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  • 01/08/19--11:30: Re: AUDIO PROBLEM
  • i already done that. the problem is when i speak the audio of the song is lower and when i finish to speak the audio of the song return normal. what i must to do?

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    Most happy to help.


    This all is at times ... confusing, and some of it seems downright ... backwards ... from what it actually is. I'm learning some things about effects bins today that are quite different than has always seemed the process. Yea, there's always more to learn ... so keep asking.


    There aren't any stupid questions.



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    In the future, if you have card based media, be sure to copy the entire contents of the CF card to your HD. Then, import via Media Browser and not File > Import. That should assist you in the future.



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    What is that media? And what is your Project settings option for Mercury Acceleration? And ... your GPU?


    Download MediaInfo, after installing ... drag/drop a file onto the app's icon on your desktop ... when it opens, use the menu options to get to Tree view, and make a screen grab ... drag/drop that into your reply box showing the Video section of MediaInfo's Tree view like this ...



    MediaInfo TreeView.PNG

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    Thanks for the reply, here's a screenshot: Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 2.16.03 PM.png


    Unfortunately, as far as I understand, danger stripes don't have anything to do with effects applied to the footage (nor has this footage had any effects applied besides changed position/scale) - they indicate incorrectly linked media. Essentially, Premiere is telling me that the striped clips in that screenshot are linked to a file that doesn't have any actual footage at those timestamps. However, as I explained above, I've taken several different steps towards assuring that all of the clips are linked correctly and do have footage at those timestamps, and yet I am still experiencing this issue only after upgrading Premiere versions.


    Hopefully this clears some stuff up. Thank you again!

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    Hi Kevin, thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I have imported footage with requisite metadata and this issue seems independent of that. I haven't experienced this issue on any of these projects (regardless of how the footage was imported) until upgrading Premiere versions. While an obvious solution would be to revert to an older version of Premiere, I unfortunately am handling many different projects that span many different versions, not all of which are downloadable anymore (and installing v13.0.1 would supposedly require uninstalling v13.0.2). So, in other words, installing older versions of Premiere to circumvent this issue isn't a sustainable solution for me even though it's proven to be the only solution to the problem I've found thus far.


    I really appreciate your response and hope my reply clarifies some details about my situation. Thanks again.

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    Hi I have a question!


    Im making a stopmotion and im wondering if it is possible to add extra frames every other frame. So what I mean is that I have 100 frames, and after the 2nd, 4th, 6th etc. I want to insert an extra frame. Not just insert a frame. I have the frames I want to insert already in a sequence. Is this possible to do? I really don't want to do it manually because that would be a LOT of work.



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    This is pathetic, the problem is not resolved. my bank account is in a complete mess, I don't have a single video from it. a customer support is not doing anything to resolve it this issue. people need to see that adobe stock is a very, very bad option as opposed to shutterstock and all the others. This has ruined my week and the client is not happy at all. The problem is not fixed!

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    Hi Kevin,


    It's not an issue with a particular camera - I'm using various cameras (A7sii, C100, etc) - it's happening to any and all capture files and assets once the converted project (from team project to regular premiere project) and associated assets are moved to a different drive.


    So for example, I convert from a team project to a regular premiere project and everything relinks so long as I keep my footage and assets in the same place. However, If I try to move this content to a different drive either for archiving purposes or to share with another editor, the file paths are lost (even though I have not changed the file structure of the folders).


    To clarify, *a* file path still shows up (but it manufactures a bunch of extra characters in the front of the file path name which is stopping it from finding the path to the clip  - for instance if "Display Only Exact Name Matches" is checked, no clips come up even though they typically would in a non-converted premiere project). Please see screenshot below.


    Again, the main issue is not being able to batch relink because it's unable to auto-locate the media.


    To answer your other questions: yes, everything came from CF cards, and yes the entire contents of the CF card was transferred to the drive, and yes I do import via media browser.


    Thanks for any help you're able to offer!


    Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 1.35.26 PM.png

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    Ah yes! now it's clearer! I thought it's the red ones that appear on the program monitor, similar to the orange ones of the Warp stabilizer effects.


    Yes you are right, those means that Premiere somehow decided to link different media for some reason. The bad news is that each case in such scenario has it's own solution, there is no real universal solution. And it depends of your workflow, nature of different projects, etc. The good news is that it always has a solution.


    So let's move step by step:
    1- Right click on any clip with the stripes and reveal in finder. Is the intended clip? or is it a different one?

    2- did you proxy your files? did you Interpret footage and changed the Frame rate?

