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  • 01/08/19--09:23: Export dialog Issue
  • Hoping someone ca help me with this...

    All of a sudden my export dialog no longer auto-selects sequence In/Out when I'm trying to export a marked area of my timeline. It defaults to "work area" every time. Where do I reset this or change it back to automatically change with my selection on the timeline?

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    Whenever I apply Warp Stabiliser to a video it makes all of the bold, sharp lines in the footage glitchy, giving a sort of heat distortion affect, but only on the sharp lines. The actual stabilisation of the footage isn't an issue so much as the horrible scanning effect.


    Could this be a fault with my camera? I've reinstalled premiere, tried every different setting in Warp Stabiliser, tried using Warp stabiliser on multiple machines, all having the same problem.

  - This link shows the same clip, first with the stabiliser and if you look at the edges of the text you can notice the scan line effect. The second clip is the unstabilised version (excuse my awful camerawork it was freezing cold and I hadn't got the ronin out ) But on the second clip you can see that whilst it is shaky the text is sharp. Also the actual stabilised movement in the first clip is pretty much fine, just the lines:(


    I've spent the last few hours trying to figure out what is causing this issue to no avail, any help at all would be very much appreciated! I feel like this has to be an issue with my camera settings? For reference I am shooting using a canon 1DX Mark II.



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    Is why all videos are choppy and "media pending" I REALLY need to upload some videos, but I don't know what to do,

    i got a message that said

    "Adobe Premiere Pro requires updated video card drivers for GPU accelerated rendering. Please download and install current drivers for your video card."



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  • 01/08/19--09:24: Re: Export dialog Issue
  • Remove the In/Out points in the sequence before export.

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    What about it isn't working?

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    For best quality final results, I recommend exporting Cineform YUV 10 bit, found under the QuickTime Format.


    For quite usable quality in a smaller file, I recommend the Adaptive High Bitrate preset found under the H.264 Format.

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    He did it! The wonderful Mohsenagha fixed my project. Still not sure what happened, but I am now working on Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 (12.1.2) and not going to go to 2019 any time soon, just to be safe.

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  • 01/08/19--09:30: Re: Export dialog Issue
  • I'm trying to export a portion of the timeline not the entire thing. Removing In/Out points defeats my purpose.

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    Make the sequence the same size as the images.  You can export to HD size later.

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  • 01/08/19--09:32: Re: Export dialog Issue
  • You know what, I misunderstood the original question.



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    if I set Scale to a number less than 100% in the adjustment layer transform effect, it just makes it a smaller, sort-of-cropped image of the original view,

    That is expected: the AL is 1920x1080 the same as the sequence and not the dimension of your larger images; hence the cropping.


    Nesting will not work as it takes on the same dimension as the sequence: 1920x1080; same issue.

    Follow Christians advice.

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    Does anyone know what actually causes this? We've got a few projects that were originated in version 13 and we're too far in to restart them in version 12. It'll be annoying, but we can retime, and slip the shots that got shifted. If I fix these errors manually, and then save the project, am I at risk of this happening again to the same project?

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    My only thought is to skip Dynamic Link and export a new clip out of AE.

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    This problem has nothing to do with monitors.


    One can't know that unless one is using a calibrated monitor.  Viewing it anywhere else introduces the possibility of inaccurate viewing.

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    If you are on a Mac with Open cl this is a known issue. Has nothing to do with the camera.

    Please make it known here:

    Premiere Pro: Hot (1864 ideas) – Adobe video & audio apps

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    I would prefer to be running a Google product


    Eeesh!  Why?

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    To miguelf80507486:


    When you get this dialog, you must go to the support website for the manufacturer of the Graphics card or chipset in your computer. What kind of GPU do you have? We support graphics drivers from AMD, Intel, and Nvidia, and each has the current drivers you would need to activate GPU acceleration for Premiere.


    In the vast majority of cases, the right driver will resolve choppy playback and offline media. If you cannot find the right driver, let us know. It would help if you can identify the GPU on your system. Thanks.


    - Andy, Premiere Pro Team

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    I am not having problems with this basic functionality in 2019. There has been an issue that I have see on occasion (and other users complain of it also occurring randomly), where the appearance in the program monitor is not in sync with changes made - but the changes are usually visible in the captions panel.


    That is similar to what you describe, but I do not recall it happening from the beginning of editing.


    First, more info: what OS, exact dot version of PR, a screenshot of your captions panel.


    If you can post the srt you are importing, I can take a look.


    Relatively new is the ability to change the import characteristics. Look in the Captions Panel in the lower left for "Import Settings." If you know you need to change the font style, size, etc for all your captions, this does the trick.

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    If we don't mark it as the correct answer, then this message is still on Adobe's radar for needing support.


    It doesn't really work that way.  This is more of a user forum, not Adobe's bug list.

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    I am getting a similar problem but I can also see this "bug" before I render the video out. I have double and triple checked that my sequence resolution and video match. The original video has no issues playing outside of Premiere but once I bring the video into Premiere the resolution shrinks, then it will either crop the full video (in a way that it was as if the original source was cropped), give the "bug" effect shown, or play fine for a short period. This is all while the file is sitting on my timeline and it follows into the exported work.

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