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    probably a common problem but I can't find any answer.
    just made a clean install of mojave, premiere pro, video assist, davinci resolve


    I don't have no playback option to view trough my reference monitor connected to my mini monitor pci card
    the rest of my application are doing fine.


    is it a known bug?
    am I missing something?
    why adobe depend on its community and do not give an offer to chat to a tech?


    mojave 10.14.2

    premiere pro 13 (build 38)
    black magic mini monitor 10.11.4




    thank you everyone in advance !

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  • 01/08/19--14:07: Encoding stuck at 100%
  • Hi!


    I have several times now tried encoding my hyperlapse footage which was taken with my Dji Mavic 2 Pro. It never seems to work, I have cleared cache already. The only way I seem to get it to encode is when I change the resolution, but then the black bars appear which I do not fancy. I want to use the resolution given from the images.

    What happens is that it says that it will take approximately 35 seconds to finish at first, and then it gets stuck at around 40-50% encoding. And then it gradually slows down and is really slow at encoding. When it reaches 100% it just stays as 100% and nothing else.


    What troubles me is that it says the estimated file size will be 35 mb, when only one of the 125 images averages a file size of 6 mb.


    Here are some screenshots of Media Encoder:


    Footage info:
    240 dpi
    24 bit depth


    Camera info:
    Hasselblad L1D-20c




    Expo: -3

    10 mm





    I can upload the images if needed.

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    Does the Blackmagic device need a driver update?

    Are your preference settings correct?

    Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 12.07.18 PM.png


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  • 01/08/19--14:10: Re: "CREATEINSTANCE" error
  • Worked. I also posted in a Facebook Premiere Pro form which had a working answer.

    Going to Documents / Adobe / Renaming the premiere pro folder to something like premiere pro old worked. It totally reset my workspace and keyboard layouts amongst other settings but was easily restored by loading from the backup copy

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    This is about 10 % more contrast than what I see on my monitor when I export …


    05 Fairlight Rough Cut on Vimeo


    How come ??  Used export, import (xml ) and all sorts of stuff that I can hardly remember now.


    I have to have stuff done tomorrow !

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    all is to the lastest driver, all the installations were made yesterday


    Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 4.53.59 PM.png

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    And if you don't find it in your old install of Premiere pro try to find it in the same folder of the Media encoder. Thanks everybody for helping me solve that thing. Adobe failed miserably to inform us about this important inconvenience. I installed Win 10 as I thought that the decoding would be handled by Windows only to discover that I just lost 24 hours of my life for nothing as the same problem was happening again. Of course Adobe support was as bad as usual. 45 minutes of waiting just to be told that there was no fix and that I should consider converting my files. 10 full hard drives of .mts files to thanks.

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    Thank you so much!!! This solved it for me!! Bl***y Perian - stole 5 hours of my life - dont even know why it was there?! Thanks again and best wishes!! G

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    Yes, when I export the composition from After Effects to a Quicktime etc, the motion blur is there. I've had to reimport that QT into Premiere to just get the job done... But it feels odd that you can send a clip from PP to AE and work on it and have it be there in Premiere ready to go.. but wIthout the blur!!

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    Have you restarted the computer after the installs?

    You might want check with BlackMagic support and verify everything is supported.



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    For the sake of finishing this project, I've done exactly that, thankyou. I was hoping that there was some small setting I'd overlooked... But apparently not.

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    Buenas a todos. No voy a hacer esto mas largo. Tengo un problema que me esta estresando bastante.


    El hecho es que termine una secuencia larga en el que he trabajado varios meses. Hoy lo intente exportar, pero cada vez que lo exporto, el vídeo me sale en peor calidad. Cuando veo el resumen en "Origen", la secuencia esta en 540x360, sabiendo que todos los videos con los que trabaje estan en 1080x1920. No tiene sentido.


    Por favor, aclarenme esto, es una secuencia muy importante. Le agradeceria de por vida al que me resuelva esto.

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    Hardware encoding only uses Intel QuickSync on the CPU.


    nVidia and AMD GPUs can be used for rendering, but not encoding.

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    "Variants of this question have been covered to death on this and every other color grading forum. The answer is always the same.  The only way to get a [proper] image you can trust is to run SDI [or HDMI] out to an accurately calibrated reference monitor.  Grading by viewing the image in the GUI just doesn't work."  - Jamie LeJeune


    B&H Photo Video


    That same theory holds true for viewing.  How it looks on a calibrated display from a hardware player is all that matters.  How it looks after uploading, through a browser, on a computer, is just not something you can control.

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  • 01/08/19--15:14: Re: Don't know how to export
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    crap codecs like AVCHD - highly compressed Long-GOP.  Those seem to cause prefs corruption


    That's definitely not normal, at least not on Windows.

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    I Don't use After Effects to often because most of my videos are simple transitions,color corrections and movement can be done on the timeline to animate a graphic, etc. Just wanted something ease of use and not have to go back and forth.I have been editing on timeline style for 20 years and most of my clients don't pay for fancy.

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    Dolby media works fine on Windows 10.


    You need Windows 10.

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    Nope it doesn't, just installed Win 10 yesterday and my AVCHD files still showed without sound. I would have lived without the spying and controlling Windows 10. It's just after finding the dolbycodec.dat in an older install and copying it in the same folder on my brand new Premiere pro 2017 that they came alive again. Maybe it works with the 2018 version of Premiere but I looked at the specs and this computer just doesn't have them.

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    This has been driving me crazy. There's another thread that's been going on about this for over a year.

    Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 Instagram Story export not working


    Whatever H264 export settings I use in premiere, I get a "Something Went Wrong" when I try to upload to Instagram.


    It's always under 60 seconds. I've scaled the file down with heavier compression. I've changed framerates.


    One thing always fixes it: If i clip the file for a second. Doesn't matter the length, but it seems to reencode the file and it uploads fine. Definitely an incompatibility between Adobe and Instagram and it's been there for like a year.

    Hope you can help. :-)

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