    3- Can you create a new project and import the old one to it instead of opening it and saving as? (i.e: "Proj 1" was created on PP 12, when you open it, it asks you save a new version and you save "Proj 2" for PP 13. Create a "Proj test" and import "Proj 1" to it)

    4- One thing that you haven't mentioned are the preview files. Can you make sure those are deleted as well? Also, by clearing preferences, you Cache reverted to the default location. Double check that you are indeed deleting all Cache files

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    I've spent hours talking color and monitor issues at NAB with engineers ...  I know what the Program monitor is set to do, but even after mind-numbing discussions cannot say that the Source and Export screen/monitor images are as tightly controlled as the Program monitor.


    One thing about the Source monitor ... if Pr is picking up that the clip is original to X clip in the app, it will show the clip as-is out of the original bin ... as it is the "source" monitor. This trips up a lot of people.


    As to your last comment about monitors ... yea, monitors and their feeding and settings matter. I've spent the odd hour reading Van Hurkman, Steve Shaw of LightIllusions, and others such as the MixingLight guys Robbie Carman and Patrick Inhofer ... all dealing with color control of the editing/grading/delivering pipeline.


    I think I've burned out as many gray cells as I've enlightened during that process.



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  • 01/08/19--11:48: Re: AUDIO PROBLEM
  • That sounds like an auto-ducking setting of some kind ... I don't recall that 2017 had that, but maybe.


    Check in the Effects Control Panel audio section to see if any audio effects are applied to that clip.



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    I'm working on an instructional video which uses two video timelines.  One is the main timeline and the second is a thumbnail off to the left of the video.  See attached photo.  I want to export a still image of the two timelines as they appear, but I can only take a still from one or the other timeline, but not one with the two images combined.


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    I'm not sure of the question ... but it seems you're getting a different view of graphics created in Ae and just brought in as a dynamic linked comp into Pr?


    That could be due to having your Ae color management set to something that will be interpreted into video sRGB/Rec.709 in Pr. Check your color management settings in Ae.



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    From the second "00:14 to 00:34"


    The most important effects for me is the slow camera and the 3d colors. What are the effects called?

    Sorry for my English (Google translator.)


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    I found another thread that seemed to deal more precisely with the issue I am experiencing. There is an active discussion going on there right now :Re: Color Management in Premiere doesn't match the export


    To answer your questions: I am using several adjustment tools inside Lumetri Color; Basic color adjustments and a "Look" in the Creative area (it would be interesting to know what that is if it isn't a type of LUT), the Input LUT in Basic Correction is set to "None".


    Exporting with the the "Use Maximum Render Quality", "Use Previews", and "Import into Project" activated. The results are the same as when all of those things were not activated.

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    Christian has it spot-on.


    There are thousands of users around the world working away in 2019 without issue. So ... it may very well work fine for you.


    However ... that's never a reason to simply dive into the pool, is it? Not if you want to keep all your nice paying clients at least ... so ...


    You can install 2019 and leave earlier "major" versions installed and in use. Keep working in 2017 or 2018 as you are, and test new projects in 2019. When it's proven workable on your machine, start using it.


    And ... never 'migrate' a project forward a version by opening it in the new version. Always make a new project in the new version, then navigate to and select the previous project file in Pr's Media Browser panel ... right-click/Import.


    Much more stable way to move a project forward ... and you always still have the older version project file as a fall-back.



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    "Looks" are a LUT, just a different format of LUT, like .cubes and such. Back in the SpeedGrade days, when exporting something as a LUT, you had a list of something like ten different formats for that LUT to be placed within.


    "Max render quality" is normally moot if you're using a GPU ... so most decent machines and projects, it's of no use. It can help for aliasing on resizing especially, the jaggies on diagonals. So ... IF you are getting jaggies, then go to Max Render Q. Otherwise ... not so much needed.


    Another user posted on here a day or so ago that there is an option in the Mac user preferences to set the monitor to sRGB/Rec.709 somewhere in there. Noting that helped him a ton. I should have copied his steps into a file here so I could put them back up as needed.



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    So I tried a few things and have fixed the problem! Unfortunately, since I tried multiple things, I'm not sure which step(s) actually solved the problem, haha. I hadn't cleared preview files like you suggested, so I made sure to do that. Another big change I made was to offline all the files and then, when linking them via the "Link Media" window, de-selecting "Align Timecode." I kept "Relink others automatically," "Preserve interpret footage settings," and "Use Media Browser to locate files" checked, however. When I re-linked media this way, there were no danger stripes.


    It remains to be seen if this is a consistent solution to the issue but I'll be sure to trial it on all of the projects giving me trouble.


    To anyone from Adobe looking at this, please consider that the "Align Timecode" option when re-linking media might be causing re-linking errors in Premiere projects that have been upgraded from older versions of Premiere.


    Thanks all!

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    Kindly please share the exact version # you are using from the PP HELP/About screen.

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