have been able to do Hardware encoding on this system when I first got it two weeks ago and now it won't do any hardware encoding perhaps somebody who cares might wish to contact me because trying to solve the problem via text messaging it's like trying to squeeze a lemon through a pigeon hole

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    Can you be more specific about "nothing I see to do comes out right"? Is the color off? Pixels stretched? Did you know that the Premiere update the came out 3 weeks ago now supports ProRes encoding on Windows (a asked for feature for yeaaaarrrrrsss) so you can keep your file in the same codec family now which could help any color shifting you might be seeing (if that's the issue).

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    Please post complete computer specs.

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    Converted all the png files into psd files, exported in the same settings, the brown film's still there.

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    Be a little more specific please, what exactly does not work?

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    I have tried to do the things in the article: Troubleshooting issues related to playback and performance in Premiere Pro CC

    and nothing changed.

    I have looked at the specifications and I saw that the only thing that I have that doesn't meet the requirements is the graphics card.

    I have the Nvidia 1050 Ti and I saw in the system requirements that I need the Nvidia 1080 Ti.

    Do you think that is the problem? because I have seen graphics cards that are less powerful than what I have in the requirements.


    Thank you

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