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  • 01/07/19--13:01: Re: Premiere Pro Upgrade
  • Yes I am.

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    Please excuse my ignorance, I'm relatively new to the software and don't exactly know all the terminology. A friend of mine shared a couple albums with me on Google Photos, which included both photos and videos. I did a mass download of all of those files to have them available on my computer. The files do say "compressed" I'm not sure if that's the problem? Regardless, Premiere Pro won't let me simply click and drag these files from my file explorer into the project. Just wondering if anybody might know what's going on? Any information or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Super helpful reply, going to try and mimic your workflow and see if I can adapt it to work for myself. My only question (which might be solved by the way you create and link proxies) is if subclipping still does not work when the full res media is offline? Thank you for the help!

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    Hey there, TrevorGauthier!

    That sounds pretty strange. Would you be willing to reset your preferences? This can usually get rid of any weird glitches like that.

    FAQ: How to reset (trash) preferences in Premiere Pro?


    Let me know!


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  • 01/07/19--13:05: Re: Versions not compatible.
  • Pr doesn't have backwards compatibility. So a 13.x file won't open in a 12.x version of the app. You can export an XML file from Pr, open that in the older version, and link the media to it when it can't find the clips.


    So ... that is a workaround, if not the handiest. However ... if you read my post on this link, going down to the section on PC/Windows, there's the information how to 'hack' the version number of a PrPro project file ... the .prproj file.

    Direct Link manual Hack for PrPro 2017/SpeedGrade 2015.1


    It works just as well to take a newer version of a Pr project back to an older version. And as noted, it won't work with Dynamic Link comps from AfterEffects, nor with newer tools applied than in the older version. So ... the new Curves tools in Lumetri, say ... Luma V Sat ... if you've used that on the newer project, the old one doesn't have that tool and won't recognize the command.


    So ... some things (especially simpler things like transitions/fades) pass back, a few things ... don't.



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    Kind of a convoluted question I have been unable to find an answer for yet. Possibly because I cannot assemble an appropriate search term.




    8k originals
    2k proxies generated by camera during shoot
    editing proxies on a laptop
    want to reconnect to original footage for mastering


    I am currently at the end of adding metadata to my proxy sources and I now have two choices – move to connecting proxies and originals (I've done some tests and it worked great) OR go straight into editorial and address reconnecting to originals later.


    So here is my question: will Premiere modify edits recursively and autoupdate if original footage and proxies are connected after the edit is completed? Or will the edits made using proxy footage only recognize connections with original footage made before starting editorial?

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    It of course depends on the file types of the media copied ... but first, the better way to get material into Pr is to use Pr's Media Browser panel, navigate to the media on your local drive of your computer, then select it and "import" the media into Pr.


    Of course, if this is a zipped file, you'd have to unzip it first using your OS utility for that in Finder/Explorer.


    Then ... you can download MediaInfo, install onto your desktop ... then drag/drop one of the files onto that app's icon. It will open, and from the menu items of the app, select "Tree View". Make a screen grab of the Video section of that, and drag/drop that screengrab into your reply box for this forum. We'll be able to see the format/codec/settings used, and say whether that file will work in Pr.





    MediaInfo download page:

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    Depending on the meta involved ... maybe.


    That's the best answer you can get.


    I would suggest for all questions like this in a pro workflow, you need to spend a few minutes testing. Create a small test project, and try it both ways with 3-5 clips ... and see what happens. That is the only way you can be sure that with your media and workflow processes that it works for you.



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    Yeah, I see what you mean, and I love that the bokeh flares the light like it does.

    Here's a list of all the Adobe-approved plugins! The blur effects will be under the first section "Effects & Transitions."

    Third-party plug-ins for Premiere Pro CC

    You may be able to find one you like that's not on this list, as well! Googling "bokeh on premiere pro" would be a good lead on finding a specific one. Most plugins you can find online are friendly and fine, but the ones in that link are the ones that Adobe knows are safe and compatible, so that's all I can specifically recommend to you.


    Here's another thread from a user who was looking for the same thing as you!

    bokeh effect?



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    Thank you! I will look into that.

