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    I think CUDA is the better technology here, so I stick with nVidia for my edit rigs.

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    Hey Marius,

    Thank you for testing the specifics of the issue. Here is something I would recommend to try:

    Uncheck the stacked panel group under Panel Group settings. you can refer to these screenshots.




    I hope it helps.




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    Hey Stan,

    No disrespect to You or Adobe, but any version with improvements or fixes for clients is always welcome. I tested 2019 and with the issues here on this forum as well as stability and crashes, I went back to 2017. I have to have a reliable and stable system. I don't need it crashing while working with clients.

    Thanks for all the help. Everyone.

    Happy New Year to all.

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    But do you have smth to help me?

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    Do you think it would be worth trying the cleaner tool to wipe all adobe files from my machine and reinstalling since they work normally on another machine with 2019 on it?

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    The most frequent reason for this: you have Windows advanced scaling set to 125%. (Microsoft recommendation is not to set custom scaling.) While you should be okay, it does not work in some recent versions of PR. See this thread for info and workarounds.


    Re: Bounding Box for Essential Graphics Broken Again

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    I am still in the same boat as well. Many GB of 4K footage I can't access, I've been shooting 1080 while I wait. Frustrating. Dan, did you ever figure out where the Canon XF-HEVC decoder mounted or how to use it? I still have not.


    C'mon Adobe we need you!

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    Hi MegaDELT,

    I'd be happy to take care of this for you. I understand that you are trying to select the tools in effect controls panel with right click and it does not seem to work for you. I believe, left click should work for you. If that does not work, then please share a screen recording of the workflow that you are trying so that we can understand the issue better. FAQ: How do I capture and post a screen shot or video?




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    Like for example I closed down Premiere, opened it up a few hours later and all the media on the timeline was offline.. No waveforms on audio, etc, I had to wait for a couple thousand assets to be loaded. Yet other times, I don't recall this happening. The project loads up and everything is online ready to go.

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    I Was having the same problem here! Thanks guys

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  • 01/07/19--08:33: Wormhole effect...
  • Greetings!


    I am trying to create a wormhole effect utilizing two pieces of footage. One is the main action sequence and another is a "Wormhole" (another video that has like a tunnel effect). I want to use that footage in a section of tree's that form a portal.


    Currently I am attempting to use the Track Matte Key, but I have seen videos utilizing the Legacy Title...which works...and another video that uses color matte's with the Track Matte Key on the original footage.


    Now here is the issue. If it was just a still piece of footage (like a logo on top of another piece) I get how that can work...but the main source is moving so I attempted to use the pen tool to create a mask for every frame to move along side the "portal".


    Now currently I have a Track Matte Key on the original footage (V1), A Color Matte on V2 which I specify in the Track on V1 and then the wormhole footage on V3. I tried to just specify the wormhole footage on V3 with V2's Color Matte, but that didn't seem to work. I had to redraw the mask every frame to fit the scene.


    Now I do have a wormhole effect in the space I created, but it is dulled out and dark (the color is bright shining red...but this looks like a Transparent barely seen effect. Opacity is at 100% on the mask and such. What am I doing wrong? (to give you an example, If you have ever seen the show "StargateSG-1" I am trying to do something similar to the stargate. Where the  shimmering gate is displayed while the rest of the scene's are being produced. Most video's I have come across are just based on one scene over another on a static circle or text. Any help would be appreciated


    As I mentioned before, I could try to do a legacy title, but I have to create a new title for every frame and each title will have to be adjusted to move with the action. On the flip side, the video's do come in clear with that method...but as you can tell, it would be very tedious to do it that way.

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  • 01/07/19--08:37: Re: Wormhole effect...
  • A few screenshots might help us visualise what you are trying to do.

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    Wow, that was the fix! I'm all upgraded to High Sierra and (from System Preferences) let both the Web Driver and CUDA driver automatically pick and install the latest version of both drivers. Rebooted and CUDA is how available in all Adobe apps! Thank you so much, Jason! Shocking how Adobe tech support couldn't provide this info.


    Now to see the performance differences between Metal and CUDA . Thanks again!

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    If it's of any help...I have been changing the file extension to MPG as was talked about above. Then re-encoding that MPG footage to h265 with Media Encoder. Then editing in Premiere Pro. Then encoding the finished product out at h264 with gorgeous results.


    It just takes a few hours to output that MXF changed to MPG footage out as h265 in Media Encoder.


    But it's a viable workaround that I have used for 2 projects since I got my XF705 last week.

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    Yes. Thanks for your reply. I have a calibrated display and now depend on it when using Adobe CC but I’m baffled why there is consistency when using Final Cut X on my 5K retenina iMac, but not when using Adobe.


    FCX obviously uses something similar to QuickTime In the preview window. So the original file looks the same wether it’s opened using QT, inside FCX and when exported.





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    I am having an issue with only the minidv footage that I am putting into my timeline. All of this type of footage only shows me the first 10 seconds of the clip when put into Premiere.


    All of the footage recorded on my digital camera is absolutely fine and shows the full length of the clip in the timeline.


    All the footage is .mov file types.


    I have attached an image below of the minidv clip file and footage put into my timeline. As you can see the clip is 30 seconds long but when dropped into my timeline only comes to 10 seconds.


    I unfortunately did not capture the footage from tape to computer myself.


    I wouldn't say I am an expert within premiere, but. I have been a user for many many years and I have never had this issue before. I recently purchased the most current version of the software. I'm also struggling to find anyone else with the same issue on the internet...


    Many many thanks for any advice or solutions!


    Screenshot 2019-01-07 16.42.38.png




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    I actually have the same issue with Premiere Pro CC 13.0.2 - 13.0.1  & 13.0.  For some reason when I import my 4k Prores 422 footage from my Atomos Ninja V it does not play the footage on the timeline.  I too thought it was due to me transferring my files to an external usb 3.0 hard drive that's formatted exFAT from the SSD I use with the recorder.  So I did the same thing by copying a file to my internal drive to test it out and that worked...BUT when I used a previous version of Premiere Pro (12.1.2) the same ProRes footage worked flawlessly with my external usb 3.0 hard drive.  There's definitely something wonky with the new 13x version.

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    I think I may have misunderstood part of the intended purpose of proxies and projected my own desired project workflow onto their functionality.


    My current setup is a MBP with only 500 gb of internal storage, so because I am dealing with a large number of 4k files, I have all of the master/raw footage stored on an external hard drive. I then wrote all of the proxies to my laptops internal memory to work with. My idea was that I didn't have to have the proxies connected to the master clips during assembly and rough editing (which would allow me to work on the project during short periods of time and not require me to fish through my bag, find my external hard drive and plug it in). An overall minor inconvenience, but one that sounded nice enough in my head.


    Because I have been working with the clips while they are not connected to the master clips (because my external drive was not plugged in), the proxies saw that the link between them and the master clip had been severed and thus were forced into an offline state. I now understand why renaming the proxies gives me an error on relinking, because the bins show the name of the master clips (while I had only been renaming the forced offline proxies), although I do wish there was a way to carry over the bin name.

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    1. Click on the first picture of the sequence

    2. Click the box ‘Image Sequence’

    3. Click Open

    4. Tadaaa!!

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