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    I've been working with proxies and am ready to export, I try to attach full resolution media and it still only shows me my sequence with proxies. All the clips in the project are still proxies as well.


    So far I've tried:

    Putting everything offline, and attaching to full resolution clip.

    Rendering sequence.

    Exporting through media encoder.

    Importing the footage again/replacing footage.

    Creating a new project and importing the full res footage.

    Deleting the proxies all together (still finds them in my recycle bin); then deleted them from there.


    So at this point the proxies are gone and it is still showing me proxies in the project.


    I am very lost here, any help is appreciated!



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    In Pr, you simply export a video as a file. You'd have to figure out the connections to play it on something else, using the gear you've got & applets or such.



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    I believe the original file-name is something Pr would have in its own meta listing, so I would not assume it was 'pinging' Explorer for this at all.



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    How are you so certain it's showing the proxies?



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  • 01/05/19--11:12: Recording Audio Problems
  • I've watched all the tutorials and have gone through the audio I/O setup. My Rode NT USB mic configures properly.  The audio mixer has the red record lights on yet I can't don't get a VU meter signal.  Please help.  Thanks, Ron

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    I guess I'm not sure it's proxies I just know that it isn't my full resolution media. This is what my sequence looks like.

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    So if you got to a car dealership and buy a brand new 2019 truck and it starts to have problems and the service department tells you that for the same price they have a 2017 model with less features, but for the same price you would happily sign the new contract?

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    univexv58830006  wrote


    Obviously, shot 25B is not what I'm looking for.


    Are you also showing incorrect results? I think you meant 28B as displayed?


    I see another "Proj" tab next to the Project: U_Slicers_2018 tab, do you have more than one project file open?

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    Ok, this might change things. I imported a totally unrelated video file that I have never made a proxy for and it is still showing me this view. I JUST updated premiere to 2019.

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    If you're talking about AirPlay mirroring, it sends over whatever is on your Mac screen, so if your Mac can play the video, it can be sent over AirPlay. I think this means you can export to any format and settings that your Mac can play smoothly on its own, but I could be wrong about that. To be on the safe side, export using one of the built-in presets that creates a standard H.264 video (ike the YouTube presets) and that should work fine.


    If the video plays fine on your Mac but stutters on the TV, troubleshoot the wireless network connection between your Mac and the network router and the AppleTV.


    If the video stutters on the Mac when you're trying to send it to the AppleTV, the Mac might be too busy trying to play the movie and send it over AirPlay at the same time. This is more likely if the Mac is older. If this happens, try exporting the video again at a lower bitrate.

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    Another follow-up, I brought the project up into another laptop and it worked fine, exported fine. So I've screwed up a settting or something it looks like.

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  • 01/05/19--11:30: Re: zoom in overlay video
  • We just had this discussion the day before you posted, have you browsed or searched the forums at all.


    Here's the thread:

    Zoom in a photo without loosing the height and width and keeping the black background Premiere pro cc


    I got it to work using the nest sequence. BTW: when you nest for the 6th or 7th time you then didn't go into the sequence to adjust the zoom, and then back out to the main sequence to see the results.

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    Unless we are presented with some info to help you, no one is going to waste time on useless arguments. We understand the rant, we have all been there. Here is the place where we can actually help you, we are all editors just like you.

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    What is your system? MacOS or Windows?


    Quicktime MOV files are so called container formats that may use different video coding.


    I’m moving this from Adobe Creative Cloud to the Premiere Pro CC forum.

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    U can export to pretty much any format.

    Most are supported natively.

    I personally use a basic H.264 1080p output for this.

    For 4K and UHD content which I use to stream over an internal Gigabit network I use a Prores files and for movies its always a .mkv format which can't be done through PP.



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    I saw you posted elsewhere that creating sequences is not possible in 2019.


    You'd think everyone here would notice that if it was such a generic problem.


    On to your issue. Did you try it with a new project? Drop a clip on the timeline window. Then try to make another in the new project?

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    When I click on Audio track 1 to mute I actually mute Audio Track 2 and vice versa. What?! If I cut out of a part of A1 I actually cut out of a part of A2 but visually it's A1. OMG! What the?!!!!! I've tried resetting the preferences to no avail

    I also have tried swapping the tracks that doesn't do anything. WOW that's crazy

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    Make new project and import the old one into the new one.

    See how that goes.

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    The user interface is also off. Look at the sides.

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    Tried that too. Doesn't help


    If I drop a new track on the timeline. it all works fine

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