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    The "DVA's" ... digital video apps ... Pr & Ae ... have troubles with scaling at 125% ... so if you must scale, go to 150%. And test. It works ok for some computers/displays, on others things like mask controls in the Program monitor will disappear at times. So ... first test, in a new project with that monitor ... go to ECP, apply a mask to a clip and track it. See if the mask controls stay visible on the Program monitor when you have the mask selected in the ECP. And on some rigs, it will show for a while, then disappear.



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  • 01/07/19--13:24: Re: Premiere Pro Upgrade
  • Hey SamForum123456789!

    I would try logging into the website with your Adobe ID and then logging out/logging back in to the desktop app. I would also double check that your software plan is active on the Adobe website! It's a new year, maybe your auto-renew is turned off and the plan expired or something.


    Let me know if any of that works!


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    Awesome! As soon as I unzipped it the problem was fixed. I did download MediaInfo for future purposes but I didn't need it once I unzipped the folder. Much appreciated good sir!

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    Thanks for your input Neil.


    The metadata I'm adding should have no effect on relinking proxies and originals I would think. I've considered copying and pasting the data I'm adding (scene, take, description, comments) to the Red files so everything is identical, but my initial tests indicated that was not necessary if the proxy and the original were linked before editing. The edits did not change toggling between the sources, and that's as it should be.


    What I'm pondering is a bit more involved based on experiences with other NLEs, however. If I can connect proxies and originals later rather than now, it will allow me to jump ahead in the edit – I can create a rough assembly for the director to review for a few days while I deal with connecting proxies and originals. If it doesn't work, it'll be a nightmare of reconstruction. Been there, done that, don't want to go back.


    I'll do some tests in a day or two and post my results. It'll be sweet if it does work.

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    So I created 2 different videos all from stock, sent it to the client for approval and got approval. I heard it was extremely easy to just click the shopping cart button and whalla the watermark disappears. Nope been charging the clients bank account with still watermarked footage, sometime they disappear but now most of the clips are now offline. and half of the approved clips are coming up with a licensing error notification "Sorry, something went wrong while trying to license the video. Please try again"


    I've already called adobe they have been no help just resetting preferences and they don't know how Premiere works with stock. I have already signed in and out of Creative Cloud, restarted my computer. The deadline is in 2 hours and I'm having to recreate the missing clips in my timeline.


    Has anyone ever had this issue? THanks in advance.

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    I rarely use subcliping in premiere, I use nesting instead. Not that subclipping is not any better, it just that for some specific workflow, Nesting serves me better, and I have not faced any scenario yet where subclipping in more beneficial.


    All that to tell that I cannot give a definitive answer to your question. But I might be able to help you if you are still encountering this problem, by telling me what is it exactly you are encountering when you say that subclipping does not work, is it greyed out? Are you getting some sort of error?


    Meanwhile, can you try Nesting? It might serve you better.


    I need to point out something. You mentioned that you are not attaching your full res, because you don't want to fish through your bag to find the external. If it's there, Use it.


    My entire workflow is designed to help me be mobile. If I can transport both my 2kg, 12tb each LaCie drives with me I would not have said no. If you are like me and have an iMac and an MBP, than my Workflow is perfect for you.
    If you only work through MBP, than I suggest you get 2 very large externals, backup every night. And your proxies can live next to originals instead of on a separate location.


    Regardless of your workflow, Golden rule is not to store anything on the main drive where OS and software are installed. Not even proxies.

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    Totally understood. Testing is a right pain but so necessary. I do know a lot of the long-form folks still use the older online/offline proxy process as they'll be even editing on a laptop en route from LA to London ... which sounds like a wonderful way to spend what, a nine hour flight?



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    Glad that's sorted.


    MediaInfo is a rather handy app, actually ... I check the compression of files with it routinely among other things.



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    I have zero experience with this, but would seem to me that the stock footage purchases would need to be on the same account as the Adobe software, and as you mention the stock footage being charged to the client's account, maybe that is the issue? Stock footage not licensed to your Adobe account?

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    Make new project and import this on into, see how that goes.

    Other things you can try is trashing preferences and deleting media cache.

    FAQ: How to clean media cache files |Adobe Community

    FAQ: How to reset (trash) preferences.

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